Cabaret Adventures Ch 1-Memphis Babe

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She was gorgeous, and the club was virtually empty that night. A new club just outside Memphis, and only four or five girls working one stage, in three-song sets. Brittany was up next, and I decided she was worth a couple of bucks in the g-string.
A dishwater blonde, with soft skin and an all-over tan, in spite of this being the Christmas holidays, she sported size 34B's that were all-natural. Coming to the edge of the stage, she sqatted down, put her arms around my neck and asked me my name. I told her, and she then asked if I wanted to go play after she finished her set. To convince me, she turned a bit closer towards me, and scooted up to the edge of the stage as far as she could get, brought my torso in close to her, and said, "let me show you what I've got for you. "
She then dropped her g-string below her crotch, and gave me an up-close very of the most beautiful, smoothly shaven pussy a guy could behold. She then fingered it with her shapely manicured frosted pink-tipped index nail, and told me that there was more to it in the VIP room, if I was willing to pay to play. I asked her how much to play, and she said usually $50. 00 per dance, but that she would give me a special rate for a really good time.
I put $20. 00 in her g-string, and she then put my face between her breasts, held me there long enough to let me kiss both of her tits, and give her a little tongue action. After that, she spread her legs, rubbed her clit for me, and told me to wait for her and then we would go have some fun.
After her set, she came over, sat down next to me, and made sure that I had a very good view of her silky tanned legs, and asked me if I liked what I saw. She then looked around to make sure that the floor manager wasn't watching our direction, and put her hand on my crotch, and started rubbing my dick through my jeans.

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   Grinning seductively, Brittany leaned over, put her soft pink lips on my ear, and said "I think you like this. In fact, I know you like it, and it's making my pussy wet. Let's go back to the VIP room and get started. "
The VIP room consisted of several couches up against the wall, one or two on each wall. It was dimly lit, but still enough light to see a girl's pussy or tits, but not enough for anyone looking in to see what may actually be happening. As we entered, one of the other girls that I had seen on stage before Brittany was down on her knees between a guy's legs, and was giving him one hellacious blowjob. About the time we sat down in the couch across from them, she stood up, turned around, facing away from him, moved her g-string to the side, and sat down on him, giving him a reverse cowgirl fuck. From the front though, looking into the room, it would only appear as if she were grinding on the guy and he was merely getting a very sensual lap dance.
Brittany and I watched her fuck him for a while, waiting for the current song to finish. She leans over, and while rubbing my dick tells me that watching the other girl being fucked was getting her extremely horny. I asked her, "how much to dance?", to which she replied "$40. 00 each one. " I then told her, "how about $150. 00 for four dances?"
Brittany looked at me, smiled very seductively, and still rubbing my crotch said that we had a deal. She then unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick, and then sat down in my lap, facing me.

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   She smiled, looked back towards the door to make sure the coast was clear, and then went to work. About two minutes into the most sensual handjob I had ever had, she says "did you bring a condom, because we are going to fuck for three songs. I haven't fucked a guy in two months and I need a dick up my pussy. "
I pulled a condom out of my pocket, and put it over my dick. No sooner had I rolled it all the way down than she was moving her g-string aside, rising up just a little bit, and grabbing my dick to guide it into her love tunnel. She then sat back down in my lap, put her arms around my neck and began bouncing up and down to the rhythm of the song coming from the dj booth.
After the first song finished she told me that we still had three more to go and she was bound and determined to give me my money's worth for this lap dance. I took one of her tits and began caressing it with my tongue, licking her nipple, moving my tongue over and around the entire nipple area. I softly bit her nipple between my teeth, and she let out a moan of ectasy, and told me "Oh god!! Do that again! That feels so good, and makes me tingle!!" So I again bit her nipple just enough to hold it between my teeth, but not cause her pain.
As the second song finished, Brittany moaned, leaned over, putting her head on my shoulder, and whispered into my ear that she wanted me to cum at the same time she did. I told her that was a great idea, but that she was fucking me so hard and her pussy was so tight that I didn't think I would last for one more song.
So, she leaned back, extended both of her arms, holding my shoulders, and told me to get ready, because she was about to fuck me to completion, and said, "Shoot your cum into me, so I can cum on your pants. I'm going to squirt all over these dark blue jeans. " She started bouncing and bucking even harder, and my dick began to throb unmercifully. Just watching her tits move up and down, and seeing her abdomen writhe and wriggle as she drove my dick as deep into her pussy as she could with every bounce, was enough to make me erupt.

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My legs began to quiver, I tightened up, grabbed her with both hands around the waist, pulled her as close me as I could get her, wrapped my arms around her, as she put her arms around me, anticipating what was about to happen. I whispered to her, "here it comes baby. I'm about to give you a load. Get ready, and squirt all you want. "
She began to moan, hiss, and squeal, not so that anyone else could hear, but in my ear. About the time my load of jizz shot out and up into her pussy, she exclaimed "Oh God!! Oh shit!" Seconds later, I feel a huge wet spot developing around my crotch area, but we are too much into finishing our fuckfest to care about anything else for the moment.
She finally relaxes after several moments of sheer ectasy and pleasure, looks up at me, and asks, "Is my face red, because when I cum, my face gets red and flushed. " She was not only flushed in the face, but her chest, her tits, and her entire upper torso had the appearance of prickly heat on a hot Texas summer day. I just smiled and told her that she looked fine, and that we could sit in VIP until she regained her color.
We cleaned up, hugged, cuddled, and kissed for a few minutes, and then she was called out by the DJ. I had to get back to the hotel to pack and finish up a few things before coming back to Texas. I tipped her $200. 00 for her time, and when she counted it told me that I had given her too much money. I told her that good service and quality time is rewarded with a tip over and above the actual cost of goods or services provided. She grinned, gave me a kiss, thanked me, and told me to have a safe flight home.

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I told her "No. Thank you! You made my entire stay in Memphis a time to remember. " To this day, when I think of Memphis, my first thoughts are not about Elvis Presley, Graceland, BBQ ribs, or even the Blues music found on Beale Street. My first thoughts, and fondest memories are centered around a most beautiful, sensuous blonde dancer whose skills at dancing are only surpassed by her skills of fucking.

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