End of Year Work Party

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Vicky is hot! Every time I saw her in the corridor at work my eyes would wander over her body. She enjoys my wandering gaze. Vicky has light brown hair, blue eyes, a gorgeous smile, shapely breasts and is quite slim. She often wears fitting trousers which hug her ass and I am absolutely sure she often goes without panties.
She frequently visits me in my office and is always friendly and slightly flirty. Her laugh is infectious. When she leaves my office she always leaves a nice fragrance in the air which is driving me crazy.
It was the night of the party. I had been lusting after Vicky for over a year now. It was a pretty normal party with half the staff there having a few drinks and some food. I was socializing with all the staff and keen to have a good time. I knocked back the drinks as it had been a busy year and I wanted to let my hair down.
Late in the evening I ended up sitting beside Vicky and having a good old laugh. She was wearing a tight fitting top, which showed off her breasts nicely, and her tight trousers and low heels.
I sensed her interest in me and kept up the flirty behaviour we were accustomed to. A smaller group were about to break from the party and head to a club.

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   Vicky was encouraging me to come so I jumped in a cab with the others and headed to the club.
I was sitting against Vicky. Her leg was rubbing against mine and getting me rather wound up. Her breath was on my face when she talked to me.
At the club I got in the drinks and some people hit the dance floor. Vicky and I stayed sitting at a booth and talked. Her hand brushed my thigh and instead of letting it pass I took her hand and held it. I looked at her and made my intentions clear.
We hit the dance floor and danced closely together. The others in the group had slowly left the floor and said there farewells before leaving the club. As Vicky and I are both in relationships we had to make sure that no-one was aware of our attraction.
The corner of the club is very dark. We moved into the corner with her back to the wall and I slid my hand up the front of her top. No bra so it was easy for me to caress her breast and play with her hard nipples. As we kissed she groaned.


My cock was hard and pressed up against her. She started gyrating against my stiff cock which was driving me wild. Our tongues met and we kissed harder and more hungrily. I unbuttoned the top of her pants giving me the room to slip my hand in the front. As I had hoped, no panties. A small tuft of hair then a slick, hot, wet cunt.
My fingers easily slid between her lips. I love pussy so I removed my hand, sniffed my fingers (god she smelt good), and then licked them.
I led her to the very dark outside courtyard. Many people were sitting around talking and drinking. Music was playing.
We went to a corner and continued where we had left off. My fingers sliding over her pussy, teasing her clit, and dipping into her cunt. All this time we were kissing and she was grinding against my hand. She reached to the front of my jeans, unbuttoned me and stroked my cock.

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   She rubbed the wet tip with her thumb driving me wild. She slid her pants down enough to part her legs and guiding the head of my cock to her wet pussy. She proceeded to rub my cock between her lips. I was so aroused now that I thrust forward entering her.
Her tightness engulfed my hard cock. People were talking and laughing all around us. I am sure some people were able to just make out what we were doing.
Our movements were constrained by our position and clothing yet we were able to get enough movement to build up the passion. My cock was throbbing, her cunt hot and soaking. I raised her top and sucked her nipples in turn, nibbling and teasing. Her breathing quickened, we kissed and tongued each other some more and she whispered ‘fuck me, fuck me harder, I about to come!’ I moved more forcefully, feeling my own orgasm approaching.
She tensed up, whispered ‘yes, yes, yes’ and came with a force that brought on my own orgasm. My cock throbbed and I exploded deep inside her pussy, my cum pumping and pumping. We caught our breaths, kissed some more and held each other and when more cock slid out of her soaked cunt we quickly rearranged our clothes and left the club. People in the courtyard cheered as we walked past.

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