I Love College Towns - Ch. 6

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"May I ask what the complaints were regarding, sir?""Your serious lack in customer service!" He yelled. My eyes left his, and scanned across the managerial office of the Wal-Mart store, as I sighed. My hand rubbed my chin, feeling the stubble that was growing, along it. "The only thing I can do, Kevin, is to apologize for my actions and not to let them happen again. Other than that, what do you want?" I finally said to him, now getting seriously frustrated, both by his tone and my painful hangover. "I'll tell you what I want, James. I want you out of here. I don't think faggots should be working for this store. " He told me, in a low, quiet voice, so as not to be heard by any party outside the office. "Excuse me?" was the only thing I could say. I was in complete shock with what had just been said. "You heard me, Mr. Jacobs. If you were straight, you wouldn't be working in the goddamn fabric department. Now, if I had my way, I'd fire your stupid ass and have you out of here. But since I don't have the authority to fire you, all I can do is give you a write-up, and hope to build enough against you to have the Store Manager fire you.

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  "My mind was racing. I wanted to get up and knock the shit out of the guy. It took me a moment to regain my composure, before taking a deep breath. Of course, since Kevin liked hearing himself speak, he had to continue talking. "Oh, and Mr. Jacobs? Feel free to tell anyone you want about what was said in this office, tonight. Because when you do, you will be fired for instigating workplace gossip. Not like anyone'd believe you, anyway. No witnesses, your word against mine. " He grinned. Beautiful. Now he'd pissed me off. I rose from my chair and straightened my blue vest. Kevin stared at me as I cleared my throat and walked towards the door. "So you can't fire me, huh? That's too bad.

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   Because since the rumor's obviously out that I'm gay, I guess you look like my butt-buddy, sitting in the office alone with me, with the door closed. " I said back to him, smiling politely. "Do what? Oh, you're in for it now, Mr. Jacobs!" He said, rising from his chair. "In for what? A beating? Or are you going to report this? Just keep in mind that it's your word against mine. " I growled to him, as I reached for the doorknob. "You know. . . no witnesses. " I finished, before walking out. My late night with the girls had gotten me into trouble with one of my bosses, who apparently already had a stick shoved up his ass. Silently, I walked down the back hall, before heading back to my department. God, that guy pissed me off. Oh well, if nothing else, I got over my hangover when I told him off.

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   Now, I just had three hours left to work, and I was out of there. I looked at my watch, and it read 7:45. Time for a break. --I walked into the smoker's lounge, lighting a cigarette, when I noticed someone sitting at my table. He was a slightly well-built guy, a little bigger than me, with a goatee. I looked at his nametag. "BRIAN -- Associate In Training!"I took a seat across from him. "New guy, huh?" I asked, taking a deep drag from my cigarette. "Yeah. First day on the job. " He answered, as he nursed an odd-looking black cigarette. It caught my attention, as I'd never seen one before. "What're you smoking?" I inquired, trying to break the ice. Before he answered, he took a deep drag off of it, and blew a cloud of smoke into the air. It smelt more fragrant than a swisher cigar, but not as sweet as a black & mild.

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   "Clove cigarette. Want one?" He asked, smiling. I raised an eyebrow. "Sure. " I answered, as he pulled one from his pack. I took it and put it into my pack of cigarettes, saving it for later. "I started smoking these about a year ago. They're real cheap and pretty good. Only problem is, they kill your sense of taste and smell for about an hour after smoking one. " He said, before taking another drag. "So what department do you work in?" He asked. "Don't ask. " I answered, as I heard footsteps enter the non-smoking side of the breakroom. It was Kevin. "Oh shit.

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  " I thought, aloud. "What?" Brian asked, looking to see what I was looking at. Kevin glared at me through the plexi-glass that divided our section from theirs. If looks could kill, I'd be as dead as a door nail. To be a smart ass, I smiled and waved at him. He took his seat and picked up a newspaper, using it to help him ignore me. "Oh, shit. He looks pissed at you. " Brian chuckled. "What did you do?""Put him in his place. What time is it?" I answered, before realizing that my break was probably up. "7:59. "I was right. --Later that night, as I clocked out and headed for the door, Kevin never stopped glaring at me, even when there were dozens of other associates walking past him, out the front door. It didn't help matters that I blew him a kiss as I passed him.

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  As I got outside, several car engines began starting, as the associates who'd walked out the door before me, were all leaving. I turned and began walking home, before noticing a car in the parking lot that I didn't recognize. It was a small black car, that looked a little bit like a Mazda. It was hard to tell, in the dark. It's windows were tinted black. I started to worry, as the engine on the car started. No one had walked near that car. I continued down my path, as it started creeping toward me. It's headlights came on, as it pulled up alongside me, and stopped. I didn't know what to expect, and prepared myself to fight, if I had to. Slowly, the passenger-side window rolled down. Before I knew it, I was looking at Lisa's beautiful face, smiling back at me. "Get in, cutie. " She said, seductively. When I got in the car, I noticed that nobody was with her.

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   Lisa and I were by ourselves. That's when the awkwardness set in. As lovely as Lisa was, how could I have fucked her after admitting to myself how much I loved Julia? I closed the door, and Lisa began driving. "Where're we going?" I asked, as a sat my work uniform in my lap. She gave me a wicked grin. "You're mine, tonight, baby. " She answered, as her hand reached across the car, throwing the blue Wal-Mart vest to the floorboard, and resting on my manhood. Talk about 'out of the fire,' huh?We continued driving, as I contemplated a way to break it to her, lightly. Her hand was now working my dick into a raging hard-on, and I couldn't help but start to focus on it. "Oh, yeah. I just left a drive-through, and bought you a drink. If you're thirsty, feel free. " She said, gesturing to the large-sized cup in the cupholder. I thanked her and began sipping at the drink, as her hand resumed it's action with the bulge of my jeans. --We pulled into an abandoned field, just outside of town, with a path down the side of it.

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   She killed her headlights and began driving toward the back of the field. After a moment, I saw a house in the distance. What we were driving on wasn't a path, but a driveway. "We're going to an area of land behind my parent's house. " She said, as she drove, slowly. My cock was now throbbing, under her hand. After a couple of minutes, we reached our destination. It was a small creekside, that ran throughout the countryside property. Without a word, she turned off the engine, and smiled at me. Her hand swiftly unzipped my jeans, before pulling my dick out. As she began handling my erect cock, a thought passed through my mind that forced a chuckle. She smiled and looked at me, curiously. "What?""I was just thinking. 'Damn, you bitches are always horny. '" I answered her, a small grin appearing on my face as my inhibitions slowly slipped away.

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   Lisa began laughing. When she finished, her head sank quickly to my crotch, her mouth taking my entire swollen prick into it. I couldn't help but moan. I felt her toungue wrap around the head of my dick, before fluttering across it. Slowly, I felt my shaft enter her throat, as her lips sank to the base of my cock. Her throat was hot and tight, enveloping my erection. She worked her throat muscles around it, making it feel as though she were milking my swollen dick. Suddenly, I felt a hot breath on my neck, and was startled when I turned to see Julia leaning on my seat, from the back. In the floorboard of the back seat was a blanket, she'd used to hide under, during the ride. I didn't know what to say. With a single grin, her lips met my ear lobe, as she began kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. I was in utter ecstacy. Lisa's mouth was now working up and down my cock with a furious speed, as her hand reach across me, and pulled a handle, leaning my seat back, into a flat position. I caught my first full view of Julia, finding her to be completely nude. Lisa rose from sucking my dick, and slid her shorts and panties off, as Julia climbed across and strattled my face.

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   I extended my toungue and began to lick at Julia's waiting pussy, as I felt Lisa climb over to my side of the car. She mounted me, sliding my dick deep within her. Within seconds, the entire car began rocking, as both girls began riding my mouth and cock. "Oh shit, baby. That's it, right there. Suck on my clit. " Julia began gasping, as her hips bucked wildly, thrusting her soaking cunt towards my mouth, again and again. I opened my eyes and looked up the span of her naked body, watching as she cupped her breasts with her hands. She pinched her nipples between her index fingers and her thumbs, as she rode my mouth. Behind her, Lisa was having just as much fun. She was rising her entire body, before slamming all of her weight back down, fucking me. I could feel the head of my dick as it slammed into her cervix, violently. I bottomed out in her, again and again, but to my suprise, she seemed to enjoy the pain it gave her. I felt Lisa's hand run up my stomach, before coming to a rest in the center of my chest plate. After a moment, I felt her hand begin working back and forth as it rested on me.


  "You like that, you little blonde bitch? You like getting that pussy licked? What about this, huh? Right in that beautiful ass of yours. " Lisa said, between breaths. Julia began squealing, and riding my mouth so hard I thought I was going to loose a tooth. Lisa was finger-fucking Julia's ass, while they both rode me. I could picture every bit of it, and I liked what I was seeing. Lisa began using her other hand to reach behind her and knead and massage my balls, as she continued slamming herself down on me. I could feel my blood begin to boil, as my balls began to retract. I exploded inside Lisa's tight cunt, blasted her innards with load after load of my steaming hot cum. She squealed and worked her hips in circles, accepting everything it gave her. Seconds later, Julia acheived her own screaming orgasm. The two of them rolled off of me, and shared the driver's seat, as they cuddled and recuperated. I sat my seat back up, slightly, and began to put my still-hard dick back up, when Julia's hand reached over and stopped me. "What do you think you're doing?" Lisa asked, as Julia gave me a stern look. "Putting it up?" I asked, unsure how I was doing wrong. "Nuh-uh.

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   Light yourself a cigarette and relax for a minute, but the dick stays out. " Julia told me. I was lost. Silently, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cigarettes and lighter. I pulled one from the pack and lit it, before putting them back up. After a couple of drags, headlights flashed all around us, as cars approached from almost every direction. I didn't know what was going on. "What the fuck?" I asked, sitting up in my seat. "Oh, that's the rest of the sorority. " Julia said, smiling as she watched my reaction. "Yeah, you're our fuck toy, for tonight. You'd be suprised how much viagra you just drank. " Lisa giggled. I was in shock. I didn't know what to say.

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   The headlights turned off to all the vehicles, and the secluded section of the field began filling up with around two-dozen beautiful half-nude women. Julia and Lisa got out of the car, and directed me to do the same. When I did, I was amazed at what I saw. There were probably thirty girls there, including Lisa and Julia. Most of them were wearing only panties, or just stockings. Some of them were brandishing strap-ons. "Don't worry, that's for us, not you. " Julia smirked, as she noticed what I was looking at. What the hell was I in for?.