The dream


The Dreamby thedeep copyrighted 2005Jim is silent, using all the stealth he learned as a Marine Recon Ranger, as he walks thru her house.   He needs no lights to find her, he can sense her location, he has no doubt she is in the room as he eases the door to the bedroom open.   The only sounds are her deep breathing and the thumping of his heart as he nears her.   He slowly kneels beside her bed, she is even lovelier than he remembered, and he does not want to disturb her sleep.   He eases the plastic bag he had prepared and removes the cloth, then he puts it over her nose and mouth so she will breath in the sedative.   He knew this was necessary, because the shock of seeing him might make her scream, and he could not chance that. He had traveled many miles on this quest; he did not want to screw it up now.   Jim gently lifted Sally from the bed, and wrapped the sheet around her so she would not get a chill.   He tenderly carried her out of the house into the waiting car and drove off.   By the time she finally stirred from her sleep, they were aboard Jim’s boat headed south.   At first she was confused and slowly it dawned on her she was being kidnapped.   She was more mad than scared, because she knew Jim would never hurt her. So gathering up her courage, Sally finally asked Jim what the hell he thought he was doing.   Jim having had little sleep in the past few days, lost his temper.   He grabbed her turned her over his knee and paddled her like a 6 year old.   She was shocked and a little aroused at Jim’s actions and squirmed on his lap, yelling at him to stop this instant.

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    That was the wrong thing to say to him, he flipped her nightgown over her back and jerked down her panties and really spanked her.   She whimpered and squirmed even more and Jim found that he had an erection, from the sight of her red ass. Jim was sorry he had spanked her, but was also turned on.   He began to massage the hot red cheeks of Sally’s ass, which caused her to moan and squirm even more.   He could not resist the stroking of her beautiful ass, as his hands seemed to have a mind of their own.   He loved the feeling of her soft warn hips, the swell of each ass cheek, and the warm crevice that he could not help but explore.   He spread her cheeks and gazed at the pink rosebud, his hands moved lower and found a warm wetness at her pussy.  He rubbed Sally’s pussy and it got wetter, gathering some of her lubrication, Jim moved his hand back to the rosebud that had captured his attention.   He could not help but massage the rosebud with his lubricated fingers.   First circling the pink object of desire then gently pressing his finger in.   He leaned down to get a closer look as his finger moved in and out, and could not resist kissing the closest cheek of her ass.   He removed her from his lap and placed her on the deck of the boat on her hands and knees.   He got behind her and gathered more of her juice from her wet pussy.   Again his finger found its way back into her ass and as he watched it gently pumping in and out, he started kissing and licking around his finger. Jim then flipped her on her back without removing his finger from her ass, so she had to plant her feet flat on the deck and lift her ass.

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    Jim pounced on the beautiful wet pussy with his mouth while still pumping his finger in Sally’s hot ass.  He had not planed it like this, his plan was a slow seduction, but right now he could care less about the plan.   He licked and sucked and slurped her juices until his tongue cramped.   Then he finally removed the finger from her ass, and stood up to remove his pants and shirt.   The tented underware was next, Jim equipment was neither huge nor small.   He had never had any complaints about it.   He knelt between Sally’s still wide spread legs, and slowly and gently inserted himself.   He leaned down and kissed her eyes, her cheek and neck, and finally ended up at her ears, where he kissed and licked and nibbled on her lobes.   As she tried to turn her head he captured her lips, gently at first, then with the passion that had build within him.  He felt Sally’s legs wrap around his waist and start to meet his thrusts as they both moaned is sheer bliss.   Jim raised up and ripped the nightgown away from her ample breasts, and attacked them with his mouth and hands.   Jim’s pace picked up and the heels of her feet dug into his butt like spurs.   Their bodies were both drenched with sweat, but moving in harmony, slowly coming to the peak.   Jim had felt Sally orgasm several times already, but he knew this time was different, as she spurred and bucked beneath him.  Then he felt it coming slowly from the soles of his feet, up his loins, tightening his balls, and finally erupting into Sally’s trembling body.

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    They had cum at the same time, as she had beat her heels on his ass and dug her finger nails across his back.   They collapsed together, into a sweaty heap on the deck of the boat.   Sleep over took them, as they lay in each other’s arms.
    Jim woke first and covered Sally with a blanket, showered and went about the navigation of the boat.   He then went below and started coffee in the galley, then went back up on deck.  Sally woke slowly trying to relish the dream she had, that is until she felt to rocking of the boat.   She sat up right and looked around, she could smell coffee, the sky above her was clear and a pale shade of blue.   She looked over the side of the boat and could not see land in any direction.   She got to her feet and stretched the stiffness out, from lying on the hard deck.   And then she saw Jim at he helm of the boat, she did not know what to say to him. She made her way toward him, clutching the sheet around her, because her nightgown was torn to shreds.   As she neared him, Jim turned to her and said, hello beautiful!  That was all it took, her heart melted, she just could not be mad at him.   He set the helm on auto pilot and took her into his arms, with a tenderness no one would expect from the looks of him, he kissed her and sat her down in the pilots seat.   He said he would be right back, and before Sally could wonder where he had gone, he was back with two steaming mugs of coffee.  After Sally had taken her coffee, Jim stood beside her with his arm draped across her shoulder, pulling her to his side.

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        They did not speak but stared out at the bluest ocean Sally had ever seen.   After a bit, Jim left her again and went below, not long after he came for her and guided her down the narrow steps to the galley where he had prepared a hearty breakfast for her.   For some reason, maybe it was the salt air, she was very hungry and dug in like a starving woman.   Jim watched her from across the table, he could never get enough of just looking at her. After breakfast, Jim cleaned the dishes and showed Sally where the bathroom was.   She was shocked to see, her brand of toothpaste, a new toothbrush, a hair brush just like the one she had at home.   Her brand of soap was in the shower, and a soft fluffy set of towels with her name on them were also hanging there.   Under ware, shorts and blouse in her size were there also, she was speechless.   After she showered and got dressed, Sally went back on deck and stood beside Jim.   She put her arm around his waist and his arm went around her shoulders.   And they enjoyed the gentle rocking of the boat as it headed due south.   Sally never asked where they were going, because it did not matter as long as she had Jim beside her. Part two if you want it will be posted.
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