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Kelly is a tall thin blonde. She is about 5'8" with D cup breasts, a flat stomach from working out, and a smokin' ass. One day while Kelly is at her bf's house, they have another fight. They always seem to fight and never have any fun any more Kelly thinks to herself after leaving for work. Kelly works at a fancy lingerie store in the city.   
It’s a dull day at work as usual Kelly thinks after she has been there for a few hours, when suddenly a red Ferrari catches everyone’s attention as it parks right in front. Kelly is looking out at the car and sees a good looking young guy step out. The guy comes in and starts looking around the store. Kelly thinks he is really cute and to get back at her bf, she intends to walk over and flirt with him. So she goes over and asks him if she can help him find anything. He says Well actually I was looking for a gift for someone. Is there anything you prefer?     
Kelly sees this as a perfect opportunity to flirt so she goes around the store showing him different thongs and lingerie that she has. She knows he likes it because he keeps glancing down at her breasts in a low cut shirt through his Oakleys. Then she says follow me to the back where we keep our finest lingerie and he agrees to follow her. She goes through a door and tells him to wait outside for a moment. He does so and in a few minutes she calls to him to come in.

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He enters a dimly lit room and sees Kelly standing in front of him in nothing but a see through black bra with matching g string and black heels. He lowers his sunglasses and scans his eyes all up and down her nicely tanned and toned body. After a few minutes of silence he just utters Nice. Kelly is actually quite turned on by now and thinks forget my bf im just gonna have as much fun as I can its been so long since I got any action.
Kelly walks over to Gregg and kisses him very passionately. As she is unbuttoning his shirt he undoes her bra. He pulls it off to expose her large tan perky breasts with her nipples hard. His shirt comes off and he is very muscular and in shape. Kelly gets more horny after glancing down and seeing a bulge in his jeans. They kiss a little more with him massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples as she works his belt off and undoes his pants. She starts kissing his neck down his chest and abs until she is on her knees. She can tell that he is fully erect now from the bulge in his pants.
In one swift movement, she jerks his pants down and the largest cock she has ever seen flops out right in front of her. It must have been ten inches long. She just sits there and stares in awe for about thirty seconds.

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   Then she is brought back to reality when he sticks it in her open mouth. It’s the best thing she has ever tasted as she slowly licks all over this monster cock. He then puts his hand on the back of her head and pushes her mouth farther down his shaft. He continues to push harder and she is now almost choking but she loves the taste. He continues to go in and out of her mouth over and over. He tenses up and she knows he is going to cum and gets ready to taste his glorious cum. But suddenly he pulls it out of her mouth.
Then to her surprise and pleasure he picks her up and sets her on a tall box and she spreads her legs around him and he starts rubbing his cock on the outside of her pussy. This drives her mad and her mind thinks back to her bf. She didn’t want to cheat but her pussy craved a cock so much and she hadn’t been banged in so long she just let him do what he wanted. She planned to end it with her bf after this meeting with Gregg. She kicks her shoes off and takes off her g string and spreads her legs to expose her hairless tight wet pussy. She notices some more pre cum dripping down his shaft as he continues to rub against her wet hole and clit. In her mind she is begging him to thrust it in but he just keeps rubbing, teasing her.
He then starts to try to push his huge cock in but it doesn’t seem to fit.

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   Kelly’s bf had only six inches and this one was almost twice as long and easily twice in diameter. Kelly is begging it to fit and finally he gets the head in. Kelly moans in pleasure and pain. Even though it hurts being stretched by this monster, she loves it. He goes a little farther in and Kelly screams. She cant help it. Only bout halfway in, he slowly starts thrusting in and out. Kelly can feel her pussy being stretched, but that just makes her love it more as she cums. He know she came and he stops for a moment. He wraps one arm around her to hold her still and slowly starts shoving his cock deeper and deeper in her tight pussy. She is screaming/moaning as he does this.
Finally, he gets it all the way in and she looks down, panting. She sees her belly bulging as his cock is so big in her. He starts thrusting again as she cums again. She feels exhausted but still horny.

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   She just lays back and relaxes as he grabs her legs and spreads them and continues to ram his cock deep in her soft wet pussy. After having several orgasms, she feels him stop and suddenly her pussy is flooded with his hot thick cum. She cant believe how much cum he is pumping in her. As he pulls out his cock it is soaked with cum and her pussy juice. The feeling of his warm cum feels great in her pussy as some of it slowly drips out and runs down her leg. She goes down and licks his cock clean. She keeps his cum in her pussy as she puts her clothes back on. He gets dresses and leaves but leaves her his number. As a way of breaking up with her bf, Kelly sends him a copy of the tape out of the security camera of her and Gregg.

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