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Not wanting to be seen at this point, I ducked until the person passed. Convinced that I wasn't seen, I continued with my romp. A few minutes later, I notice another golf ball, so I stoop to pick it up, when suddenly, I hear voices coming toward me. I look around and notice a group of people closing in on me. I try to run, but my flipflops don't allow me to move too fast, and before I could get very far, I was surrounded. Realizing I was caught with my pants down, I anticipated the cops to be swarming in any minute. By their voices, I could tell these were young men of college age. I can hear them discussing what to do with me, when finally one of them spoke to me. Well, he said, we have a problem here. Do we kick your perverted ass, or call the cops? I just stood there, silently thinking to myself. I didn't want any part of jail, and I sure didn't want to get beat up, so I just hoped there was another way out of this. I finally blurted out, no cops please, and another voice, yelled out, maybe he likes to suck big dick. Yeah, another voice called out, maybe we should make him suck all our dicks. Anything is better than going to jail, I thought to myself, and suddenly my fantasy dawned on me. I then offered to do anything they wanted me to, just don't call the cops. Alright, came the reply, you can start with me.

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   With that, the first guy approached me, unzipping his shorts as he neared me. I never sucked a cock before, but, considering the alternatives, I didn't hesitate. My own cock was harder than ever, as I took the young cock into my mouth. It didn't take him long to shoot his spunk all over my face, and another took his place. The others now closed in on me as a group, and I felt hands and cocks rubbing all over me. Then a cock began to press against my ass until it made it's way in. I was sucking two cocks at once now, and with my ass filled with another, I realized my fantasy had become a reality. Delirious now with exctasy, I gulped down loads of spunk, like it was water, until all the cocks ran dry. As the last one deposited his spunk into my ass, my own cock erupted, spurting spunk all over the fairway. One of the few times I actually hit a shot on the fairway. As they departed, I gathered myself and headed for home, well spent and exhausted. Be sure to check out the forums for more great stories http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. phpor our new story site http://www.

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