I Love College Towns - Ch. 5

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But I didn't know anything about her. What was her favorite movie? What were her hobbies? Where was she born?What was her college major?The questions started to overcome me. But the worst? What if she was only in it for the fun? Honestly speaking, this wasn't what anyone could call a 'normal' relationship. So, how could I find out if she felt the same way? I'd have to come up with a plan. "Just enjoy her presence, for tonight. " I told myself, disregarding the thoughts I'd been plagued with. --We'd left the club at around 2:30, and were soon on our way home. The drive back from Dallas was a long one, and I spent most of it in the back seat, with Julia's head resting in my lap. I was still having problems accepting the fact that I'd admitted to myself that I loved her, but had gone on with the decision to ignore all of that, for now. "Let's stop off and grab a bite to eat. " Lisa suggested, as we reached a medium-sized town, about 15 miles away from home. Stephanie agreed with her, and in no time at all, we had pulled into the parking lot of a local Denny's. I gently woke up Julia, and the four of us piled out of the car, and walked single-file into the restaraunt. Of course, the only patrons within were stoners or drunks, and we were no exception. Within moments, we were shown to our table, and had ordered. Before long, our food was brought to us.

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   Why we were still hungry after the meal we'd eaten at the club was beyond me, but I wasn't going to turn down food. "So what did you think of tonight, James?" Stephanie asked, grinning at me from behind her plate. The flourescent light eased through her fiery red hair, and her eyes were gleaming. "Pretty damn slick. " I replied, between chewing and swallowing. "It's been a hell of a night. " I finished, before spearing another bite of food, with my fork. "So we saw. " Lisa giggled, Stephanie joining her. After a beat, I noticed that Julia has begun to blush. I was lost. "Huh?" I asked, more like grunted. This erupted all three girls into an echoing laughter within the building. Julia buried her face in her hands, and Lisa fought to keep from choking. "They saw us in the recliner.

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  " Julia said, still blushing behind her hands. I stopped in mid-chew, not sure what to say. After a second, I disregarded it. "So? Nothing you haven't seen before. " I said, trying to sound non-chalant. The girls seemed impressed by my response. Julia grinned at me from the other side of the wrap-around corner table, just as I felt the touch of something against the crotch of my jeans. It was a foot. Playing it cool, I continued eating, as I looked over the girls faces. Each one was still eating, occasionally glancing at me. I had no idea which girl it was. At this point, I didn't care. This foot was now steadily massaging my cock, through my jeans, and within moments, I could feel my hard-on, pushing back through my jeans. As I took another bite of my food, I could feel the warm sensation of my erection, and the pleasure that it was receiving, by whoever's foot this was. I closed my eyes momentarily, while chewing, to enjoy it.

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   I could feel this foot, sliding itself against the fabric of my jeans, beneath the table. Accidentally, I let a small moan escape. I quickly opened my eyes, to find out if anyone had noticed. Lisa smiled at me, but Stephanie and Julia were busy eating their meals. But wait. . . Blushing, Lisa was smirking at me, as she politely used her napkin to wipe her mouth, still full of food. Was it? It was! With an "accidental" drop of my silverware, and a glance under the table, I traced the foot to Lisa. The sight of her long leg was beautiful, as it stretched out, spanning the void between our seats. Her stocking clung to the thin outline of her leg, it's dark-rose coloring only serving to hieghten it's beauty. Slowly, I raised up, spoon in hand, re-taking my place in my seat. No one was suspicious. No one but Lisa, who's known what I'd seen. Her smirk evolved into a mischeivious grin, as her dark brown hair curved in, around her cheeks, reaching the length of her face, and coming to an end at her jaw.

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  Flattered, but uncomfortable with my situation, I smiled back at her, and winked in a playful tone, before excusing myself to the restroom. As I walked away from the table, I could hear Lisa tell the group that she, too, needed to be excused. This wasn't what I'd had in mind. --I entered the men's bathroom, and took care of my business. As I walked up to the sink, I no sooner turned the faucet on, before the door crept open, and Lisa's beautiful figure came walking into the room. Her short dark hair tossed, gently, in the breeze, as she strolled up beside me. Her silken black dress clung to her figure, serving as garnish for the entree. She was eye candy. She'd entered the men's room for a reason, and although it was extremely tempting, I felt an obligation to Julia, not to touch Lisa. Although we weren't committed, my mind still told me that if I really loved her, I wouldn't get into this situation. I watched, in awe, as Lisa silently brushed the spaghetti straps of her dress from her soft shoulders. Gravity took hold, and the top of her dress fell, exposing her beautiful breasts. I was speechless. Her smile, her dress. .

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  . her body, was stunning. Though I tried, I couldn't seem to speak. With careful precision, she approached me. Her slow steps made the situation feel like a dream. Every step seemed to take an eternity, and I could feel my heart beating within my chest. Finally reaching the spot where I was standing, her hand silently found the faucet, and she turned the water off. I couldn't control myself any longer. My hands reached for her, sending an electric sensation down my spine as my fingers met her soft skin. This was all the invitation she needed, as she stepped forward, pushing her lips to mine. Every movement was filled with importance, as our hands touched and explored each other's body, our lips locked in a dance that seemed more like a ritual. The buttons of my shirt were let loose, one by one, and as she opened my shirt, she leaned into me. The feel of her naked breasts against my chest was intoxicating, as I wrapped my arms around her, picking her up. Her legs spread, pushing her skirt up to her waist. She wrapped them around me, as I sat her on the counter.

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   Still kissing me, passionately, her hands quickly reached my crotch, and I felt my zipper give way. My bulge sprung from my jeans, allowing them to fall to the floor. My hand reached between her silk-like thighs, partially covered by the rose-colors stockings she'd had on. I grasped the crotch of her panties, and ripped them from her, before dropping to my knees. My toungue met her shaven pussy, as I began lapping at her, hungrily. Her hands breezed through my hair, as a moan eropted from her lips. My hands reached under her legs, and firmly, I cupped them around the curve of her supple ass. Her head tilted upward, as I licked at her with the ferocity of an animal. Her taste was warm and sweet. Her legs came to rest over my shoulders, and locked behind my neck. Her hand tightened around handfuls of my hair. And then, my toungue had found what it had been searching for. Her soft moans turned to squeals, as her legs and hands held me in place, bucking her hips wildly, in front of me. My toungue fluttered over her clit, as she began fucking my mouth. Within moments, her body collapsed across the counter, as she erupted in massive orgasm.

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   This was my que. I rose to my feet, looking at her weary face. She was fighting to regain her breath. I refused to give her the chance, and took my dick into my hand. Her eyes widened, as I thrust it into her. "Oh, shit!" She gasped, as her body tensed. "Motherfucker!" She exclaimed, before her eyes focused on me. Her hands were grasping the edge of the counter so tightly that her knuckles were white. Slowly, I pulled my dick from within her, before slamming it back into her with more force than before. This time, she couldn't speak. Her lack of breath wouldn't allow it. I raised my pace, and before long, my throbbing cock was pounding in and out of her sweet body with thunderous slams. Her body shook across the counter, as her eyes stayed locked on mine. Her mouth hung open with the shock of my ravaging touch. My hands wrapped around her, pulling her to a sitting position.

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   I worked myself in and out of her tight cunt, feeling my balls slap against her tiny exposed asshole. Her arms wrapped around my neck, and held on for dear life. I could feel her wetness run down my balls, and trinkle down my legs. By now, I felt the inevitable. She had gained enough breath to speak, but the only thing that seemed to escape her lips was "Ohh, ohh, ohh, oh, oh!" With that, I slid my hands under her ass, and picked her up. Her thighs hung open, draped over my arms, as I used my strength to slam her down, onto me. Her hands held my neck, and I stared into her eyes, as tears began to form. I backed her into the wall, as I felt my balls retract. With a final violent thrust, I felt my pulsing cock explode inside her womb. Her eyes widened once more, and her breathing stopped, as her body slammed wildly into the wall. She was lost in her own orgasm, as well. Tears streamed down her face, and after a moment, her breathing started again. --Amazingly, no one suspected a thing, when we returned to the table. Soon, we paid the bill, and left. On the ride home, we were all silent.

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   But now, I couldn't help but be lost in thought. What started this with Lisa? Will she tell Julia? How will tonight's events affect her, when I tell her that I love her? I would just have to get her alone with me. It was about 5:15a. m. when we pulled into my apartment complex. I said goodnight to the girls, giving them each a kiss, and went inside my apartment. As I removed my clothing, preparing for bed, the memories of what had happened tonight made me smile. Regardless of the consequences, I had enjoyed myself. I honestly couldn't complain. I laid in bed, smoking the day's last cigarette, and thinking about what had happened. After a moment, I reached beside the bed, and grabbed the jeans that I had taken off. I began pulling a piece of cloth that I had stuffed into the right pocket, earlier. I threw the jeans back down, and looked at what was in my hand. It was the panties I'd ripped from Lisa. I smiled, and went on to sleep, hoping to get at least a few hours before work, tomorrow.

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