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I left home at the age of 16 because my father started having sex with me so needless to say I became very experienced with sex at an early age. I am blond 109 lbs with 36c tits and have been told I am very attractive so I’ve never had much of a problem attracting guys

After leaving home I started working for an adult exotic escort service to earn a living. Girls for the service got to choose what they were willing and were not willing to do with the clients. I started out with just giving exotic massages in a nightgown or teddy. I would show up at the clients home with a selection of teddies, they could choose what one they wanted me to wear. After getting naked I would then give them a massage often followed by a hand job to make them cum, sometimes I would allow them to touch me but that would be about as far as it would go, except for one time that changed it all.

I got a call about a guy who wanted a massage, after getting his address and information form the service I went to his home. The guy that answered the door was an older man somewhere in his late 30s or early 40s. he was slightly over weight with thinning hair, not really much to look at and pretty typical of the guys I’ve seen before. After getting the business end of it done and letting him pick out what teddy he wanted me to wear I went into the bathroom to change into the teddy and let him get undressed for the massage.

I came out of the bathroom to find him naked face up on the bed, his cock was still limp at this point, I told him to lay face down so I could start with his back. After getting on his back I straddled his legs just below his butt and began to put oil on his back and started to massage his back and shoulders. Every once in awhile I would lift up the teddy and rub my tits against his back, then I would slowly work down his back, butt and legs. After working his back I told him I was going to work his front and had him turn over and that is when I got my surprise.

Once he turned over I could see that he had gotten hard, and I don’t mean just hard I mean rock hard. The head of his cock was swollen bigger than I had ever seen on a guy before, swollen to the point where it was almost purple in color.

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   When he was turning over there were droplets of precum dripping off his cock onto the bed leaving a wet spot on the bed. I had never seen a guy this turned on before and to tell the truth it was really turning me on. After turning over I again straddled his legs his cock was between my legs just barely touching my panty covered pussy. As I leaned over to massage his shoulders and chest I could feel his cock up against my covered pussy, it was so hard that I was like a piece of wood pressing against me and I could feel it pulse against me. Every once in awhile I would look down and see his cock still dripping precum and forming a wet spot on his abdomen. I was amazed at how much precum there was. I worked my way down to his cock at witch point I took it in my hands to massage it, I grabbed it by the base was slowly work my hand to the tip, as I did loads of precum started oozing out of the tip. This really got me turned on and I could feel myself getting wet. After stroking him a few times I couldn’t take it anymore and put his cock in my mouth, he let out a gasp and looked down at me. “Is this normally part of the service” he asked, I shook my head no and started working his cock slowly in and out of my mouth each time I would move up his cock I would get rewarded with a moth full of sweet precum. As I worked his cock I could feel him get even harder in my mouth witch turned me on even more.

He then asked me to stop, looked down at me and said he wanted to eat me out. I kind of hesitated for a min then he offered a little more money if I let him, I said ok. But at this point I would have let him for free. I laid down on the bed and he removed my panties got between my legs and started to lick my clit, then working up and down the slit of my very wet pussy.

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   Being down there and eating my wet pussy for awhile im pretty sure he got the idea I was pretty turned on, he looked up at me and said he wanted to put his cock inside me for awhile, now to recap all I did was give exotic massages I never set out to fuck a client so I didn’t carry condoms with me so I was a little reluctant to let him. but I finally gave in, but told him he could just put it in and he wasn’t to pump. He stood up got between my legs and run his cock up and down the slit of my cunt. I then felt his cock at the opening of my vagina, then I felt the head of his cock slide inside me, it felt so big as he slowly went inside me. he went all the way inside me to where I could feel his big cock head against my cervix and his balls up against my ass. He just held his cock inside me for awhile and I could see the total pleasure he had on his face. He started to kiss me on the chest and breasts, after a few min he slowly started to pump I would have to take my legs and press him against me to make him stop and tell him no, but in truth all I really wanted was him to fuck me. after a few times of him pumping me and me stopping him I finally let him just go. He started out slowly then he would go a little faster, with each pump I could feel his huge cock head slide in and out of my pussy as I begain to moan he got the idea that I wasn’t going to stop him and he really started to pump me. With as much precum as he had pumped in me and my pussy being so wet you could hear the squishing sound with each pump he made and I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. I could feel his cock head grow bigger in me the more he pumped and knew he was getting close to cumming. A few more pumps and he started to say “I’m going to cum, please let me cum inside you”, I was in so much pleasure myself all I could do was shake my head yes. He did a final push inside me I felt his cock start to pulse as he started cumming and moaning. It felt like forever that he was cumming I could feel his cum running down my ass but I didn’t care I kept hopping he wouldn’t stop cumming. When his cock was done pumping all of his sperm inside my pussy he just stayed inside me kissing my breast and saying how great it was.

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   After going soft and falling out of my sperm soaked pussy we got dressed, he gave me a tipand thanked me for a good time

So that is how I got started from giving erotic massages to fucking clients
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