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The hot Summer sun has set and the stars are emerging, moonlight filling the warmth of the night air. The two of them are standing besides a flickering fire in the middle of a big field. Suddenly, above them there's bangs and bursts of light. The fireworks have begun now. More people gather by the fire to watch the display of lights explode in the sky. She's starting to feel the emotion of such a beautiful display, andmoves over to stand in front of her boyfriend. He lovingly wraps his arms around her and she leans back against him, her head resting against his shoulder as they gaze up into the sky. They stand there, watching the array of colors s . With him holding her so sh With him holding her so close she can feel his heart beating against her back, and he can smell the sweet aroma of her lightly scented perfume. Breathing deep, he leans his head down towards her to kiss the top of her head. She looks up and smiles. So, he lowers his head down again, this time kissing her lightly on her neck. He feels her shudder a little, so he does it again, just as light as before. She slides her hand behind her and cups it over his crotch. With this sign he slides his hand up and under her shirt, laying his hand just under her bra and leans in towards her again, this time almost biting her neck. At this point she turns quickly to face him.

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   With her chest pressed against his she embraces him with a passionate kiss. He breaks away from the kiss and whispers in her ear “ I want you now !” Looking up at him, eyes glowing not only from the lights of the night sky, but with added passion of what's happening, she asks “ But how can we with all these people around?” He nods his head towards the woods surrounding the field. Giggling, she starts moving away from him and heading towards a semi lit section of trees. Dark enough that no one should be able to see them, but not pitch dark so they can't see each other. Following right after her he hears someone call his name, not even looking back he yells, “She's sick, give me a minute. ” Both of them slip out of sight behind the trees. She's still giggling away but soon stops as he grabs her in his arms pulling her close to him. Reaching his arms down and pulling her shirt up and over her head, he unhooks her bra and exposes her breasts to the night air. They are so perky and full that he can't resist burying his face in them, kissing over the softness of her skin and nibbling on the nipples. Her hand lightly massaging his back as the passion becomes more intense, she starts pushing down against his back wanting him to start moving his kisses lower. Not wanting to disappoint her, he runs his tongue down off her breasts, across her belly, and around her navel, playing with her navel ring. By this point she can feel herself getting wet in anticipation, knowing how close his tongue is getting to her clit. She steps back a little to lean herself against a tree, dropping her shorts down, no panties underneath just pure pulsing pussy, and says, “Eat me. ” With a big smile on his face, he drops onto his knees, his hand gently spreading her legs, then her lips and diving his tongue deep inside her warm, juicy pussy. Enjoying her wetness as he sucks it up, his tongue tingles with pleasure.

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   Her body starting to tense a little as she pants and groans, she rests her hands on his shoulders, ready for the climax so she can clench onto him. Her grip tightens and her groans turn to squeals of pleasure. Still, the night sky is filled with the explosion of lights and sound, and as loudest bang of all fills the air, she groans, “Oh fuck!” She's gripping his shoulders so tightly he can actually feel her nails digging into his skin through the material of the shirt. There's so much warm, juicy wetness from her cum, his tongue is just swimming in it. Slowing the motions of his tongue little by little, her climax comes to an end. He gently kisses over the lips of her pussy then slowly back up her belly, stopping at her breasts again, nipples so hard and round he can't help but give them light nibble. Kissing back down her belly then flicking his tongue over her still aroused clit, he reaches his hand down on the ground, finding her shorts. “We better get back out there now, “ he says. “Really? Are you sure ?” She replies. “Yes, we can continue this later when we get back home, I just couldn't resist the temptation of you” he say's. She slips back into her shorts then, finding her bra and shirt, finishes getting dressed. They walk out together hand in hand. “Feeling OK now?” they hear their friend say. “Yes, much," she says with a little smirk. They all walk back over to the fire and finish watching the display's finale.

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