Rock Climbing and Other Adventures


The walls looked huge looming over us, ropes every where with a few people going up and down on them, I felt the bottom drop out of my stomach but before I could protest the instructor walked up to us and asked if we were going to climb, “no” I said instantly starting to tremble, “yes we are both going to climb” cat corrected me giving me a hard stare then turning to make eyes at the instructor, he stood 5’9 with sandy blond hair, an incredibly hansom weathered face, and a body to die for, it looked like he had just walked off a climbing movie set, I found myself getting aroused looking at him. He shifted uncomfortably under cat’s gaze some of his confidence dispersing, and said, “Well lets get you started then. ”Quickly we found harnesses and shoes provided and under the guidance of our instructor we correctly fitted both and had it checked, “well my name is Jason and I will be your instructor for the day” said the instructor clearly recognizing our amateur nature. Jason then asked us “who is more scared?” nether myself or cat replied, but I was gently pushed forward by cat, Jason smiled warmly looking into my eyes, I felt he could see every thing of me, laid bare before his steady and attentive gaze, “well lets get you tied in then” he said plainly giving nothing more away than a look, realizing what he was saying I began to protest “I was thinking that as I’m the most frightened, I would get to watch first” he held my gaze without flinching while his smile increased in warmth I could fell myself melting under his gaze like an ice cube in the warmth of the sun, “sorry” he replied with mischief darsing in his eyes, “this way is better” I felt myself trusting this angel before me as his warmth washed over me. Jason showed us how to tie in correctly to the ropes, then gave cat the instruction on how to hold the ropes correctly when I was climbing, then turning to me said “climb when your ready” I felt comfort in his face, and decided to start without resting, I started to climb, and as soon as my feet left the ground I felt my anxiety rise, but I had to do this, no way was I going to make a fool of my self in front of such a hansom man, I turned my fear off and kept going vagley aware of the instructions and corrections being giving to cat, I soon found if I didn’t look up or down I could happily keep moving, I suddenly was snapped back to reality by a sharp call of “stop there” form Jason my mind automatically jumped to the conclusion some thing was wrong, that was when my anxiety hit me hard, like running in to a brick wall, then Jason continued, “ we are going to practice lowering now, so I want you to let go of the wall and lean as far back as you can and put your feat flat against the wall” this is when I finally looked down and realized I was over 20 feet off the ground, I couldn’t trust this rope not to break, if it did I would probably die from this height, after lots of talking and comforting form Jason I finally let go of the wall and was lowered safely to the ground. That was when the exhilaration set in I was blown away thriving on the adrenalin and euphoria, I never coincided some thing like this could be so erotic, I was hooked from that moment on. A week later I was still buzzing from my first climb, and many nights I lay awake thinking of climbing and of course Jason, I found myself fanaticising about climbing with him and what he would really be like, as for cat, well she was completely the opposite, she got noting out of it and having all her advances on Jason clearly turned down she never wanted to climb again. But I needed an excuse to go back, to climb again, and of course to see Jason again, I was starting to obsess and needed to get it straight, I made my decision I would go to the climbing wall. 20 minutes latter I found myself walking through the doors, it was like entering another world, it seemed so different the second time, with all the fear diffused, I stoped to sock it in, looking up at the hight of the walls, towering over you making you insignificant, the mix of music, you don’t get any where else never a main stream song played, with much you could not place, but definitely on the cutting edge, the sweet smell of the place, you can smell the sweet, fear, apprehension, excitement, you could hear the sound of families having fun, mixed with the sound of the serious climbers grunting and groaning under the exsertion. I turned to the desk hoping to find Jason, but all I found was a tall lanky weedy instructor, it was to late to escape he had seen me and was not going to let me escape, “hi” he said “have you come to climb?” I didn’t know what to say, so I said the first thing to come into my head, “yes but I don’t have any one to climb with” realising this was an opportunity to escape, “no problem” he said “you could boulder or I could probably find some one for you to climb with” when he recognised the look on my face he gave me no chance to respond and said “follow me” I meekly followed like a lamb being lead to the slaughter house, he headed straight to the boulder room, I could hear lots of laughing emitting from the room, as the smell of sweet and testosterone rolled out the door, I started to find myself becoming aroused. As I entered the room I just about passed out, there were 4 guys and 2 girls laughing and joking together with no tops on, the two girls wore crop tops and you could see the muses bludging from their backs and shoulders, these were girls who could beat you to death with their bare hands, but emitted gentleness like Buddhist monks. Then there were the guys, they all stood looking at this wall, they had the most incredible builds, covered I muscles with small waists and tight asses, but one stood out to me more than the others he had a slightly thicker layer of fat over his mussels softening the lines and definition of the muscles making him much more attractive, they all had their backs to us and had not noticed our entry, I quickly regained my composer and the instructor introduced me and asked if any one would climb with me, as they turned to look at me I quickly realised the one who I found most attractive was Jason, he shifted uncomfortably under my gaze and quickly found his t-shirt and put it on to hide his perfect body, as I fought to control my jaw of rubber, “I need a climb” said Jason as he walked over to me giving me that warm smile, melting me all over again, I could feal the warmth and wetness spreading throughout my groin. Well we climbed and talked all day, I found out he was single but just getting over an ex so I decided to let it slide and not push too hard, it was plain to see that he was as attracted to me as I was to him, after we finished climbing we agreed to climb together one day each week, after a short while it became two days a week and not long after that it became three days a week, over that six month period I found my self falling in love with this wonderful man, he was perfect, even his imperfections make him more attractive, but he was having trouble getting over his ex, so I had to let that run to its natural end before I made any moves, I did not want to be the rebound girl. Over six months of climbing I found I had a new best friend, Jason was slowly moving more and more into my life and heart, my climbing was improving very quickly, and I was already above average. Before I go any further let me get a few things straight, I was 18, a virgin, I have had boy friends but I have been waiting for the perfect man, I left school at 16 and worked ever since, myself and Jason had a lot more in common than I can say, he was 22 and living an exciting life as a rock and alpine instructor, maybe this had a lot to do with the attraction. One day after climbing Jason asked, “what are you doing in two weeks?” “Nothing” I replied noncommittally, “well I need a fix of real rock, so I’m going to go to the bay, and I would love it if you could come” Jason continued, of course I agreered, the next day at work I arranged to take the time off, and started to prepare and glean as much information as possible about the place, luckily Jason was providing most of the gear so that made my life easer, the bay or Whanganui bay, is on the shore of lake Taupo in the centre of New Zealand’s north island, it is a very secluded spot, there is a settlement of the local Maori people, but they lived in maximum simplicity, no power running water, the only phone was in the meeting house and only for emergencies, but other than that it was totally cut off from the outside world, it sounded like paradise but nothing any one said would prepare me for what I would find or experience.

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  The day finally arrived and Jason arrived to pick me up at five o’clock in his utility, I sleepily crawled into the vehicle and we started on the four hour drive it was spring and still dark, I slept most of the way up, I was woken by Jason at the road end to get comfortable as we made our way down the rough dirt track, it got rougher and rougher as we went but Jason drove with the skill I would have expected from a professional, we arrived at the car park with one other broken down car that was clearly not going any where, and piled out to sort out our gear for the mile walk ahead while Jason winged his Ute was not a four weal drive and could not handle going any further, I let this slide as it was clear he was not a morning person, another thing we had in common, once we were ready we started down the track. As we walked I felt as if I was going through a time warp, all the impressions of man slowly diserpaerd one by one until there was nothing left but us, the track, and the bush filling the valley. We rounded a corner and I found myself looking up at the most spectacular cliffs towering 250 foot above the lush green native bush, I felt fear and anxiety rising in me knowing that I would be climbing such spectacular rock, we continued down the road, I felt like Eve walking in the perfection of the garden of Eden with my Adam beside me, all the untouched bush bringing me comfort. We continued on, some times talking but mostly contented with the comfortable silence existing between us, as we both looked in awe of the surroundings passing us by. We soon came to a view of the lake and I had to stop and admire the view, as my breath was taken away, the valley of untouched native bush and towering white cliffs, giving way and opening to the perfect lake, the sun gently glinting on the surface, I was in love with this place, this was paradise and I didn’t want to leave and I had only just arrived. While we stood taking in the view I gained a sense of coming home, peace a harmony started to wash over me removing all the stress and concerns of every day living, it felt as if I was getting lighter, while the felling of tranquillity flooded my body. We continued on toward the lake, with every step drinking more joy and harmony, until we finally arrived on the shore, Jason dropped his pack and I followed suit, relived to be removing the bags that had been weighing me down, as I looked on the sandy beach fringed by native bush and towering cliffs on the point, Jason pointed to these prominent cliffs and calmly stated “that is where we will climb today” and before I could respond he turned and started to unpack his pack, as I adsorbed the surroundings, lost in my own world of thought. When I snapped back to reality I found Jason erecting the tent, I offered help, and he gave very precise instructions on what to do as only an instructor can, it took no time to erect the tent and Jason quickly claimed the “drivers side” as he called it, he unrolled his mattress and sleeping bag, then started to unpack the food and cooking utensils giving me room to prepare my half of the tent, as I crawled inside I was struck by how empty Jason’s pack looked now empted of the necessities, in fact it looked as if there was nothing left in it at all, this embarrassed me as I realised the excess of clothing and equipment I had in my pack. When I emerged form the tent, after making my tempry home as comfortable as possible, I found Jason sitting on a stump staring out across the lake, I automatically sat next to him, and without hesitation or recognition of my presence he handed me a coffee, and continued his indulgence of the view, as I sat next to him I felt as if he had changed, I turned to see if it was visible, to my surprise it was, it looked as if he lost five years in journey hear, the defining lines on his face had softened, the serious look he commonly wore was replaced by this subtle , calm, warm, and relaxed look, I felt as if I was looking at a Buddhist monk meditating, and realized I was stealing this moment of privacy from him, but he was totally emersed in his connection with the soundings, I could not remove my eyes form such an idyllic vision, I wished I had my camera wanting to capture the moment forever, but realizing it would destroy the moment. After a time he swallowed the last of his coffee, turned to me with a simile and an expression I could never describe, it comforted and disarmed me it felt as if I was made of champagne with the warm tingling bubbles rising within me, “are we ready to climb?” he asked with a big child like smile and excitement gently dancing on his eyes, I replied simply “yes” and Jason rose and passed me a bag as he retrieved one for himself. We started our trek along the beach, comforted by one and another’s presence, and the lack of need for words. Jason showed me how to retrieve water form the lake for drinking without getting twig’s and leaves in it, and explained the importance of not putting food scrapes or soap in the water, then continued with a bit of a lecturer on the rules of the airier, I however had trouble removing my attention from the cliffs we were approaching, they gained in grandeur and beauty with each step, at the same speed as my excitement apprehension, and nervousness, eventually we arrived at the base and Jason started pointing out the classic climbs and features, as I stood dumbfounded gazing up in awe of the cliffs standing three hundred foot above me, Jason recognised what I was doing and stood beside me soaking in the same experience, saying simply “incredible isn’t it” after we pealed our eyes from the sight, Jason lead me further around the cliff to another climb called surrogate, a good warm up Jason explained as he went first and I keep him safe, after he returned to the ground he said to me “its that easy, now its your turn” I felt like it was my first ever climb, the fear and apprehension rose within me, but I trusted Jason and knew he would not expect me to do anything I couldn’t, and he would keep me safe, so I climbed and found the fear and anxiety were well above any thing I had experienced and I struggled to keep it under control, I finally finished and returned to the ground and we moved to another climb called small pox, this time it was my turn to go first, this made the climb even more scary as I had no idea of what to expect, I had to fight to control my terror and focused on the climb, eventually I made it to the top of the climb, it felt as if I had made it to the top of the world, the joy euphoria exhilaration, were greater than I could ever explain no drug could ever compare to this high it was as if I was seeing the world through new eyes, this made indoor climbing seem pointless and stupid, I sat on the ledge and indulged in my surroundings, the view of the lake and the bush was spectacular, the breeze gently moving through the trees, the smell of the fresh air, the birds singing to me, and the sun shining down on me warming me through to my bones, this was the greatest thing in the world. I retuned to the ground and asked Jason why se had not gone to the top of the cliffs as we had only done climbs that were about forty foot high, his answer was that he wanted to make sure I would cope with being on real rock before he lead me on a big climb to the top, satisfied with this, we moved on to our next climb once Jason had done small pox, the next climb was jungle Judy, followed by separation anxiety, after these I looked at my watch and saw it was 2:30 and I was starting to get hungry, I mentioned this to Jason and we decided to do one more climb then have lunch, this one was called tibia and would take us to the top of the cliff, Jason went first and cruised up, he called for me to follow in what seemed an impossibly short time, I started climbing up and found the climb quickly turned into a chimney enclosed on three sides, I arrived where Jason was, he made me safe then continued on when we were ready, I could see nothing from where I was sitting, only daylight to one side and the rock around me, this time it seemed to take forever before Jason called me onwards, when I arrived at the top I saw why, he has set up an elaborate safely system for two, he hooked me into it, and while I recovered from the climb he puled up our hall bag, to the top, he then opened it and removed a big blanket and spread it on the rock, then came the food for lunch, croissants, bagels, bread, smoked chicken champagne ham, camembert, brie, pickled mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, olives, lettuce, mangos, peaches, and strawberries I was astounded by the food, I had been expecting the basics, but here was a literal feast in the most spectacular location on a perfect day, Jason smiled at me seeing my astonishment and said “just because we are in the middle of no ware doses not mean we cannot indulge in good food” “or good wine” he added removing a good bottle of New Zealand bubbly and two mugs, now I was truly in shock every thing had been thought of. We ate and drank indulging in some great phlisoical conversation. Once we had finished eating and could not eat another bite, and quite tiddly from the wine, Jason asked if he could remove his shirt to soak up the sun while his food settled, I approved on the condition I could join him, so we both removed our shirts and sunbathed lying comfortably on the blanket, I had the desire to remove my bra, but knew not to push it to far, we fell asleep enjoying the sun on our bodies.

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  When I awoke Jason had cuddled into me spooning me and holding me close, it felt so wonderful I did not want to move, I must have died and gone to heaven, I looked at my watch and found it was 5:00 and the sun was slowly making its way to the horizon, I gently removed myself from Jason’s embrace and lent on one arm to look at the sleeping figure beside me, he looked so tranquil and beautiful, I couldn’t resist and gently removed some hair from his eyes and kissed his fore head, this woke him slowly, he looked up to me returning my genital smile, he rased himself onto his elbow and I did not resist as he glided my head to his with his hand gently behind my head, and kissed me on the lips, I felt the electricity of the kiss run through my body igniting the flames of passion held deep within, I returned his kiss with passion and desire, pulling each other close exploring each other with excited hands, I pulled back to look at Jason’s face and found love and desire looking back, I fell back into his hungry embrace and kissed him with more hunger and passion, as his hands explored my back knowing incisively where to go to heighten my pleasure, he gently puled me onto him without breaking our embrace, I found his hand moving up my back finding the clasp to my bra and undoing with the skill bourn of much practice, while his other hand moved to my breast making me shudder on contact as the touch ran through my entire body, and as he gently squeezed my nipple I felt waves of pleasure run though me from head to toe building my passion, he started to move his kisses down my check leaving my lips to groan with pleasure, as he teased a line to the nape of my neck, after lingering there he started to move down over my collar bone, as he rolled me back to my side moving with genital kisses and nibbles towered my breasts, I could already feal an orgasm starting to grow within spreading through my groin as Jason started to explore my breasts with his lips and tongue, then he made his way to my nipple I could do nothing but groan with pleaser, as the feeling touched every nerve in my body, I was in heaven ruptured by what was being done to my body, I never wanted him to stop, however I felt him pull back but I keep my eyes closed savouring the feal of Jason’s touch, when I opened my eyes he had a sling in his hands and asked me to sit up, I did this trying to hold myself back from eating him alive, he wrapped the sling around my upper body, to make a chest harness the then clipped thing into the safety system, then returned his attention to my lips, kissing me with hunger, I soon realised the reason for the break, as Jason lay me down on my back I felt his hands undoing my harness, once he had it undone his lips returned to exploring my body while I let my desire and passion build, he started by moving to my ear and nibbling my lobe, then moving down my neck and across my shoulder, I knew what was coming but the suspense was driving me wild, he started down toward my chest licking me quickly on my bests, this was wonderful as I felt his tong quickly run across part of my breast driving me wild then pulling back to leave me in suspense for the next place it would land, after playing like this for a few moments he went on to sucking and licking my nipples, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body, his hand soon took over from his mouth massaging my breasts keeping me simmering as he started to explore my stomach and hips, I almost lost control as he started to suck on my hip bones I felt myself rising to meet his lips, Jason’s hands slid down my sides toward my hips as his mouth continued to explore my panty line, I lifted my hips as I felt his fingers slide inside my shorts as he slid them off me, then sat back on his haunches to view the perfection of my naked body before him he looked like a kid in a candy store, exploring every curve with eyes filled with hunger and passion, his hands moved to the top of my thighs as his lips returned to my hips, making my passion reignite on a grander scale I felt as if my entire being was being consumed by it, Jason’s lips kissed their way down my thigh to my knee then back up the inside of my leg, as he moved up my hunger for his mouth on my pussy grew, until he was nearly touching it, I could feal his breath on my lips and in my neatly trimmed hair, as he moved to my other thigh repeating the procedure this time I could feal him hovering above my lips I almost jumped out of my skin as his tongue made a quick lick of my lips, it felt so good but so brief it left me hanging from the top of a precipice of passion, then it came all at once, Jason berried his mouth into my pussy finding my clitoris instantly, I gasped in shock as the feelings hit me like running into a brick wall, I was thrown over the edge and felt my orgasm building so quickly after so much teasing, Jason held my hips in his strong hands as I held the back of his head and bucked my hips into him unaware of anything other than the feeling of Jason’s lips and tongue exploring me, some times sucking my clitoris other times penetrating my virgin hole, my orgasm quickly started to take me as I lost control as wave after wave of the most incredible pleasure flooded my body, I had never orgasmed so hard or long, my mind swam trying to retain conciseness as I screamed and writhed around on Jason’s face, this was ecstasy like I had never felt, as my orgasm subsided with shuddering breathes euphoria took control, I was flying as high as a kite, Jason moved up beside me holding me, with genital caresses in all the right places he kept me simmering extending my orgasm, I could smell myself on him as he kissed me gently, as his lips and hands continued exploring me, I found myself quickly becoming aroused again, I started retuning Jason’s kisses with more and more thirst, until he finally rolled me on top of him, gliding my hips with his hands making our pelvises grind together I was becoming incredibly aroused again, building in passion and desire again, but now with the need to have him deep inside me, as Jason felt me becoming more excited he rose with me into a sitting position, then reviving a sling, repeated the procedure to create a chest harness on him self and clipped himself in, then pulled me back on top of him, the contact of out skin was driving me nuts, feeling his mussels moving under his soft skin was arousing me more, it was my turn to undo Jason’s harness while I remained in his embrace, totally lost in his passionate kisses, finally I managed to undo Jason’s harness and copying him, found myself kissing down his chest and stomach I hooked my fingers under his sorts and removed his pants with some difficulty, then it was my turn to look with awe, exploring his body with my eyes, and his manhood standing proud on his stomach, all eight inches of it, Jason pulled me back to him wrapping me in a powerful embrace, driving me wild with hungry kisses, I could feel his cock against my skin, driving beyond passion and desire I needed him in me now, seeing this, Jason gently glided me up and slid the head of his cock up my now dribbling pussy, coating it in my juices, then placing it over my virgin hole, he returned his hands to my hips guiding me slowly down, I felt his head enter my tight hole spreading me as it went, causing some pain, but I was so wet he had no problem entering me I felt him hit my hymen, causing some discomfort, I was starting to feal sacred, but before I could resist he pushed me further down onto him and pulled me close as I felt my hymen seace to exesict, he held me close locked in his embraced kissing me until the pain subsided, then I could feel him moving in me, it felt so good, I could feel my second orgasm building quickly as I found the rithem glided by Jason’s hands on my hips, Jason’s hands started exploring my body again squeezing my ass and pinching my nipples, bringing me closer faster, I was feeling it building so quickly I could not believe, as I felt my orgasm start to overtake me, Jason sat me up and thrust all of him self into me, this put me over the edge I could feal him pushing against my cervix, I started screaming as I came clapping down hard on his cock, I felt him start to move in me again making my voice catch in my throught, as wave after wave of orgasm crashing down on me, as my orgasming slowed to tolerable levels, Jason’s hands guided me around, then lay me back so my back was on his chest, he never broke rhythm stroking slowly in and out of me, his hands held my beasts as his lips explored my earlobe and neck, until I became aroused again by the stimulation, as I responded he started to stroke deeper into me touching my cervix each time my monas grew but I was running out of energy, and let Jason do the work, I could fell his hand tracing its way down my stomach and finding my pussy, I felt his hands cup it and feeling his own cock stroking in and out of me gaining rhythm, I could feal myself building again, as his hands aroused my desire, his finger slid eagerly into the folds of my lips, and found my clitoris, I nearly exploded, the touch sent waves of electricity through my body, causing me to reawaken with desire, moving with him, bringing on my own pleasure again, I was building to orgasm so strongly I had never felt before, his hands continued exploring me arousing me more, my orgasm continued to build with no sign of breaking, Jason rolled me onto my back, and moved his legs so he could scissor me, driving his full length into me, and kissing me with hunger bordering on desperation, his hands exploring me continuously, and his pelvis grinding against my clitoris with each stroke, his speed increased as he started to move toward his own orgasm as mine increased to unassailable heights, I felt him getting harder in me getting closer, as I felt I was to pass out from the pleasure, I felt Jason jerk spasmodically driving himself with all his strength into me as he began to cum, pushing me over the edge as my orgasm crashed down onto me, I fought for conishines as Jason continued to plow into me as deep as he could, pushing strongly against my cervix, as I was racked by the most incredible orgasm imaginable, with hungry embraces wrapped in our orgasms trying to pull each other in us to make one, driven mad by the pleasure coursing through our veins, we held each other until our orgasms receded gently retuning us to reality, trembling together in shared ecstasy and euphoria, kissing softly with love and intimacy, as we became aware of or surroundings again we realised the sun was going down, Jason sat me up next to him wrapping the blanket around our naked bodies, protecting us from the chill entering the air as we enjoyed one of the most spectacular sunsets I had ever witnessed, comforted and happy with my lover by my side, holding me close, this place should be renamed heaven. Once the sun had gone down and the colour had faded from the sky, Jason and I put our clothes back on in the early twilight, and abseiled back to the ground, it was dark back in the bush and Jason removed two head lamps from one of the packs and we made our was slowly back to camp, enjoying the companionship of each other, when we arrived back at the camp site, Jason quickly found some dry wood left by the last visitors, and with confidence and skill built a camp fire, he piled a large amount of wood on top and we sat next to the fire in each others arm comforted by the contact and satisfied with the world, once the wood had burned down to embers Jason started to cook, nothing was said and nothing needed to be said, I cold see the happiness dancing on Jason’s face in the undulating firelight, and when he would steal glances at me love would bloom like a spring wild flower on his face, making me blush with joy, after eating Jason asked if I was ready for bed, I said yes as the day had taken a lot out of me, we returned to the tent and found our sleeping bags were the same make meaning we could join them together, we held each other close gently kissing each other as Jason gently caressed my body tracing imaginary lines with his finger tips, sending soft waves of pleasure through my body we soon found our self’s becoming aroused again, this time we made love slowly with out the urgency of the afternoon, we both orgasmed together softly, and held each other close I fell asleep lying on Jason’s chest with his arms wrapped comfortingly around my shoulders. I awoke to the sound of the birds singing to the rising sun as the morning light filtered through the tent, I moved trying to find my warm body beside me, however the bag was empty, I was now wide awake, confused and worried the previous day had been a dream, I calmed myself and realised that if it had been a dream I would not be in a tent, I moved to open the fly to the tent to see the day, as I squinted against the brightness of the morning sun I saw Jason, he was swimming in the lake, the sun glistening over the drops of water covering his body and hair, he looked perfect as his powerful muscular body dove back under the water, I looked for him to rise it seemed to take forever, eventually he rose from the water flicking his hair back throwing a spray of water high into the air letting the sun dance on the falling droplets, he sat treading water where he was totally enjoying his surroundings, I moved back to the warmth of my sleeping bag, treasuring the image of Jason swimming in the lake, I fell back to sleep comforted in this knowledge. I was reawakened by the tent moving, and Jason sliding into the sleeping bag next to me, he kissed me and said “good morning good looking” I smiled and replied “good morning sexy” he passed me a coffee and a plate of breakfast, I was surprised never had I had breakfast in bed, the food consisted of bacon poached eggs French toast, and fried tomatoes, I did not realise how hungry I was till I started eating as Jason sat in silence smiling at me, watching me eat, I became embarrassed, not because I was eating but because of the look and feeling that was expressed in Jason’s eyes, I wanted to finish my food as quick as possible so I could kiss the adorable look on his face, I finished my food, and giggling I pounced on Jason, starting a play fighting wrestling match, after much giggling and exsertion of energy, I let Jason pin me down, he looked into my eyes with love and happiness and kissed me I kissed back until Jason pulled back and asked if I was ready for another days climbing, well I had to get out of bed sooner or latter, so we got ourselves ready and went climbing for the day, exploring new climbs having fun, and then returned to camp for anther night of wild sex and sleep, the next day we walked out, I felt heart broken at leaving such a paradise, but I had found my own heaven in the love I shared with Jason, when we returned to Jason’s house, he found a message for work, he had to go to guide on mount cook (New Zealand’s highest mountain) in two days, so we made the most of the two days together before his flight to the south island, and I returned to work. The day after Jason left after a hard day I returned home, as with my normal routine, I switched on my TV, and started looking through my pantry to decide on what to cook, that was when the phone rang, I answered it and was greeted by marks voice, mark was one of the instructors at the climbing wall and knew Jason and I were now an item, he asked me to sit down so I did, he then said there had been an accident on mount cook, I went hysterical with concern, but mark calmed me down and ask for me to leat him finish what he wanted to say, I stoped and sat quietly, I already knew what he was going to say, he said “there was an avalanche started on the mountain by a party near the top of a snow slope, the avalanche ran down a gully toward Jason’s party, all of them were recovered because they were wearing avalanche transponders, except for Jason, some how his transponder was separated from him, and he has not been recovered, he is believed to be dead,” I was silent, I could think of nothing, all I wanted to do was smash something, I calmly thanked mark and hung up the phone. The next few weeks drove me nuts missing my love, but I have become used to the pain, I still think of my Jason, but he is dead, I have yet to move on from this but I’m not sure I want to, I believe I have had the best love possible and I don’t want to taint something so wonderful, I have never returned to the bay it would bring to much to the surface but I know I will one day, it will forever be my and Jason’s place in the sun. For more hot stories visit the forum or our new story site www. bluestories. com.

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Malta is a Southern European island country where you can find a lot of quick-witted call girls. This country is a popular tourist destination with a warm climate, multiple recreational areas, and historical monuments. You'll be happy to be escorted by a glamorous miss while visiting Malta Falconry Centre, and St. John's Co-Cathedral. Our site of call girls in Malta needs your attention. When men are searching for hot models that can make them happy and serve to the full, they enter our site. See the endless list of the most impressive escort girls in this town and choose one. Any of them can satisfy you in a few hours. Does it sound fantastic? Everything is real. Malta escorts will show you the real delight! Skinny nymphos with magnificent bodies and pretty faces are ready for entertainment. Check their profiles to book the best one. Age, weight, and contact information are all you need. You'l be happy to date one of them or all of them one by one. These chicks are so close to you. Inform us that you are interested in a meeting. If your hurt tells that you need to meet one of these sensuous lassies, you better listen to it. malta escort service gives you a chance to change your life and meet hotties that can't be forgotten.

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Malta escort agencies provide you with all information about professional models. These information is useful when a customer is searching for such extreme entertainment like BDSM, foot fetish or some other fetishes. Realize all your dreams thanks to Malta escort agencies. It is not easy to find an appropriate sex partner in real life but this website gives you amazing chance. Attractive, well-educated, and curious tootsies cannot wait to meet you and have unforgettable time together. If you want to get served by two escort girls at once, we will find two covergirls who work in a team. New ladyloves and new tours appear on the online service every day. Adorable chicks are ready to date you and bring all necessary pleasures. Males use escort services very less. Most of them think that it's too much for them. This isn't true. If you want to see unmatched sexpots close to you, this dream should become true. Most of all call girls of Malta do their job on a high level. You should experience it if you come to this wonderful place. All necessary data is website

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Gdansk is a city in Poland a comparatively not big population. The major attractions in this small and appealing city include main square, accompanied by elegant townhouses and modern-design fountains, alongside with the Gothic style buildings and monuments. Moreover, once you enter Escort In Gdansk, do not forget to check out its parks and local architecture as well as lovely nature. No doubt, Gdansk is certainly attractive and interesting Polish city to visit. Nevertheless, your experience will be incomplete, unless you pay a visit to Call Girl Gdansk.

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Even though Gdansk itself may seem like an innocent place, however you will unveil a totally different situation, once you visit Gdansk Escort Girls My word, this site is soaked with lust and can offer diversified ways for absolutely any male to implement his nastiest dreams and dirtiest plans. Fortunately, we have alluring bitches from all over the world to aid in turning all that lechery in reality. You are welcome to come and check out their resumes in order to choose the hottest and most charming lady just for you. Long experience and many years of successful performance in escort market have enabled Gdansk Call Girls with confidence in ability to meet clients’ expectations. Hence, go ahead and enjoy amazing handjobs, marvellous oral sex, gorgeous classic escort, lustful anal sessions, wild gang-bang action, BDSM and many more. Feel free to select the most appropriate payment method and do not worry about your privacy or security, because our team of professionals has done its best in order to deliver complete security and utmost comfort to each and every client of Escort Gdansk. Hence, don’t be shy to show the kinky side of yourself and experience that long-awaited and absolutely unforgettable sexual satisfaction together with lustful gals from Escort Poland

Kenya Escorts - Beyond their physical characteristics, Escort Kenya females are beautiful

There are several stunning and alluring escort females in Kenya, a nation with a diverse tapestry of culture, animals, and spectacular landscapes. These young women, also referred to as "Escort Kenya" or "Escort girls Kenya," are a special combination of beauty, charm, and refinement that provide guests looking for company throughout their trip with a memorable experience.

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The variety and beauty of Kenya's escort girls rivals that of the nation. They are from several tribes, each of which has its own standards for aesthetic excellence and cultural norms. Due of their diversity, they have an exotic attraction that is difficult to resist. They are bright, well-educated, and skilled in the art of communication, so their attractiveness goes beyond the surface. They can converse with you about a variety of subjects, from international affairs to local Kenyan culture, which makes them the ideal company for social gatherings or one-on-one conversations.
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Beyond their physical characteristics, Escort Kenya females are beautiful. They exhibit the essence of Kenyan hospitality by being affable, pleasant, and hospitable. Their charm and charisma shine through when they can make guests feel at home. These girls are skilled at meeting your demands, whether you're looking for someone to go with you to a professional event or just want to take advantage of the exciting Kenyan nightlife.
In Kenya, the escort service is a vital part of the country's booming tourism sector. The company of these stunning girls is frequently sought after by tourists to improve their experience. The escorts are knowledgeable about the area's tourist attractions and can direct visitors to the ideal locations, whether they want to go on a safari in the Maasai Mara, visit the Amboseli National Park, or stroll around Nairobi's bustling neighbourhoods.There are many different ways to pass the time in Kenya. Everyone may find something to enjoy, from the vibrant nightlife in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu to the peaceful beaches in Diani and Malindi. The 'Big Five' — lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo — can be seen up close on wildlife safaris in this nation, which are also well-known for them. Visitors can tour these sights with the assistance of the escort girls thanks to their expertise and experience, which will make their trip to Kenya memorable.As a result, Kenyan Escorts and Kenyan Escort Girls provide more than simply company. They provide a singular method to explore Kenyan culture and way of life and are a monument to the nation's beauty and diversity. The allure, beauty, and refinement of these girls will surely improve your trip, whether you are a frequent traveller to Kenya or a first-time visitor.
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Discover Premium Escort Services in Borehamwood: Elevate Your Experience

Escort Borehamwood: Unveiling the Charms of the Nightlife and Intimate Services Nestled in the heart of Hertfordshire, Borehamwood is known for its vibrant nightlife and a plethora of entertainment options. Among these, the escort services in Borehamwood stand out, offering a unique blend of companionship and intimacy. For those seeking to explore the enchanting world of escort girls in Borehamwood, this guide provides an in-depth look into the features, services, and main areas where these experiences can be found. Features of Escort Girls in Borehamwood Escort girls in Borehamwood are renowned for their elegance, charm, and professionalism. These ladies are not just visually appealing but also possess a range of qualities that make them exceptional companions. Here are some key features: 1. Diverse Backgrounds: Escorts in Borehamwood come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, catering to a wide array of preferences and tastes. 2. Professionalism: These escorts are highly professional, ensuring discretion and confidentiality in all their interactions. 3. Personality and Intelligence: Beyond their physical allure, Borehamwood escorts are known for their engaging personalities and intelligence, making them perfect companions for social events or private gatherings. 4. Tailored Experiences: Whether you seek a night out on the town or a quiet evening indoors, these escorts can tailor their services to meet your specific desires and fantasies. Nightlife in Borehamwood Borehamwood's nightlife is a blend of lively bars, sophisticated clubs, and intimate lounges. The town offers a variety of settings where one can enjoy the company of an escort: - Bars and Pubs: Enjoy a casual drink and engaging conversation at one of Borehamwood's many bars and pubs. The relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for getting to know your escort. - Nightclubs: For those who prefer a more energetic vibe, the local nightclubs offer music, dancing, and a chance to let loose with your companion. - Fine Dining: Treat yourself and your escort to a gourmet meal at one of the town's upscale restaurants, where the ambiance is perfect for a romantic evening. Provision of Intimate Escort Services Escort services in Borehamwood are designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences. These services are offered with the utmost discretion and professionalism, ensuring a memorable experience. Here are some of the main areas where these services are provided: 1. Private Residences: Many clients prefer the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Escorts in Borehamwood are available for home visits, providing a personalized and intimate experience. 2. Hotels: Whether you're staying at a luxury hotel or a cozy boutique inn, escorts can meet you at your accommodation, ensuring convenience and discretion. 3. Social Events: Escorts can accompany you to social events, business functions, or casual outings, providing companionship and enhancing your social presence. 4. Travel Companionship: For those looking to explore Borehamwood or travel beyond, escorts can provide companionship and ensure your journey is enjoyable and stress-free. For more detailed information about escort services in Borehamwood and to explore available options, visit Escort Borehamwood - In conclusion, Borehamwood offers a rich tapestry of nightlife and intimate experiences, with escort services that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Whether you're seeking a night out on the town or a more private encounter, the escort girls in Borehamwood are sure to provide an unforgettable experience.
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