Dogging and Glory Hole Fun (A true Story)

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Dogging and Glory Hole fun (A true story)
I met a bloke at a party had a few drinks - he had a camera and asked me if I would like to have some fun with him. I agreed and he took me to some public toilets - we parked up - he went in for a piss - took his time - I needed to go and went to the ladies toilets - two blokes were outside - I think they had been playing with each other - they both had jogging pants on and seemed to pull up their bottoms quickly. I was a bit scared but what the hell - my bloke was next door - so seemed safe.
I went into a cubicle pulled down my red silk panties sat on the loo and started to pee. It was dark but I could see the wall next to me - there was a hole in the wall through to the cubicle I was in. I could hear some noises coming through the hole - feeling real horny and looking forward to having a shag with the bloke I met - I looked through the hole as best as I could. I could just make out a bum lent over and something behind it - what I saw blew me away - a cock really long but thin was pumping into this bum hole.
The person on the end was grunting and pushing his or her arse back on this long thin cock. I stood up to have a better look and started playing with my already wet pussy while looking through the hole. They must have heard me groaning and stopped what they were doing. The long cock came out of the persons arse and pointed straight at the hole I was looking through. I put my finger through the hole and the bloke put his cock on my finger - I stroked his knob end with my finger - I could not get much more through. He took his cock away and asked through the hole if I would like to see his cock really close up. I said yes - having forgotten about my bloke. I waited - a few minutes later there was a knock on my door - I was scared but what the hell horny as fuck. I opened the door standing there with my red panties round my ankles rubbing against my stockings and my short black leather skirt pushed up around my waist.

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I was really scared but feeling so horny I blatantly pulled my skirt up higher and pushed my pussy forward for him to see. I heard him gasp and someone behind him cough – there were a few whispers and then he pushed the door open further and moved into the cubicle standing in front of me. Although it was dark I could make out quite a tall well-built man with dark short hair wearing a denim jacket, white shirt and what looked like jeans and boots. He looked old in his 50s his after shave smelt nice and he seemed quite passive with a big smile. As I looked him up and down and my eyes grew more accustomed to the faint light I noticed his fly was open and he was stroking a really long but thin cock in front of me.
He just kept stroking his cock and looked directly at my pussy and my black suspender belt. I heard the person behind him ask if he could get a look and then a short fat older man in jogging pants came into view. He had his pants down around his bum and was holding the fattest and longest cock I had ever seen – the end of his cock was the size of a grapefruit. God it made me feel so fucking horny – two men playing with their cocks and looking me up and down.
I heard some more whispering behind the two men and my guy from the party came into view followed by one of the guys outside in jogging pants I had seen when I came in for a pee. My guy asked me if I was OK – and I said yes I was fine – by now I had moved back against the cubicle wall to give all of them a chance to see me. They all had their cocks out now and were playing with them in front of me.
I decided to give them more of a show feeling as horny as fuck I took off my sopping red silk panties and leather skirt having not had a chance to wipe my pussy from my earlier pee. I struggled to get them over my black knee length leather boots but just managed. I put my panties and skirt on the toilet seat behind me and then took off my cotton jacket and hung it on a nail by the toilet.

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   All I had on now was my boots, stockings, suspender belt satin red lacy top and black bra underneath. I turned round to face them and opened my legs a little so they could all get a good look at my pussy. They were all facing me now stroking their different sized cocks – no word was said – it was very quiet – almost a tranquil scenario.
I kept looking at the fat older mans cock and started to get very moist fantasising about what he could do to me with it! Then I undid my red lacy top and took it off hanging it over my jacket. They all watched me mesmerised but never stopped playing with their cocks. I then undid my bra and removed it from my body and hung it over my top.
I turned and faced them with one hand covering my pussy - I could hear my guy breathing really heavy he was rubbing his cock up and down pointing it at me. By this time I was too far-gone to stop anything and decided to take the upper hand. I moved away from the cubicle wall and stood with my legs apart in front of the loo leaning back slightly so the back of my boots were touching the loo and supporting me. I put one hand down and held the top of my pussy and opened my lips for them to see with my other hand.
They all moaned and moved a little closer to me it was quite a squeeze in the cubicle but we all got in somehow. My bloke moved behind the other three and closed the cubicle door and bolted it. He then stood next to after-shave man and all four of them stood in a semi circle round me wanking their beautiful cocks. I continued to play with my pussy for them – my nipples were now getting hard and I could feel droplets of cunny juice running down my leg. Someone had to make the first move I could not go on like this and wanted so much more.

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   I moved forward away from the loo and took the older fat guys prick in my hand and started to play with it. It was fucking massive I could hardly get my hand around it, especially the knob end.
He groaned as I started to wank him gently up and down and he moved closer and started to play with my tits pinching my nipples and making them even harder. I was now breathing really heavy and started to push my tits into his hands. He leaned a little closer to me and took one of my nipples in his mouth and started biting and sucking it. I continued to stroke his cock, which was now fucking massive and dripping pre cum.
The other three men moved in closer to me and joined the old fat man. I could feel hands all over my suspenders, bum, pussy and body. This was just amazing and felt incredibly good I was really getting into a sexual frenzy pushing my cunt forward for more attention and opening my legs even more for better access.
I felt a finger enter my pussy no idea who but god it felt good going in and out of my tight little hole. The fat man stopped playing with my tits and moved in to my side getting even closer.
I still wanked his cock, which was now pressing, up against my thigh pre cum dripping onto my leg. I took after shave mans cock and started wanking it he moved in closer to my body now two men were holding and playing with me and I was holding two cocks. It was a fantastic dirty feeling my mind was racing as to what would happen next.
The fat man took his cock out of my hand and put his arm around my neck and pulled me into him for a kiss.

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   He stuck his tongue into my mouth and started moving it about he tasted a bit stale but I did not care this was too good to stop. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and we started French kissing. He moved one of his hands away from my body and the next thing I felt was his finger pushing into my bum hole. I pushed back being wet there from my cunny juices and his finger sank into my bum hole as deep as he could get it. It hurt a little at first but I soon got used to it pushing back on it as hard as I could.
My bloke was standing there stroking my hair and wanking gently. After shave man moved round and knelt down in front of me his big cock sticking out like a pogo stick. He took hold of my thighs and pulled me forward my dripping pussy was now level with his mouth. I felt his hot breath around my labia lips and mons and nearly passed out with excitement. He opened my lips with his hands and stuck his tongue and lips onto my pussy then he started to suck me and tongue me going deep into my sticky pussy. I was in seventh heaven with all of this attention and wanted a lot more. As if reading my mind the fat man pushed me away from the toilet taking my hand off his cock and positioned himself behind me.
I could feel his sticky cock rubbing up and down my bum crack making me even more horny. He held onto my suspender belt tops for support and continued to rub his cock up and down my crack. After shave man stopped licking my cunt and stood up in font of me.

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   His cock was sticking out dead straight in front of him pointing at my pussy. He put one of his hands behind my head and pulled my face and head down towards his cock. Fat man held onto me from behind I was now bent over with after shave mans cock directly in front of my face and mouth. He moved forward a bit still holding on to my head and told me to open my mouth.
This was the first time anyone had said anything since entering the toilets I looked up at him and just nodded my head opening my mouth ready to receive his cock. He put his hands around my head to support it and pushed his sticky cock into my mouth nearly choking me I gagged a bit and then began to slowly suck his cock deep into my throat.
I was now used to this intrusion and let him have his way with my mouth. He was groaning as he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth his helmut was rubbing across my teeth and he seemed to love it he kept trying to push it in deeper but I kept control and only let him push it in as far as I wanted. God I was loving this a strangers cock in my mouth and an old fat mans cock rubbing up and down my bum hole.
Then I felt the old man behind me move and take his hands away from my suspenders the next thing I could feel was his tongue pushing into my bum – oh my god this was unbelievable a cock in my mouth and a tongue gently roaming my arse. I wanted more I was now becoming the slut I have always been I reached out and grabbed my blokes cock and started to wank him fast the other guy in jogging pants put his cock forward for my other hand and I stroked it as best I could.
Suddenly the old man behind me stood up and held me round my waist After shave was still pumping in and out of my mouth so I was now reasonably balanced in what was to follow. The old man lent forward and whispered in my ear and asked if he could push his cock up my bum hole. I couldn’t say anything as my mouth was full of cock so I pushed backwards against the old mans cock to give him the OK.
Now this mans cock was the biggest I have ever seen in my life I had no idea if he was going to be able to get it up me but my god I was so horny I was going to try.

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   I felt him stand up behind me and grab my waist he moved in between my legs from behind and lowered himself down a bit I could feel his sticky cock pre-cum all over my bum cheeks and legs. He moved one hand away from my waist and I felt him opening my bum cheeks and push his cock forward into the crease around my sphincter.
He then held me tightly and moved the massive bell end of his cock up against my hole. My mouth was aching from the continuous thrusting of After shave man so I took my hand off my blokes cock and took After shave mans cock out of my mouth. I slowly started to stand up the old man was a bit confused and his cock slid out of my arse crease and laid against the back of my leg. He was still hanging onto me from behind he moved his cock up a bit and opened my arse cheeks again and moved his cock forward towards the entrance of my anus.
I opened my legs a bit further and pushed back inviting him to do what ever he wanted with me. After shave man was now playing with my tits and wanking his cock over my leg. The other guy in jogging bottoms had taken his cock away from my hand and was now standing behind After shave man. He put his hands around the front of After shave man and started to unbutton his belt and top jean buttons. He then proceeded to pull down After shave mans jeans and stood close behind him. After shave man continued to wank his cock and was pushing back on jogging bottoms. I realised that this must have been the blokes I saw through the glory hole fucking earlier. Jogging bottoms moved forward and whispered something in After-shave mans ear who just nodded. Jogging bottoms bent After-shave man over and I could see his thin long cock poking over the top of his bum.

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He held onto his waist with both hands and fumbled behind him I saw his cock disappear from view and a few seconds later heard a grunt from After-shave man. I realised that Jogging bottoms now had his cock up After-shave mans arse and was moving backwards and forwards pushing his cock in and out of his bum hole. After shave man was breathing heavily and pushing back on Jogging shorts cock. The scene was incredible my bloke wanking for all he was worth, Jogging bottoms fucking After shave man and the old boy behind me rubbing his massive cock up and down my bum hole.
I motioned to my bloke to come forward he moved in front of After shave man and stood right in front of me cock sticking out like a red hot poker. I grabbed his cock and pulled him in between my legs as best I could. I tried to open my pussy so he could get his cock in; it was very difficult with the old man holding onto me from behind. I pulled away from the old man and took my blokes cock and pushed it up my cunt – waves of pleasure ran through me – as his cock moved in and out of my pussy. His cock was not that big but it was bloody hard and felt great going in and out of me he held onto my tits to get a better grip and then really started fucking me hard. I was now totally out of it and felt like a rag doll being ravaged I didn’t care what happened next anything no matter how dirty or filthy I was up for it.
The old man behind me grabbed my waist again and tried to hold onto me to get his cock into my bum. I stopped and told my bloke to keep his cock up my cunt then I told the old man that I was ready for him and to try and get his cock up my tight bum hole. He did not need asking twice and immediately opened my bum hole cheeks and pushed his massive sticky cock towards my dark hole. I felt his Helmut against my sphincter and pushed a little bit back to meet his cock end. I knew from seeing his cock earlier that this was going to hurt like hell but I really wanted it and was passed caring.

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   I could feel my blokes cock deep up my cunt pushing on my G spot making me feel like I was floating in heaven.
The sex smell in the cubicle was beyond description I savoured it and breathed it in as deeply as I could. Then I felt pressure applied to my bum hole from the old mans cock as he desperately tried to enter me. He took his cock away from my bum for a bit and I heard him spit on something then I felt his spit covered fingers lubricating my hole he also rubbed spit on his cock and then repositioned himself at the entrance to my bum hole. This time he pushed forward and I felt the pressure of his cock start to open my bum hole entrance. He continued to push and slowly but surely that massive bell end stretched my sphincter allowing it to move into my bum hole.
I cried out in pain as he finally got the first bit of his cock in me – my bloke asked if I was OK – yeah I said – don’t stop keep going. I swear the old boys cock must have been a good nine inches in length and at least 5 inches in girth – it felt like my bum hole was on fire. Don’t get me wrong I love being fucked up my arse under normal circumstances and when I am prepared for it KY jelly etc.  
The old boy kept pushing his bell end into me and it soon passed my sphincter and was enjoying its journey deep into my bowels. I just stood there with my bloke up my cunt and the old boy working his cock up my anal passage. If you have never been fucked up your bum hole girls I can sincerely recommend it the feeling once you get used to it is unbelievable. The old boy kept on pushing and I wondered how much more was going up my arse – finally I felt his balls rest against my bum cheeks – he whispered in my ear that he was now all the way up!
I pushed back just a little to get used to this anal intrusion and my bloke’s cock moved down my cunt a bit. I pushed forward and my bloke’s cock went higher up my cunt and the old boys cock moved a few inches back out of my arse hole. Now I kept moving forwards and backwards onto both the cocks inside me.

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   I could feel them both through my vaginal and arse membranes touching each other this was fucking great. My bum was now used to the old boys cock and he started to meet my backward thrusts pushing his cock deeper into my the depths of my bum. I was now panting with extreme pleasure holding onto my bloke and trying to get his cock up me as far as I could without loosing the old boy in my arse.
I had completely forgotten about the other two guys fucking behind my bloke the one with the long but thin cock was pumping harder into After-shave man who was groaning and wanking his cock for all it was worth. Suddenly After shave man shrieked and pushed his cock forward just behind my bloke who was still fucking me for all he was worth. I heard him shout that he was Cumming and the next thing I saw was great big globules of spunk shoot out of his cock onto my blokes back and arse.
My bloke seemed totally oblivious to what was going on and continued to fuck me with the old boy fucking my arse. After shave man shuddered and moved forward, his cock slowly going down in his hand – the bloke behind him seemed a bit miffed and stood there with his cock in his hand and just stared at my blokes arse. After shave man just pulled up his jeans, fastened his belt put his cock away opened the cubicle door and fucked off. The other bloke then closed and bolted the door and moved up behind my bloke – now I had no idea having met my bloke earlier whether he was straight or BI – to be honest I didn’t give fuck I was enjoying myself so much.
I didn’t really see what was happening but my bloke suddenly pushed forward for all he was worth nearly knocking me backwards as his cock shot even higher into my cunt. He grunted once and I noticed the bloke behind him holding his waist with both hands and pushing forward. I realised that he had penetrated my bloke’s arse and was now fucking him as my bloke fucked me! This was fucking unbelievable the feeling of being fucked hard up front and being taken by an old man from behind and my bloke being shagged up his arse all at the same time was too much for me. I suddenly felt the rush from my pussy through my arse to my brain and shuddered and screamed to my first climax. My juices literally squirted up around my blokes cock deep in my cunt and flowed freely down my legs and my boots.

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God I felt like a common slut being really dirty in the public toilets with these men. The old man held onto me tightly and said that’s my girl – good girl now I am going to spunk up your little tight bum hole.   I pushed back on his giant cock and felt his knob end expand inside my arse and push in deeper, he grabbed my arse cheeks and bellowed I’m going to cum now you slut – he thrust forward with all his might nearly knocking me off my blokes cock and my feet.
Then I felt it the most amazing feeling you girls can ever imagine a hot sort of liquid feeling starting deep in my bum hole and rising all the way up through my bowels to my stomach and then my pussy. He must have had the biggest pair of bollocks you have ever seen in your life full of hot salty spunk. He just kept groaning holding on to me around my waist pumping load after load of hot old mans spunk inside me. I went fucking wild pushing back as hard as I could wanting to savour every moment of this wonderful feeling.
Telling him to keep on fucking me and to keep pumping me full of his nasty dirty spunk. He just grunted a few more times and held on to me – eventually he slowed down and started to pull that massive cock thing out of my arse. I felt it’s removal from my numb bum hole as he got to the knob end he pulled quite hard and his bell end flopped out of my arse followed by gallons of hot salty spunk. The spunk literally cascaded out of my arse down my bum cheeks, back of my legs all over my boots.
My bloke was now groaning more and more with his cock pumping up my swollen pussy – I grabbed him closer and forced my swollen cunt as deep as I could onto his cock. The bloke behind him was holding him really tight thrusting his cock up his arse for all he was worth and said he was about to cum. My bloke pushed back hard and nearly slipped his cock out of my juicy pussy I grabbed him thinking no way pal I want your spunk up my swollen cunt.
I was now approaching another orgasm and pushed myself forward onto his cock as far as I could.


   He grabbed me and with a primal scream started to shoot his load up me – the bloke behind him pushed one more time up his arse and started to shoot as well.
I came like you can’t imagine juices flowing everywhere shaking with lust and quite literally fell forwards onto my bloke whose arse was now being flooded with hot spunk by the bloke behind him.
Silence fell for a while all you could hear was heavy breathing and deep panting as everyone slowly came back to their senses. The old boy stroked my hair and my sticky bum and said thank you – my bloke pulled out of my sopping pussy and held me from the front. The old boy took my black bra and passed it to me with my red lacy top, leather skirt and cotton jacket.
I dressed as best I could and then looked for my red silk panties – they had fallen to the floor so I picked them up – the old man asked if he could have them as a souvenir – for a laugh I said yes for £10. He promptly put his hand in his jogging pants and took out a £20 note and said keep the change – he then asked me to rub them in my cunt and arse. I was feeling so euphoric I said yes and rubbed them on my wet dripping pussy and bum hole for him.
He said thanks opened the cubicle door and disappeared off into the night. My bloke had pulled up his trousers and was fumbling about with his shirt the other bloke had pulled up his jogging pants and just left without saying a word.
We left the toilets hand in hand and walked over to his car – well staggered would be the operative word! – We got in and both had a cigarette – and then talked about our amazing experience – he asked me if he could take some pictures of me – well I was not going to disappoint him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See below.
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