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My names Crystal I’m about 5’2 shoulder length brown hair, honey brown eyes, 34d chest thick but slim body, tongue and a belly piercing. My best friends brother, Duce, stands at about 5’9 maybe a little taller around 175llb broad shoulders, nicely built body from working out and working as a mechanic. Lets just say that id liked him ever since we met an that weekend I was to find out he felt the same way.

It all started when I took a trip to Indiana with my best friend Kristy, we were there bout 2 weeks when her brother Duce and there Ma came up to spend the next few days with us.
When Duce first got there I was so happy ta c him, he had a faded pair of Anchor Blue jeans and a button down Aropostal shirt with a black cut off on. (Damn that boy is so fine…). When they got there I jus felt like because he hadn’t been able to pick on me for two weeks I had to start my little flirting games, so I went up to Duce an was like “ god you haven’t seen or picked on me or your little sis in like over two weeks and you cant even give us hugs” he just gave me a sly sexy smile and gave me a huge hug picking me up
( he knows I hate being picked up) than leaned over and gave his sister a little hug. After every one said there hellos and stuff we took everything in the house and all started hanging out, I never noticed how much I missed innocently flirting with Duce. That night Duce slept on the couch rite above me , I don’t know if he knew or not that every once in a while his hand would slip down and touch my face in the sweetest way, the way a lover savers his babygurl .
The next morning everyone was in and out of the showers trying to get ready to go over to their cousins Wren’s house. Well when I went into the shower Duce was laying on the bed in the bedroom the bathroom is located in. About two min. after I had gotten undressed Duce’s cus Ron needed to get his gel outta the bathroom so not thinking I just rapped a towel around my waste and heeded outside the door. Now mind you Duce is a horny 19 yr old male and I’m a damn sexy girl if I say so myself so that was just a great idea to pull off. That’s ok because I guess that was the first step into getting him to make a move. After that incident I got back into the shower horny as hell from seeing Duce sitting there in baggy black shorts an no shirt seeing him get a little aroused from seeing me in little to nothing.

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Yah I guess you could say I was in need in some sexual relief, with that I leaned agents the shower wall and let my hand slide down between my legs stroking my slit then sliding a finger across my clit then putting one finger inside me moving it in and out trying to make sure I never moaned to loud. The whole time I was just imaging me leaning against Duce’s strong chest having his hand sliding down in-between my legs getting me ready for him to push up against that wall and fuck me making me cum all over his hard cock. My hand worked faster and faster till I came, I just stayed there breathing really hard trying to get a hold of myself, I than stepped outta the shower and got dressed.
That day me and Kristy manly stayed in or by the pool sunbathing, oh yah an me and Duce started throwing the football around till he decided he was ganna tackle my ass to the floor landing on top of me, ( damn I jus wanted to kiss him rite there). Well after that the boys went out to get some liquor ( beer, vodka, rum, ect. . ). Before Duce left he made sure to ask me what I wanted because he wanted me to drink with him that night which shocked me just a little bit because I’m so used to him looking at me like family and all of a sudden he couldn’t get me alone long enough. I just kept thinking in the back of my head that tonight might be the night that I finely get alone with him, get him the way I have wanted him for way to long.
Well when they got back from the store Duce and I started drinking and sitting down stairs in the basement talking about a bunch of shit, from school and work to clubbing and partying. I loved jus sitting there with him all close just talking, I wanted to be with him so bad, I was just to scared to make a move. Just staring in to his eyes I was lost, all of a sudden I realized he had jus asked me a question, crap what was it. He than asked again, he had asked if I was a virgin, wow y was he asking this was all I could think. Well unfortunately I wasn’t and not by choice I was forced into it by an old boy of mine. I didn’t want to be on this subject with him so I jus kind of shrugged an said “ sorrta now drop it“.

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   Damn him for caring so much, he asked me why I looked hurt and what I meant by sorrta, I didn’t want to tell him but I thought maybe he wants to know for a reason. So I told him “ an old boy and I were fucking around an when I said stop and no, he didn’t, u know he didn’t “hear me“, …” well by the time I got half way through the story I was in Duce’s arms crying. He just took my jaw in his hand an lifted it up till I was looking in his eyes, he den began telling me that I was to beautiful to cry and that I should never cry over some jerk like that, that when you have a man the only thing sexually he should be doing with you is making love, not fucking you. After I stopped crying Duce gave me a kiss on the fore head and said that I should go straighten up and join him upstairs for a little bit, so I went an fixed my makeup and ran upstairs.
After Kristy and I played cards and stayed up a bit everyone started falling asleep so we went down stairs and got ready for bed. (Now remember I was still tipsy not so much in the mind but a lot in the body). Well after like ten fifteen minutes or so I had ta brush my teeth so I walked up the first and than ran up the second flight of stairs running rite into Duce while he was heading into the kitchen. If it wouldn’t have been for him grabbing me around the waste I probably would have rolled rite back down those stairs. He asked me something I said I was sorry for running in to him, then I tried to get passed him, he wouldn’t move. Duce all of a sudden got this lil sly smile on his face and said what do I get if I move I said whatever you want just move, he said “even this” and leaned in and kissed me. He than looked a little scared and got out of my way.
Well I ran up stairs to brush my teeth than came back down he was in the kitchen. Duce had his back turned to me so I slid my hands around his waste and kissed his shoulder, he turned around and apologized for before, I told him not to be that besides the fact that he tasted like smoke I loved it. He just told me to come back up stairs when his sister fell asleep, than when I said yes he said that I wouldn’t because I was to scared to. Yah rite I jumped at that opportunity.

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   I came back up bout 20 min. later or so, when ever his damn sister fell asleep. I half walked half ran my ass upstairs, my heart was pounding in my chest I didn’t know what was ganna happen tonight but I new that with Duce I was ganna love it.
As I came up the second flight of stairs I saw Duce laying on the couch all spread out an comfy. Damn he looked so kute, as I walked over to him he sat up and started kissing me passionately, first I felt his lips press agents mine as his hands slid around my hips tracing circles al around, while slipping his tongue in to my mouth he forcibly pulled me into his lap, in which case I could feel his hardness agents my core, god id never wanted anyone so bad. I started grinding my hips agents his hardness loving how I could so easily make him breathe heavier and heavier. Duce quickly pulled back when my hand slid down his waste till I got to his hard length stroking it. Leave it to him to be so caring “ are you sure this is what you want?”. ( was I sure this is what I wanted could he not c the lust and passion in my gaze)
“ Duce I’m sure please jus don stop wat ur doing to me “ .
“how bout I do even better” and with that he slid my shirt over my head and started kissing down my neck nipping at my soft skin, listing to my soft moans than to my shock he slipped his hands up to cup my chest planting soft kisses and nipping at my flesh, taking first my rite then my left nipple into is warm inviting mouth nipping and sucking, making me squirm and moan into his shoulder. While he was doing this he also slid is hand down letting it trail down my stomach till he got down to the brink of my shorts, he than slid his hand into my shorts, trailing his way down till he got to my clit. Once that was found he slid his finger over it flicking it like a small bead, listing to me breathe harder and harder making me lean into him. As he started finger fucking me I started to kiss an nip his neck than down lower and lower till he slid his hand outta me as I slid down the floor between his legs.
“baby r u sure u want ta do this, u don’t have ta this isn’t give receive. ”
“ yah I want to, I really want ta an don’t wry I know what I’m doin.

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“ alrite den take charge, but I’m letting u know that ur not ganna get me, I wont cum. ”
(ok first off that’s a lil wired but ok) “ y, that’s y I’m doin it ta give u pleaser. ”
“ baby u don need ta do that ta give me pleaser I mean dats great but dats wat bust downs r for, ur no where near being a bust down to me so I wont let u degrade urslef like one.
“ I’m not ganna fight with you but I’m ganna get you one way or another. ” with that I slid my thumbs into his shorts an pulled them down with his boxers, letting his cock spring free. Looking up at him seeing his lips spread into a half smile his eyes closing slightly, his head sliding back, as I slid the tip of his cock into my warm inviting mouth. As I slid his long hard length in an out of my mouth, using a lil but more pressure with my tongue, sliding my tongue ring over all the sensitive spots on is cock. God I loved hearing him moan softly trying his hardest not ta let me hear how much pleasure I was giving him, he looked so sexy the way his face was and how kute and determined he looked.
After awhile of me not being able to get him ta let himself go, he pulled me up onto him so I was lying in his lap, as we laid there he slowly started nipping at my neck while slowly sliding his hands down my body, caressing my skin, making me want him even more. his mouth, nipping and sucking at my neck was keeping me occupied wit pleaser he dipped two fingers into my shorts. As one slid over my clit once again the other fond its way into my core. At first he moved at a slow rhythm but after a min or so he began to pick up the pace. As his fingers moved in and out of me faster and faster I began to whimper, hearing this he took more pleaser in my discomfort and placed his free hand over my swollen chest. Duce be began tweaking than pinching one nipple than the other. Lovein da feel of me squirming in his lap trying ta relieve the pressure he was putting into/on me.

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   As he continued his pursuit over my body we began kissing and twisting in each others arms.
As we kissed an touched an played both of us seemed to have a new idea forming in our heads. He than started ta ask if I wanted him as much as he wanted me, an I knew I did so I panted yes.
“ you did bring condoms correct” I asked in a playful voice. As I looked into his I eyes I saw the spark flicker at the question.
“ baby I’m at my cousins house with almost all family what would I have needed them for I never thought that this was going to happen. ” I could see the disappointment in his eyes. “ I think its time you got to bed anyway its getting really late and were bound to get woken up extremely early.
“ yah I guess your right, than il see you in the morning. ” with that we said goodnights and gave each other one last passionate kiss goodnite.
I than walked back downstairs wondering if what happened tonight would ever be anything more than a once in a lifetime thing.
* * *
The next day was a long one from start to finish… The whole trip back me an Duce were flirting so much. Starting from the first rest stop to the last.
When Duce an I got outta da car ta go into the bathrooms he stopped me an pulled me aside an kissed me, not a slow passionate kiss but a fast loving needing kiss, that took my breathe away.
“ babygurl if u really wanted ta finish wut we started last nite come into my room ta nite after she falls asleep” was all he said then walked inta da bathroom.

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   At first I stood there in shock about wut jus happened I then decided dat dats wut I really wantd ta do…
All da way home duce an I played in da car whether it was poking or texting each others phones… ( god I loved they way we could b so playful an yet so seductive to each other at the same time. )
Later on that nite after Kristy fell asleep I snuck into Duce’s room. As I walkd in all I could see was a dark room and an empty bed.
“ babi were did u go” I askd confused as hell when I walkd inta his room jus ta find him not there. There was now answerer.
As I walkd toward da bed I felt hands grab me around da waste, an b4 I knew it I was pinned up agents da wall feelin the hottest iv ever felt. He began kissin an tuchin me all over, “ babi im sri but one last time r u sure dis is wut u really want” Duce finily managed ta ask pullin him self from my lips an neck but kept my hands tightly held above my head.
“ yes Duce iv wanted you since the first time I ever chilled wit u … not only do I want you mad crazy, but please stop makin me wate an jus lay it down lik I kno u can” I guess that’s all he needed ta kno…
“ ight babi Il stop makin u wate, u kno I love u… ur my babi gurl fer life. ” wit that he began slidin my hands behind my back so he could pin me wit his body as he slid my tank top over my head kissin an nippin my neck makin me moan his name. After he got my shirt off he turned me an pushed me onto his bed goin straight towards my shorts slidin them down my legs an ta da floor. He than started kissin an nippin at my body runin his hands over my chest an tummy an thighs till his hands than his mouth found my wet pussy… He teased me by slowly liken an caressing instead of jus giving it ta me… “ come on babi please jus fuck me, please…im not goin to change my mind” I moaned wile giving him a sexy needing look…
“ ight babi hold up den” wit that he stood up an got a condom from his to drawer.
I spread my legs wide an wated fer him ta take his place, I watched him slide his shorts off his body, watching his chest mussels tighten as he watched my body moving on his bed in anticipation of him making love to me…
After he placed the condom on his hard dick he slid his body on top of me an started kissin me. My hand found its way ta his hard cock an placed his tip at my pussy, I guess a nod from me an that was al he needed b/c he placed his hands on ither side of me an slowly slid himself inside… It was nothing like my first time, it was sweet loving caring, as he pushed all of himself inta me it felt amazing, my pussy walls griped his cock, I felt so filled… “ uh omg babi ur so fukcin tight… r u ok, im not hurtin u am I?”
“ mmm yah u r, only b/c ur goin so slow…” with that I rapd my arms around his amazing biceps an he started hittin it hard an deep… It was amazin the way his hard cock felt inside of me, the way he looked so concentrated an in control… I loved knowin that I was makin him lose that control ever so slowly…
“ babi I never new u liked it like this…” Duce moaned as he started pumping me harder wit his cock, getting off on how much pleaser he was giving me. My face showed how much I was loving his assault on my body I was biting his shoulder digging my nails onto his back, loving the feel of his body over mine… “ shit babygurl are you getting close, I can feel ur pussy getting tighter an tighter… god I love you…”
“ god babi yah im close… mmm omg im so close babi fuck me harder please don’t stop I want u ta cum in me babi please… mmm I love you too. Oh mmm…” wit that he hit me a few more deep stokes an let him self go deep inside me the second he let him self go my body let go just as fast an hard…
Duce jus feel beside me an pulled me onto his chest an began running his hands thro my hair… “babi I love you so much I never want ta let you go…you’re my perfect love…”
“ Duce I never want you ta let me go… I feel so safe with u ur my world my life my everything… I love you so much”
With that I feel asleep in his arms…
The next morning I woke up back in his sisters room, “shit don’t tell me that was all a dream.

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  . “ I mumbled to myself then with a smile I lookd down I was wearing the shit he was wearing… my phone went off an when I opened it I had a text from duce saying ( hey babi… morning want ta join me fer a shower my sis is out with mom… I love you… )
Im new at this comment appreciated be honest should I write more ta this er no….