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[01:47:51] [PL] [1:He]: :: Sitting at the bar, he sees his sweet mistress sitting in the corner of the room all alone. He walks up to Her and whispers in her ear, "Would you like to go down into the cellar and grab a drink?” with a smirk on his face and a raging hard on in his pants.
[01:53:10] [P] [23:She]: ::Stretches out her arms languidly, breathing a heavy sigh. The night was busy, as it always was in the Lion's Pride Inn and Her sat over in her favorite chair reading a book:A new one if anyone happened to be keeping track. A flicker of motion catcher her eye and she peers up to smile warmly at a familiar face. "You seem to be all in a tizzy again. " she states plainly, eyeing his groin. "Yes, a drink sounds lovely. "With that she folds the book closed and sets it down, rising from her chair and strolling over to where the kitchen met the cellar.
[01:55:47] [PL] [1:He]: :: Once in the cellar he grabs some goblets from the corner and fills them up with rum. He hands one to Her, slightly letting his hand brush across her breasts.
[02:00:23] [P] [23:She]: ::The air down beneath the inn proper was dank with moisture, and there was a chill too. Not cold by any means, but just enough to tickle at the skin. With a generous nod, she takes the offered glass and turns it up - the brown alcohol slipping down her throat smoothly in one gulp and she breathes out, enjoying the burn. "Mmm. .

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  . Well aren't we cordial this evening?" she says with a smirk, shifting softly to brush herself into his hand - the smoothness of the fabric and the contour of her breast cupping into his hand like a delicate whisper. "But we have a lot of privacy down here. " she adds, "A lot more than before. "A coy eyebrow arches upon her forehead as if to inquire as to his plans.
[02:04:31] [PL] [1:He]: :: He smirks as he lets his hand fall to his groin. "Such a shame to keep thy breast bound behind that lovely dress. Why don't you slip out of it?" He whispers in her ear after taking a long drink from his goblet.
[02:12:05] [P] [23:She]: ::Nods with a quiet smile. she glances over her shoulder to make sure the two were truly alone and with an affirming nod, she is quite sure that they are. Elegantly long fingers reach down to her hips and wrap themselves firmly in the fabric, drawing up the garment in its entirety up over her head. Bunched and caught, it takes very little working to finally part it over her head, shaking her hair free and back into its rightful shape. The robe appeared to be the only thing she was wearing, and her bust jostled into place after being set free of its confines. The dark purple tone creeps down her form fluidly with not a hint of discoloration or scarring. Although he had an idea as to the nature of her curves from the form fitting fabric, he was a little in awe at just how little it did her true justice.

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  Heavy globes rest against her chest, full and symmetric with barely the slightest hint at sagging despite their sizeable girth. Her abdomen was toned and slender working its way down to meet with her rounded hips and thighs. Even between her legs she wore nothing, as before - her mound exposed to the open air with only a tiny tuft of raven hair settled just above it. "There we are. " she breathes, fully bared before him. "Much better. "
[02:19:05] [PL] [1:He]: :: Gasp as he sees you fully in the nude. he stutters in awe of your beauty, "Wow you are an angle. " A smile rolls across He’s face when he sees your perfectly shaped breast dangling tenderly in his face. He moves in closer and takers your breast in his hand before he takes one of them into his mouth. His tongue flicks across your erect nipples as he fondles and kneads your other breast. Letting his fingers pinch and pull at it.
[02:26:42] [P] [23:Her]: ::"Ahh. . " she breathes coaxingly, cradling his head as the shorter human opens his mouth to suckle at her teet.

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  The dark circle of her areolae is slightly course against his palate, and the rigid little peak instantly responds, stiffening as if eagerly begging for attention. This close to him, her thigh brushes up against the thickness encased in his shorts. It would seem that she's fully aware of it too, and with slight nudging she brushes against it. A quick chuckle escapes her lips,apparently the thick mustache he kept beneath his nose tickling her supple flesh mercilessly. "That's nice. . . ” she mouths, milky white eyes staring down at him.
[02:34:09] [PL] [1:He]: :: Feeling her brush against the bulge in his short reminds He of his aching rod. He slowly slips down his shorts and steps out of them while continuing to suckle her breasts. He switches to her other breast so not to leave it without attention of his rough tongue. Slowly rolling his tongue around her nipple, making her moan slightly. "Why don't you give my cock some attention?" He whispers as Her runs her hands through his hair.
[02:40:58] [P] [23:Her]: ::Quietly moans as he shifts from the right to left, his mouth leaving the nipple erect and glistening with his saliva to give the other its turn. "There it is.

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  . " she says with a grin, one of her hands shaking down to touch at it tenderly, her fingernails running lines along its length. Out of its confines like this, it brushes softly against the exposed flesh of her inner thigh and her hand makes use of this - softly creating friction with it as the two touches against him on both sides. This gives her an idea however and she kneels down only slightly, keeping him steady - her breast in his mouth being drawn up a bit but not leaving his maw. Taking his stiffness between her thighs she guides it to rest just against the petals to her flower and begins to grind against it - her legs and nether area providing its own little cavity to clutch him lewdly.
[02:51:31] [PL] [1:He]: ;; lets a moan slip from his lips as you kneel down, straddling him. Feeling the warmth and wetness of your hole he picks you up and slides you down onto his aching shaft. You wrap your legs around me as I sit you down on the barrels behind you. Slowly he slides himself in and out of your tight wet entrance and thrust in deeper and faster each time. Your breast bouncing with each motion, He takes one of your breasts into his mouth again and starts suckling it.
[02:57:47] [P] [23:Her]: ::The touch of her entrance against his thickness must have drawn out a fervor in him because he cannot seem to resist hoisting her up and parting her folds with the tip of his organ. The contact is fluid and he presses it home, driving himself inside of her. To maintain balance (she isn't light after all) he sets her down on a barrel to the front of the room and begins passionately drilling her, the sheer force of it making her hook her legs behind to maintain steady. "Ohhh. .

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  Th. . That's the way. . " she moans, encouraging him with sultry whispers, a quick yelp gripping as he seizes her nipple again. The heat surrounding him is indescribable, and her muscles tense solidly against the invading manhood. It’s not long until the entire room is filled with the sound of the messy smacking of their hips against one another's.

    [03:05:04] [PL] [1:He]: ;; Moans as his manhood furiously invades her womb. Their bodies smacking against each other He grunts as he feels Her tense around his shaft. Pulling him in closer with her legs his thrust becomes shorter, yet deeper. A moan slips from her lips as she runs her nails along his back. She leaves light but shallow marks down He’s broad shoulders and back as he pierces into her like forceful wave time and time again.
    [03:12:48] [P] [23:Her]: ::"Mm. . *ahn* Its so good.

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      . *wheeze*" she manages, her lips forming into a sultry smile as she leans in to nibble softly at his ear. "Give it to me. . . *nnff!* Every last bit" her voice strained by the feelings churning up through her insides, the neither folds slick and giving way easily to their hungry bodies. Pleasure seems to adorn her face like a sweat coated shroud, and her mouth parts with a fleck of saliva slipping out the side. The fingers along his back grip so tightly now that it’s likely she tore skin, the sensation of pain and pleasure no doubt wracking his senses.
    [03:19:23] [PL] [1:He]: ;; Feels you start clench down on his shaft nearing a earth shattering orgasm, His prick soon to do the same. Panting heavily he thrust faster and deeper into you. Forcing his way deeper into your womb, "Oh god I'm about to cum baby" slips from his mouth as he thrust wildly into you.
    [03:24:28] [P] [23:Her]: ::Doesn't hear him speaking. In fact she doesn't hear anything, so drawn up into the moment she was. Eyes stare blankly forward, into his - but not at him:through him to places far beyond the realm of conscious thought. The warmth surrounding him reaches a fever pitch and all at once the moment rips through her.

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      The sheer force against his organ is like a vice, shattering against him in a wash of her fluids. A sound begins low in her throat and rips outward, echoing in the confined room three times over. White lights flash behind her eyes and for a few seconds she's barely able to breathe, the power of her release rocking against him.
    [03:33:37] [PL] [1:He]: Moaning in ecstasy, He climaxes with one final thrust into her womb. Feeling her pussy spasm around his cock is too much. Rope after rope pours into her, filling her with his hot seed. He sits there in total bliss for a few minutes as the regain conscious of the world around them. Slowly he pulls out of her and their fluids seep onto the floor beneath. Still able to talk He stutters, "T-thank you… Tha-That was absolutely amazing. "
    [03:37:07] [P] [23:Her]: ::Grips him tightly against her as he unloads himself deep within her body, each ropey strand sending her into an aftershock of pleasure. So much between the two of them that it seeps from between them, puddleing on the barrel and trickling its way down to the floor. "Th. . that's right. .

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      Fill me up. . " she whispers hoarsely, encouraging his release. Fingers play softly in his hair and she loosens the pressure of her legs, realizing that the two were likely painfully pressed against one another during their throughs of passion. "Mmm. . " she breathes, enjoying the warm yummy feelings echoing throughout her body. She remains there, holding him as the two regain their breath before motioning for him to lean away. The organ slips free of her nethers smoothly, carrying with it the remains of their union as it squeezes its way out of her. She parts her thighs and flexes, her body tensing and forcing what she can out before sliding off the barrel and winks at him slyly from the compliment. "Anytime sweet thing. Should you ever need to take care of something like that again, you know where to find me. "With that she saunters over to where her robe lay on the ground, legs still a little shaky from the forcefulness of the rut that each of them so desperately needed.