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My wife had always told me if I took her to Greece she would wear just a g-string around. Great incentive to take a dream vacation. I booked a trip for mid August without her knowing. I planned out the whole thing, talked to her boss to get her the time off and everything. A couple days before we left I told her we should go shopping. We went to the mall and I bought her new lingerie, some clothes and shoes. Before we left I asked her if we could stop into a swimsuit shop. She said yes she needed a new swimsuit. As she was looking around I found just what I was looking for. The g-string bikinis. I asked her if she would try one on just to see how good she looked. As if I didn't already now. She has a little meat on her ass and fills a g-string to perfection. Just as anticitipated she came out looking like a million bucks. My dick went from 6'oclock to high noon in . 5 seconds.

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   She had a couple other bikinis she wanted to try on so I told her to hand me the g-string and I would put it back. After she handed it to me I rushed up to the register and paid before she came back out to model some other skimpy bikinis. I packed her bags the night before while she was still at work and put the bags in the trunk. You better believe her g-string bikini was the first thing in her luggage. That night I made dinner and we went to bed early as she thought she had to be to work for another busy day. I woke her up about an hour before we had to be at the airport and she got ready. I told her I was going to take her to work as I had the day off. As we took a different route she became suspect. I informed her of our true plans. She was so overwhelmed with joy I couldn't believe it. As we arrived in Greece we were greeted by the hotel driver. I had paid for a private cabana on a private sector of the beach. We were dropped off miles from civilization and with nobody around us. The driver took our bags to our cabana as we took in the views. It was amazing blue water, white sandy beaches, really breath taking.

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   My wife thanked me continuously for the vacation. It was mid-day when we arrived and the temperature was near 90 degrees and fairly humid. A perfect day to sit out at the beach. Our driver let us know all of our luggage was in our cabana and that he was only a phone call away. I tipped him and he left. We then made our way back to our room to unpack. My wife opened her luggage and was surprised at how little I had packed for her. I reminded her that she said she would wear just her g-string around. She looked through her things and laughed as she pulled out the g-string I had bought at the mall. Where is the top? she asked. Did I forget the top I laughed? I asked her to slip on the g-string and we could take a walk. She asked me what I was going to wear. I told her swim trunks and a tank top. My wife quickly dressed down to her g-string and was ready to go. I was ready shortly after her and we headed for the beach.

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   It was amazing the most romantic beach I had ever seen. We held hand as we made our way out to the water. I guess the whole experience paid of as my wife let me know how horny she was walking around in just her bottoms and having her tits just hanging out.

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