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Saturday morning…I lay in bed thinking about the previous night’s fun, going over every detail in my mind…
            We were dancing in the club, a typical Friday night downtown. There were probably 400 people in there with us, 2 floors in the club we were at. There was almost no room to move, and we were stifled in the hot air. It may have been cold outside in the snow but it was hotter than hell in there.
            We danced together, close not only because we wanted to be but because we had no choice. She had on her short little white skirt and her sexy tank top that leaves a lot of cleavage showing. I had on a pair of khakis and a black dress shirt. Her back was against my front as we danced, my hands on her hips, my lips on her neck, kissing her and whispering sexy things in her ear.
            I’d convinced her before we left her house not to wear panties, and she’d reluctantly agreed. We were packed in the club and everyone in the place so close and sweating. I slid my hand up her leg, brushing her pussy, which was already wet, from the closeness and the hot temperatures in the club. She closed her eyes and surrendered herself to me. I’d started brushing her lips, teasing her, and finally pushing a finger up inside her. My finger had slid so easily in, and I pushed it in and out, paying no heed to the several hundred people around us, nobody could see a thing and I didn’t care if they did.
            I reached down with my free hand and pulled down my zipper, reached in and pulled out my semi-erect penis. I lifted the back of her skirt and brushed my tip against her bare cheeks.

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   She reached back and took it from me, stroking it to get it hard. I turned her head and kissed her full lips deeply, burying my tongue in her mouth. I began stroking her clit in circles, and I felt her knees go weak. I pulled my fingers from under her skirt and brought them to my mouth, and I let her watch as I put them in my mouth, sucking her juices from my own fingertips. She loves that.
            I pulled her hand from off my cock, and turned her around. I felt her full breasts heaving against my chest. I put my cock under her skirt, guided it to her bare pussy, and rubbed the tip against her clit. She wrapped her arms around my neck, staring me in the eyes. I readjusted and pushed my cockhead into her, and she gasped as I slowly fed it into her wet hole. Once I’d gotten myself as far into her as I could, I looked around at the crowd. It was such a turn on to know that I was getting laid right here on the dance floor, in front of a couple hundred people and none of them knew it.
I whispered in her ear “God you’re so hot, I love screwing you, especially in dangerous places” and she replied in my ear “Just shut up and fuck me!” How could I have possibly said no to that? I started thrusting in and out of her, bumping into the people around me, but they never thought anything of it, too much was going on all around us. I started out slow, building up speed just like she enjoys, and we stood there forehead to forehead looking into each other’s eyes as my cock buried deep into her.
As we fucked there on the dance floor, I slipped a hand under the back of her skirt and grabbed both ass cheeks and squeezed them.

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   I slid one hand in between her cheeks and touched the tip to her tight asshole. It’s a little something I found out that she likes. I reached further around, used the juices from her pussy to lube up the finger, and then came back to her asshole. Still looking her in the eyes, she nodded and I started pushing my finger into her hole.
She sighed audibly in pleasure and I thrust in and out with both my cock and my finger. I could feel my cock thrusting against my finger through the walls inside her. She kissed me then, and I knew she was about to climax, so I thrust even harder with my finger and my cock. I felt my orgasm coming and then I felt her climax starting. Her pussy contracted on my cock, milking it with her waves of pleasure, and I felt her asshole tighten around my finger. As this happened, my orgasm also hit. I filled her tight hole with my cum, felt it shoot out of me in waves, and felt her juices rushing out as well.
We stood there for several minutes until the residual waves of pleasure stopped. I kissed her again and whispered “I love you so much” in her ear. Then I suggested we go get cleaned up, and I pulled my softening cock out of her and tucked it back in my pants, and I could already see my juices and hers moving down her legs. I pulled a tissue out of my pocket and got a bunch of it off, and then helped her to the bathroom, wading through the crowd with a big smile on my face.

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   We got cleaned up and then left the club, went home, and fucked like rabbits all night.
Now as I lie here in the morning, I remember the great time we had and that same smile comes back on my face, and I look over at her sleeping soundly, and I lean over to kiss her neck…

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