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Brian reached down and lifted off my shirt, and there I was in front of everyone, naked on top and my nipples were hard and standing out a mile. I had never done anything like that in public before, and it gave me a real rush. I thought I was really hot before, but this really got me steaming. He began to suck my tits, pinching and pulling the nipple that he wasn't sucking. My breath was coming a lot faster now, and we were beginning to get a bit of attention. Then he reached down, stroked my pussy a few times through my shorts, then unfastened them and lowered them to my feet. I stepped out of them happily, now totally naked and just as totally turned on. God, what a wonderful feeling of freedom! At that moment I never wanted to wear clothes again. He kissed me once again, while sliding his fingers through my now very wet pussy and flicking my clit. God, I wanted to be fucked! But he wasn't ready for that yet. "Lie back and I'll really make it feel nice," he whispered. But I whispered back, "Hey, if I'm gonna be naked you need to be, too. " He grinned and started to remove his shirt while I worked on his pants. He hadn't left off the underwear like I did, and the shorts had a lovely tent in the front. I squeezed his dick through the shorts and ran my hand up and down a few times to tease him before finally lowering them to the floor. That beautiful tool of his was standing out straight and looking me right in the eye.

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   I couldn't resist putting it into my mouth and playing lollypop with it awhile. I would gladly have sucked him to orgasm right there, but he didn't want to cum yet. He finally pulled back a bit and indicated for me to lie back on the couch. A crowd was gathering around us and urging us on. We didn't need any urging. This wasn't the first time that he had eaten my pussy and I knew what a treat I was in for. He knew how to please a woman and it didn't matter that we were doing it in front of a crowd. We were the center of attention now, of course, and he made his tongue slide and dance on my pussy, flicking my clit, tongue-fucking me, sending me to one orgasm after another. I've never understood how he can get his tongue so far into my pussy, but it's a real turn-on. I was breathless, but finally I sat up and told him, "Your turn. " He stood up and I knelt in front of him and took that lovely tool into my mouth. It was drooling pre-come, of course, and tasted wonderful. I sipped it a bit, rolled my tongue around the head, then took it deep. He loves that. I relaxed my throat and took it all in, letting it be a pussy with a tongue in it.

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   I moved it in and out, sucking, blowing, licking, and making him bounce around like he did to me. I have a pretty talented tongue myself, and saw to it that he enjoyed it. I knew he wasn't very far from coming, but he raised me up and whispered, "They'll love this. " Then he lifted me up and turned me around so that I was upside down, with my thighs across his shoulders and my pussy right in front of his mouth. Did I mention that he does a lot of weight-lifting and is incredibly strong? He plastered his mouth to my cunt and began to devour it with no pretense of anything but raw sexual urge, lapping and kissing and sucking it like a madman. Since I was upside down, his dick was jutting out beautifully toward my face, so the only reasonable thing to do was to take it into my mouth and suck, and that's what I did. I was right; he was very near coming, and just a little sucking started him spurting. Trouble was, I was upside down and it choked me. I had to let his dick out of my mouth and just watched it, spurt after lovely spurt going straight out. Finally I got it back and caught the last couple of streams. The crowd was chanting for more now and everything was extremely loud. Even he got a little weak in the knees at that point, but he had one more trick for our audience. He let me down to the floor, then lifted me up and slipped my pussy onto his still-hard dick. I couldn't believe it. He moved me up and down, fucking me vertically, until I was almost delirious.

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   As exhausted and sore as I was, I still had a couple more orgasms. Finally he climaxed again, shooting his cum into me over and over. By the time he finally let me down it was running down both legs and I thought I could sleep for a week. Brian and I both collapsed onto one of the sofas, still naked. I looked around and saw that about half of those couples who were "doing a bit of petting" were now undressed and enjoying each other's bodies. Others were missing and I guessed that they had gone up to the guy's room for more private lovemaking. And if there was a male who didn't have his dick out or at least have a bulge in his pants, I didn't see him. We were still getting some attention, since my naked tits were still standing up proudly and my pussy and thighs had a heavy coat of cum. And Brian's half-soft cock still glistened with a mixture of his cum and mine. A couple of girls were looking at it and seemed to be thinking how nice it would be to clean it up for him. It basically turned into an orgy and I got fucked 3 more times that night by other guys and had my pussy sucked by a couple of girls. I believe Brian got laid at least twice more, too. Man, talk about sexual satisfaction! I can't wait for their next party. His StoryOur fraternity was throwing a party and since we didn't have a guest sorority this time, I invited Jenny. She's a sweet and lovely babe, 5'2", maybe 105 pounds, and the nicest ass and 32C tits that you will ever see.

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   We'd dated a few times and spent a bit of bed time together, and I knew that she'd be cool whichever way the party went tonight. Sometimes our parties get a little out of hand, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I picked her up at her apartment around 9:30. God, did she look hot! A tiny t-shirt that looked like it belonged to her 8-year-old sister, shorts that probably did, and no bra at all. Those lovely tits looked firm enough to punch holes in steel plate. Right at that moment, what I really wanted was to take her back to her bedroom and fuck her brains out. But being the gentleman that I am (most of the time) I kissed her lightly, ushered her to the car, and drove over to the house. The party was going pretty well when we got there, lots of booze and everyone getting into it. Might be a good evening. I got us some drinks and we did the usual party stuff, mingling, chatting, dancing, telling dirty jokes, trying to get the girls to undress, you know, the infantile shit that goes on everywhere. No question that everyone was drinking, 'cause the party got louder and louder by the minute. And Jenny was putting plenty of alcohol into that sweet petite body of hers. No problem, her business, you know? Again, she's a sweet date. Along about midnight I went over to get us fresh drinks and noticed a couple behind one of the couches. They had abandoned all pretense of socializing and he had her pants down and a couple of fingers in her pussy.

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   There was a good bit of pre-sexual stuff going on around the room. I have to admit, it caused a more than a few twitches in the groin area. I took the drinks back, though, and we finished them fairly quickly and got up for a slow dance. She's a beauty on the dance floor, too; melts into a guy. As we were dancing she snuggled into me and I gave her a little kiss. Gentle, just being nice. Suddenly the girl plastered her body to mine and started sucking mouth big-time. I had no idea what got into her, but it was raising the flagpole quickly and I answered the same way. Hard kiss and I began fondling her tits. She responded by working my hardon a while, and it was pretty clear what she wanted. This gave me an idea. Now I am a sorta exhibitionistic type, and one of my fantasies has always been to fuck a girl in front of a crowd. Never thought it would happen for real, but it seemed like she might be in a mood to give it a try. I whispered to her, "Hey, want to give them a real treat tonight?" She didn't let go of my mouth for an instant, just nodded. I think she would have fucked a horse at that moment.

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  I kept kissing her. I love kissing. To me it's as exciting as genital contact. A good kiss makes my dick so hard that it hurts. I also gave her tits a good going over, pinching and pulling the nipples and finally pulling the shirt off so I could suck them. Yeah, they're really nice tits. As I was working her tits I let my hand stray to her pussy and massaged it a bit through the shorts. After a while we got rid of them, too, and I had one naked horny babe on my hands. If she minded being naked in front of all of those people she certainly didn't show it. I tried to lay her back on the couch and suck her pussy, but she wanted me naked, too. Well hell, that's part of the fantasy, so I had no problem. I took off my shirt while she got the pants. She played with my tool a bit before she took off my shorts, but that's OK. Let 'em wait to see my boner. Yeah, we had a pretty good crowd watching by that point, yelling encouragement at us.

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   And probably half of the guys were beatin' their dicks as hard as they could. I felt great. She wanted to suck on it a bit, but I didn't let her do too much. Didn't want to cum 'til we had some real fun. So she lay back on the couch and opened her legs. She shaves her pussy and it's one of the neat kind with a modest size clit and pussy lips that don't stick out all over the place. Pretty pussy. I stuck my head in there and boy, did she smell nice. If kissing didn't get my dick pointing at my chin, smelling pussy would. I teased her awhile, though, kissing and licking all around it without actually touching it. She got so frantic that she tried to frig herself while I was doing it, but no go; I held her hands so that she couldn't do that. She was bouncing up and down and almost broke my nose. I finally did get into her cunt, though, tongue-fucking her and sucking her clit. I lost count of her orgasms. Finally she raised up and said she wanted to do me, so we switched and she knelt in front of me and began sucking me.

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   The girl's good, really good. Her mouth and tongue know just what to do to make a man happy, and I was loving it. But it looked like I was going to cum and I still wasn't ready for that. I lifted her up and over my shoulders so we could do a vertical 69. I laid into her cunt and she did the same with my dick and after she had a few more orgasms I started to shoot. By this time I was frantic, too, and it felt wonderful. She got choked and couldn't hold it, though, so I wasted most of it on the floor. She caught the last bit, I think. OK, one more little bit of the fantasy. I put her down upright and lifted her onto my cock. It was still hard enough to fuck, so I moved her up and down and around for a few minutes until she had her last orgasm and I shot it one more time. Gotta tell you, we were pooped after that. We both flopped back onto a couch to recover. There was some other sexual activity going on in the room but nothing like what we did. We were still naked, of course, and for some reason I never really did get soft.

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   As I was lying there I thought about the girls looking at my dick, coated with my sperm and her juices, and I started to get hard again. I didn't touch it, though, just lay back and let them look at my erection pointing at my navel. Eventually Jenny went to the john and one of the other girls got the courage to come over and ask me to let her lick me clean. Shit, who was I to argue? She was in bra and panties and played with her pussy while she did it, but she never did take her panties off. Sorta hoping she would; I would like to have gotten a piece of that, too. It wasn't a lost cause, though. Before I took Jenny home she got fucked a few more times and I found a couple more willing girls myself. It was one of the good parties and I'll sure as hell keep Jenny in mind when the next one rolls around. .

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