Room For Rent --ch1(New Neighbors)


Piercing the roof like rocks falling from the dark, black sky, it has been raining for two days without delay. The weather forecast notified the public that the storm may last for about two days more. Mrs. Gran just finished a warm bathe when she heard a loud knock at her doors.
She got around more than five tenants in her compound which is one of the reasons why her life is almost easy. “Ms. Vilma might have left her keys again. . ”, she sighed before she continued. “. . what a clumsy woman she is. . well it can’t be helped. ”
As quickly as she could, she attended the door with the master keys on her right hand. Slowly the door opened revealing a young asian boy around twenty-years old or younger.

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   “Ah. . sorry what can I do for. . ”, before she could finish the young man crumbled before her.
Losing himself from the fever, the young man lost consciousness with his face touching the right breast of Mrs. Gran. “. . Eeeeek. . ”.
She was surprised not just because of the young man losing his consciousness but because her robe fell off revealing her gorgeous body.
 The damped clothes of the young man were in her drying machine the next morning. She was looking at his wallet when the lad grabbed her hand.

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   “Ahhh…”, surprised by the sudden movement Mrs. Gran lost her balance. Her dazzling curvy body came in contact again with the young man.
Her cheeks became as red as apple as she felt the young man’s soft lips against hers. She was kissing a stranger yet she felt a tingling sensation running through her spine. “Uhh…”, slowly she got up and this time successfully looked inside the young man’s wallet.
Rael Quares is the name written in his driver’s license. The license seems to be outdated but it proved to be authentic. “Sorry for all the trouble miss?!”, Mrs. Gran startled when she heard the voice of the young man but almost instantly collected herself.
“How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine. . thanks to you. Miss?!”, again Rael repeated his question but received nothing.
 “I’m sorry I should introduce myself first.

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   I am. . ”, before he could even say his name Mrs. Gran continued it for his sake. “Rael, right?!. . . ”, she smiled at him and carry on, “. . I am Alexis Gran. ”
“Ms. Alexis please pardon me for intruding. ”, he might have not felt it but as he get up the blanket that is covering his naked body fell down the floor. Alexis tried to close her eyes and look away but his throbbing cock was pointing at her which makes her eyes crave to see more.
Immediately, Rael covered himself with his hands but some part of it is still visible.

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   And as he tried to get the blanket from the floor he himself fell down. “I’m sor-. . AH!”
Alexis felt ironic as the same incident happened twice but this time it is Rael who’s completely naked on top of her. She can feel his rock-hard tool on her belly slightly above her wet pussy. Rael was in shock as he felt himself throbbing above a striking body.  
With tits around 36-E, there is no way Rael wouldn’t feel them on his broad chest. He almost tried to kiss her but his conscience stopped him. This lady just saved his life.
Covering his body with the blanket laying on the floor, the young man closed his eyes anticipating a slap on the face but none came. “. . I am very sorry Alex. I didn’t me-mean to. ”, his apologetic face came into view as he speak.

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Hugging herself tightly, she thinks the moment she let go, she might subconsciously seek Rael’s bulky arms around her. “It’s an accident, anyway is there a place you can go to tonight?”
Changing the topic is the best solution to divert their attention, “Uhm. . don’t worry about me…he-he”, as faint smile and laughter came from Rael which gave Alexis more than enough information about him.
“You strayed away from home, aren’t you?”
“What?! Ah-n NO!”, lying would have worked on other women but not on Alexis, especially with the situation they are in. “Okay, you can stay here but you will have to work for it. ”. A mischievous grin came out from her which gave Rael a different impression.
“You mean?!”, he asked trying to clarify his status. Alexis stood up and stand before him, where they can almost breathe each other’s breath. She smells good, no better and Rael can feel his enormous screw stand as he inspects the exploding body of Alex. He is sure that she’s not wearing any bra and with a thin shirt on her, Alex’s pinkish nipples were quite visible.
“I mean you need to work for me as my ‘boy’. Don’t worry I’ll pay you a suitable salary but I will have to deduct food and the rent for this room. “, she’s brilliant.

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   Rael has nowhere to go so she is almost 100% sure that he will accept the offer.
“How much will remain from salary then?”, there is no way out so Rael decided to check his salary instead. It will take days before he can land a job and with the pesky rain, he will definitely need a place to stay to.
Alex intentionally bumped him with her plump butt as she slowly walks out the door. “Let’s talk about it later, for now clean the entire house. ”
Before she could shut the door close, she spit another command for him to follow. “I will be visiting my sister tonight so you’ll be on your own here. I’ll come back tomorrow morning. ”
She’s gone before he could even protest. There is nothing worth discussing anyway so he let her be. Somehow, he felt good knowing he will be living with a very hot babe. Thinking about Alex and her sizzling body made time pass by quickly. It is now dark outside as Rael suffer from hunger.
He remembered he hasn’t eaten yet since morning. Lifting his feet toward the kitchen will certainly save him from this disaster but before he could open the fridge, the bell from the door rang.

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An executive-looking lady appeared before him as he open the door; she’s totally drenched by the rain. “Ex-excuse me. . hik. hik. . ”, her voice made Rael looked at her. She seems to be crying and drunk, ‘who is this lady’ was the first question in Rael’s mind. “I-I. . I forgot hik…my ki-key. Can you please help me open my door?”
Rael was definitely in shock but he was alarmed as the young woman tried to get inside. It will be disastrous if the carpeted floor get drenched as well so he hold the woman still before the door and instructed her to wait for a minute or so.
‘I will get blamed at if anything went troublesome. ’ Was the exact words in Rael’s psyche as he run towards the stairs where the room of Alex is.

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   The key should be there, but before he can tread on the first stair step he noticed the key from the mirror. Quickly he grabbed the key on the side table and just as he approached the lady, she collapsed before him.
Lending a hand was the first thing a man would do, Rael lend both but ended up grasping her 38-E boobs. The blouse she’s wearing made it not appear so, but the lady has a searing body which made Rael’s cock stood up. She’s totally wasted so she help her up as he looked at her red blouse. Rael noticed the nameplate on, ‘Vilma Odrias’.
Luckily all key has name with it, so he’s sure which key and which room. ‘This compound was designed like a hotel although there are only few doors. I would swear this looks like a lair for prostitution if I didn’t know Alex’s business. ’
Carefully, he slowly put her at rest on the only bed in the room. The place is neat and clean, though small, the place seems to be enough for one fine young lady. The drenched clothing she has might make her sick so even without approval Rael took the initiative of taking off all her clothes.
He was perspiring as he took one after the other. Rael swallowed his saliva as he slowly undid her bra revealing well defined lively tits. For quite sometime he’s been holding back but there is an end to everything.

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   As urge led him to touch Vilma’s huge tits he bare his lips to conquer her nipples.
“Uhmm…”, she moaned as he flick his tongue. Playing with her big boobs made his tool grew to 10 inches. Both of their sweats are mixing up as he slid his right hand down her vagina while his left hand is busy clutching and seizing her right tits.  He is not getting satisfied with what his doing, she’s too sexy and ravaging her body is not enough. He then let his tongue out and tasted her neck up to her chin.
“Ooooohhhh…. ”, her moan is getting louder as he despoil every inch of her.
    Rael wished to taste her more so with her tongue sliding down her throat towards her vigorous boobs.
    She is exquisite like a peach pie, her white and rosy skin is so sensitive that his sucks and grasps are living marks. His tongue finally made it between her legs, entangled with Vilma’s clit, she moaned louder than before. “OHHHhhhh,…. YESSS!!!”
    There is no way the tenant next door wouldn’t hear them, but what is really exciting for Rael is that Vilma doesn’t know she’s being raped at this moment and she’s enjoying every inch and moment his spending with her.
    He got back on top of her, ‘It’s time’, he said. The erotic sensation in his brain is uncontainable, and he know he can explode as soon as he fuck her so he suck on her lips and plunged his throbbing cock inside her.

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       “Uhmmm. . ”, she’s finally awake, her eyes wide open but no words came out from her.   Slow but hard, is the movement of Rael. Vilma’s pussy accepted him like a guest, warm and juicy.
    She tried to push him away but he is strong and the lust that possessed him made him stronger. The tongue inside her mouth was looking at his partner. She doesn’t really know what’s happening but it felt good soon her tongue was entwined with his. Vilma doesn’t wish to know anything; it is the moment that matters.
    Rael’s steel-like rod was pounding her like crazy, his movements became agile. He is coming soon and so she is, he felt it when she pierced her nails in his back. It hurts but it doesn’t matter, looking at her expression makes Rael relaxed. This can’t be called rape isn’t it?, was in his mind as he force himself in her.
    Rubbing her tits with his rough hands, while tracing her throat with his tongue, he can be called an expert with sex. She look please, even with the sweat coming out on every pores of her body.


       He slid his hands on her thighs grabbing them and with both his hands he put her legs on his right shoulder.
    He is good in maneuvering, his cock hasn’t left it’s cockpit, still pounding her crazy, hard and strong. He can see her juices falling like the hard rain outside. She sounds like a whore, he made it possible. A simple looking lady like her was craving for more as Vilma herself tried to get up to kiss him.
    “I’m coming”, she said almost excited wishing for him not to stop even for a second. He is at his edge and nothing to stop both of them. “I’m coming, too. Where do you want it?”
    “The face”, she isn’t shy at all. With the passionate sex they just had, who would be. “Ahhhhh……soo gooood. ”
    He was gritting his teeth forcing himself not to come, not until she done. From the expression on her face, he pulled his cock out. It was almost instantaneous that his cum came out falling on her belly and tits. But he knows there are more so he compelled himself to step up.

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       Loads of cum came out flooding her sweaty face. “Uhhh. . ”
    Rael knew someone is listening for quite some time now and he heard her came as well. ‘Hmmm. . it can only be next door. ’, he was about to get up but a warm embrace hugged his hips. Vilma slept instantly but the smile on her face is evident enough on how good she.
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