Brandi's Drunk Drive

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Drunk Drive 
   Around the time of high school graduation my boyfriend and me went to this really cool party. Cool for a couple of reasons. We finally got back at Brandi and Brad, the most perfect couple. They looked great, they were in lots of school clubs, and they had all the coolest friends.
   When I’d see them at parties they’d always do the same stuff. They’d start kissing madly from the first moment you saw them. It didn’t occur to them to stop touching, feeling, and groping each other in places like the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom. They’d bump into you and apologize, then madly lip lock right under your nose—this if you acted like you didn’t see them. They’d get super drunk usually, then one of Brandi’s friends would step in, drive them home or some shit.
    Brandi would be the life of the party. There was this story that she was dared to kiss someone’s sleeping infant son in another room. A friend of mine confirmed that she really followed through on the dare, following her into the kid’s room, waking him up, and tongue-kissing for everybody to see.
     Near the last day of school, an acquaintance of mine mentioned another party at the House; we called it—a place 20 minutes drive from town right at the river. Out there we could really cut loose and the cops wouldn’t know because there were no neighbors.
   “Are you guys gonna party at the House?”
   “Why, is there a party tonight?”
   “When is there not one? I can’t remember all of the times, well”, she laughed, “cuz I was probably drunk off my ass the whole time. ”
   “no kidding, girl.

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   At this party, Brandi and Brad showed up already warm and toasty, and proceeded to drink and drink some more, and were getting real loopy and noisy. I worked with my boyfriend, he’s pretty popular himself, to see if we could get each of them not just drunk, but piss-in –your-pants- standing up drunk!
   First we made sure that they weren’t together in the same room. Brad got into this competition for drinking shots and like we expected, he sat down and didn’t get up for a while.
  Meanwhile we got some girls to dare Brandi to drink an unopened bottle of schnapps, (what she’d tasted before she got to the House who knows) and we got her to drink the whole bottle. They cheered every time she drank more. I loved this—she’s such a bitch now, you can’t talk to her. I decided that tonight I’m going to fuck up her ass…her whole act.
   Brandi was already so tipsy that she would teeter toward you and expect you to catch her, Patrick, my boyfriend’s buddy, caught her. And I told him that maybe she wanted to party even harder and that he should turn up more schnapps. So he went looking and left us alone in the kitchen, and then she turned menacing
    “You’re shit, man. ” She slurred, waving her index finger at my nose.
   “Excuse me?”
   “You’re trying to fuck with me” her eyes narrowed at me
   “What are you talking about?”
    “You’re behind this cons-shpir-ashy to make me a shithead around campus. ”       
   “There’s no conspiracy, Brandi. ” I turned to Patrick’s direction, “hey hurry up with that Schnapps!” I yelled.
   Right then Patrick returned waving a bottle, and then her eyes opened into a happy, baby face, forgetting her accusations of me.

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   “Try this, it’s orange-flavored” Brandi crushed up to Patrick, opening her jaw so that most of his mouth could enter hers and they sucked on each others tongues warmly for a few minutes. “Come on you guys, we got a party to start here, remember?” I said.
   “Miss pissy, here…” Patrick mumbled toward me.
   Meanwhile I checked on Brad’s progress in the den.
   We encouraged Brad to kiss Nicki, this slutty girl there at the party. That went great. I used my dad’s video camera to do close ups of her slopping her tongue inside his mouth. I unbuttoned her jeans and actually took his hand and put in on her crotch.   He got the idea and began sliding his fingers rhythmically over her gap. Soon, both wearing only shirts, their jeans were gathered at the ankles.  Her trimmed pubs showed and his medium sized dick was flopping around.
   Brandi, in another room, was not standing up very well. “What, Brandi’s trying to talk. ” Our friend Steve said, “I think Brandi wants to go somewhere. ”  “
   “Where?” I played along
  “I think she said, trip.

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   Brandi wants to drive somewhere. ”
  “Let’s help her out, huh?” I moved things along.
There were some older people there who checked in on the sex in the room and liked it. One guy said, “Hope you don’t mind if my husband and I join in, do you?”
“Naw, go ahead they like that, “I acted like a pimp.
Both these people started taking off their clothes, arranging Brad and Nicki into different positions and asking me to tape them and show it back. They were a lot of fun.
   I would’ve stayed longer but I heard this large bang, like someone slamming the lid of an empty dumpster. Everyone was outside looking.
   “Oh look Brandi, had an accident” someone said. Her dad’s new, black BMW was aimed into the side of the House; a trashcan was now really skinny, having been smashed. People were running to see. Someone opened the car door and roused her. Brown hair in her eyes, but she wasn’t hurt. “Hi” she said to the first guy there. She turned to kiss him and he rolled sideways onto her lap and pulled her mouth down to his, they were openly probing each other’s mouths ignorant of the world.

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   One guy squeezed onto the drivers side and said, “Hey let me try” 
   This guy took over madly kissing Brandi. The first guy there was sticking his arm down her jeans and rubbing. It looked really hot. The party was starting off great I thought, ‘there was an orgy happening in the den and now sex in a car in front of an audience’.
   I heard some girl behind me say, “shit that’s her dad’s BMW, is he gonna be pissed”
   The two guys working Brandi from front and back made her body rise out of the drivers’ seat like she was floating.   That must’ve been an orgasm because she made these animal grunting sounds too. The second guy got out and pulled her head out of the car upside down. His pants were already at his ankles so he just forced his erection right into the cheerleader’s throat. Once it got there, he moved it and moved it some more. The other guy was still feeling her up with both hands. One leg of hers climbed over the seat because she couldn’t contain the pleasure any longer.
   “Deeper, bitch” the guy’s blowjob kept getting deeper and more velvety. Brandi looked like a professional porn star.
   Now that both boys had cum they started goosing Brandi to drive somewhere in the BMW.
   “Where do you wanna go, Brandi?” Dean, a friend of Patrick’s, asked.

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   “To a party” she said timidly
   “Okay, start up your car, then. ”
   She sat dazed looking behind the wheel not taking any action, and then finally snapped out of it. “gimme my keys” she whined.
   One guy checked through the window and he motioned to the five or six of us standing around watching. “Look they’re in the ignition, stupid” I yelled at her.
   “Huh?” Brandi looked back at us.
    Dean reached thought the window and twisted the ignition key, that brought the car to humming life. “Okay, girl, Put it in drive, now. ”
   Now everyone scattered because of being afraid that she might plow right though us all. Some girls had that gesture going, of hand covering the mouth, a horror reaction to what she might do behind the wheel. She smiled happily at us. The car went into reverse and rolled a short distance before striking a concrete wall that blocks kids from going down to the river edge. At the moment of impact her brown hair did a blow-back and fell into her eyes.
   We started yelling things at her like “no, forward” and got to see her managing small forward directions by fits, as if not sure where the gas pedal was.
  “Why doesn’t someone stop her?” a girl asked.

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We all watched as Brandi made it onto the main highway turned right and disappeared. “Man, she’s loose” one guy shouted in mock seriousness. Immediately Patrick ran for his pick up truck, with Dean and another guy following. Two girls ran past me for their cars, and I didn’t want to miss this either. Dean opened the passenger door for me at the last minute, and soon we were following Brandi’s BMW.
   She used both lanes, slowed for no reason, and then took off for no reason. Finally we were up to 65 miles per hour, but she’d pull away quickly. “Just keep up,” Dean said to the driver. “No problem, yet. ” Patrick answered.
   Headlights from an oncoming car were in the distance and Brandi was using its lane, so all we did was watch. “If she don’t move over, smack!” Dean said clapping his hands for emphasis.
   She slowly edged over back into her lane, but drifted off to the right shoulder, sending dust and rocks back are way to pelt the truck. . For some reason the beemer stayed on the shoulderof the road, but all three of our cars were still going 65, though the BMW was tearing out the dirt of someone’s property.

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   “Doesn’t’ that thing have 4 wheel drive?” someone asked brightly, “yeah, but it’s a tire thing. The road is too high or the tire is too small. ” We could all see a wooden mailbox post in the headlight distance, but before we could say anything, Brandi’s car whacked it at high speed, disintegrating it instantly, sending the pieces flying backwards at us. “Ah, fun” someone gasped.
   The beemer made a sharp left turn which put it back on pavement, but now was out of control twisting to the left and right. “Doing donuts at sixty” Dean announced like a sports play by play.
   We lost sight of the pin wheeling beemer owing to the cloud of smoke, but thrilled as the great looking, high performance head lights strobed thru the fog of road dust ahead of us.
   Once we got to the stopped car. Brandi was already on foot. “Didja see, did I hit a dog!” she said with tears forming. She looked the same since we last saw her except for some blood around her bottom lip. When she smiled we could see this was because she was missing two teeth. “Where is it, where’s the dog?” she was nearly hysterical. It was hilarious.
   “Um honey, there is no dog,” Patrick said slowly and flatly.

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   “There wasn’t a dog, but you killed a mailbox” I said sarcastically
  “What?” she answered dreamy eyed and began twirling her hair, forgetting about the dog.
   “What sa’, ‘sa box” she stuttered
   I stepped in to shake her angrily but instead she tipped over all by herself and was caught by dean like a trophy.
   “I’m sick” she said with her eyes closed.
Now she waved a finger at me and said, “Now if I barf my guts out tonight I don’t want you telling every somf of a bitch about…” As her eyes rolled back under the lids, and her face lost all muscle tone, she sputtered and dropped to all fours like a sick dog in the dirt. Her back arched. Now came the awful retching sounds and the sound “flop” sound that the orange-colored hurl made after leaving her throat.
   “Good schnapps gone to waste” Dave commented
  Seeing Brandi on all fours helpless and out of it made me want to go around to her front and kick the rest of her teeth out, but that urge left me. Also the guys would’ve stopped me. Dave took advantage of the situation well though. As he seemed to comfort her, he actually had is arm all the way down the back of her jeans well past her panty barrier, His fingers were sampling her cunt juices and using the moisture to insert one or two fingers into her tight butt hole all the way to the knuckle. Feeling perfect cheerleader’s warm meat was fun but he had even better fun. When the spasms of retching started he felt her ass “love his fingers”, he said later, by squeezing them while he rotated his wrist.
   “What about the car?” Dean pointed to the BMW.
   “Forget about it” well go back for it tomorrow, or the cop’s will find it. Who cares? Nobody stole it.

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  ” Patrick walked back to the truck and we followed dragging Brandi.
    I sat on Dean’s lap for the trip back. Brandi settled in the truck’s seat between Dave and Patrick. They got Brandi even more excited by licking her face, feeling her tits, and gap while she moaned or laughed quietly. Occasionally she’d turn up her face expecting a deep kiss from someone, but that didn’t happen. By this time she was smelling nasty.    
   “Dave got going deeper into her vagina, having his fist  all the way in there.   Brandi wasn’t resisting.  He coached her, “Come on baby, make it with my fist. Cum for me baby. ”  This part was getting me hot, and I was feeling myself a little too.
   Her lower body rose off the seat, and I heard her unique grunting like a zoo animal
Her mouth was open in a silent scream of incredible pleasure, which caught Patrick’s attention. He motioned to Dave, and they finished a high five. Patrick told him, “Way to go”, like he’d scored a touchdown.
   Piling out of the truck back at the party, we could see the place was now overrun with   types from all over; some high school kids  I didn’t know, a couple pervy looking single guys and obviously older (30 years old) couples out for a thrill with some blotto young girl.

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   Just to get in the door, Dean had to concoct some wild excuse that we were a medical team going in rescue someone. This must’ve looked weird as we were dragging the victim, Brandi, into the party, but he did sound official enough.
   Bodies were so densely packed that it took time getting to the other rooms. There was the usual stuff of parties, dense air, smoke, noise, but also oblivious couples holding, cumming,  and loving so hard that you could use them as your own personal sex toy, and they’d be none the wiser.
   Eventually we made it to the den where I last videotaped Brad,  Nicki , and that early arriving swinger couple. . By now it was a spent orgy. I could see Brad’s head upside down over a couch with bodies on top of him, and spent limp shapes piled up here and there in the corners snoozing with their pants, skirts, and blouses n bras half on.         There was at least one visible couple, now they didn’t care that the lights were on, doing a sixty-nine on each other, both with their shirts on but nothing else—nothing like someone’s’ hairy asshole in your face for hours, but I guess the booze helps…
   Brad’s body had telltale cum stains on it, his face smeared with someone’s lipstick, and rouge. Man, he was gorgeous. I motioned to Patrick to drag Brandi, herself barely conscious and full of cum stains, blood, and vomit,  to be placed next to Brad. Dean heavy lifted them so their faces were visible to my camera. “Smile, oh can’t you do better than that?” I joked at the sight of them. “Give us a big smile” I put down the camera and hard squeezed Brandi’s face. It was slick with sweat and purfumy from the alcohol.


   “Looky here,  a friend of yours?” I saw this beautiful naked cunt nearby on the same couch, at an angle to the air, now passed out, but perfectly horrendous looking. The vaginal lips were splayed out and swollen. The asshole was red rimmed and so extended open that it looked like a horse eye. . But her rear end was gorgeous; it could have been in penthouse magazine.
   With some of the boy’s help I wrestled this half nude body over brads nose, so it looked like his nose could entire her wide ass hole at any moment.
   I had the video camera running the whole time, but I stepped aside so Patrick could use his digital still camera on them.
   “Say cheese” he joked.
   “I know what to call this one, lovers reunited at last”
    Dean and I both laughed together. I felt finally satisfied.

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