A Story for Sharna

Sex In Public

I had secretly lusted after my neighbor Sharna almost since I was old enough to walk.   We used to play all the time when we were pre-teens, and actually, she was the first girl I ever kissed.

We were still friends, but had gradually eased off, and I didn’t get anymore kisses from her.  

One day, in my first year of college, I came home and was playing with the dog, and Sharna climbed over the fence, and sat on the bench of the picnic table.   

“Guess what?” she said.

“What?”  I replied distractedly, scratching the puppy on his ears.

“I just got my driver’s license!  Yeah, I’m a year late, but I have it now!   Want to go for a ride?”

“Well, sure,” I said.   Where are we going?

“I’m going shopping!”  I’d never seen Sharna so excited…it was so cute!

She took my hand, and it was so soft, I realized this sandbox pal had grown up!  We got in her parents Toyota, but I could already tell she had territorial rights on it.   It had a baby bracelet that said ‘Sharna’ on it hanging from the mirror, and also a necklace with a locket that she had showed me with a picture of her mother.   More than anything, it smelled like her.   I’m not sure if it was perfume, or shampoo, or what, but it was obvious that Sharna was in possession of this car.

She drove us to the mall, and we walked around.   I’m not real good at malls, but it was fun, with her holding my arm.   She embarrassed my by making me go with her while she bought all this makeup, but then we went shopping for books too.

Finally, we sat on a bench in the mall, and rested.   She took the bag of the makeup she’d bought, and was looking at it.

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    “Do you have anything sharp, Dave?”

“Well, yeah, have this dorky lil pocket knife on my keychain,” I said

“Gimme!” Sharna said, and I did.    She used it to open a li’l package.   It turned out it was a lipgloss she had bought.   I saw it on TV, it’s Mabelline ‘Wet Shine’, and it’s so sexy.   I kinda ignored her, I was embarrassed.   She took my hand and said, “Look!”

I did, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so horny in my life!   It was so incredibly sexy looking!

Sharna said, “You at least have to give me a gentle kiss, Dave.   This is the mall!  No one will notice!”
I couldn’t turn that down, so I gave Sharna a soft kiss, blushing furiously the whole time.   No one seemed to notice (well, except for she and I)

She took my hand, and said, “I have one other place to go!”

She took me to a place called ‘Glamour Shots’….

“What do they sell here?” I asked.

Sharna said, “Nothing, silly, they do makeovers, and then take awesome pictures!” 

“Cool,” I said, I’ll be here in the waiting room.   I picked up an issue of ‘Sports Illustrated’ out of boredom

“Oh, don’t worry,” Sharna said, “you won’t be bored for long!

About five minutes later, the receptionist (I think her name was Dana) came over to me and said, “Sharna is ready for you, sir. ”

I replied, “What do you mean ready?”

“Ready for her photos with you,”  she said as she smiled.

Dana showed me the way, and I saw Sharna.   My breath caught in my throat…. she was so incredibly sexy!  I’d never seen her wear makeup, and now she looked like a supermodel!  She took my hand, and led me to this chair….

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  looked like a barber chair, and sat me down.   Then she sat in my lap, and the girl with the camera posed us various way, and took tons of pictures.   She even made us kiss for a picture….

The camera girl (I found out later her name was Laura) said, “I’ll have the pictures in about 15 minutes…. see you then.   Sharna said, “keep your camera ready,  I may want one more picture. ”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but she took me by the hand, and I remember thinking again how soft and sexy her hands were.   She said, “I have to pee, but I don’t want to be away from you. ”

She led me into the ‘ladies room’…. and took a pee.   Then she opened the door to the booth, and, I thought she was coming out.   Nope.   She pulled me into it, and closed the door.   Then she gave me the hottest kiss I’ve ever had!

“I saw this on TV and thought about you,” she said as she took out this Maybelline wet shine, “and I thought pink would look so sexy on your dick!”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but she put it on, and she was so right…I’d never seen sexier lips.

Sharna knelt down, and damn near TORE my pants open, and giving me one last slow kiss, she began to suck my dick.

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    I’d always thought that girls only did that to make a guy happy, and didn’t enjoy it at all, but she was clearly loving it.

I was just about incoherent, then she stopped and put on more lipstick.   “I want u to cum on my face Dave.   I want to look pretty for you!  (But u will have to kiss it off of me and then kiss me). ”

“Oh my god, Sharna!”  I couldn’t help myself, she was jerking my dick, and her lips looked so incredibly sexy! And she was sucking me!  I started to cum on her face…. then in her hair!

When I calmed down, I said, “Oh, Sharna, I’m so sorry, that was so bad!  Forgive me?”

She replied, “Don’t be sorry, baby.   Guess What?”

I replied, “What?”

You need to lick it off of my face and drool it in my mouth…. so I can properly make out with you…. I love cum.   I love yours most.

“I loved it so much!  And I had Laura sneak in and take pictures!  She got some great ones!  Next time, I’m going to dribble it all over ur face, and lick it off and make out with you!”

It made me so horny!  Then sweet Sharna whispered to me again…”and Laura asked me for a taste too…but I made her lick it off of your face”  and guess what?  She can’t wait for us to visit her again…she gave me her home phone. J

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