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So I've always had crazy fantasies about my boss. He was gorgeous, nice straight jawline that I dreamt of tracing and a perfectly built body. It was perfect. . . not too muscular but still very toned and his suit would slightly shift whenever he flexed when he was stretching or something. I can only imagine what his dick looked like. I was just his secretary but of course I would get all nervous whenever he asked me to bring in something. I don't think he has noticed because he still acts very nicely to me. Once he told me I did a really great job on one of the reports and put his hand on my shoulder and gently squeezed it. Man did I feel hot then. I started having fantasies about him a few weeks after I started working for him. I just wanted him to screw me. Anywhere… here, there I would have done anything. I had many fantasies about him in my dreams and I secretly hoped that my fantasies could come true. So much that I even wore lacy black underwear underneath my normal business casual suit outfit.

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       So one day like any other my boss paged me from inside his office and asked me to bring in the new Henderson files. I had prepared them earlier because I knew he would be needing them soon. There was something I wanted to discuss with him about this case so I asked my assistant to cover the phone for me and make sure to hold all calls to my boss while I talked to him. That day I was wearing my black suit outfit that accented my body perfectly. Even I was suprised when I wore it in the store. And I had matching black pumps on. His office had plush carpet and I was always felt so different going from the hard tiles of my office to the soft white carpet of his office. I walked in and closed the door. He was sitting in his leather executive chair with his arms on the arm rests of the chair and smiled at me when I walked in. "Hi Melanie. Leave the files on my table. " So I walked over and leaned over to place the files on the table. When I looked back at my boss, I realized I was wearing a low cut blouse today and he had caught sight of my breasts. I smirked to find that even this handsome man who could have so many girls couldn’t stop staring at his secretary's breasts. Oh naughty naughty.

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   So I took my sweet time sauntering to the door and I could feel his gaze on my back, my ass and probably my long lean legs ending in the sexy tips of my black pumps. I definitely had a good body. My last boyfriend told me he loved fucking me because I looked like a damn model. I was just wondering how long it would take my boss to figure that out and lucky for me, he did at that moment. I turned around at the door and loved the primal look that I saw in his eyes. I felt wet between my legs and I knew what I wanted to do. So I locked the door and said "Katie is taking care of your phone so I promise you wont be interrupted. Anything else I can do for you boss?" He coughed and said "Melanie why don’t you make yourself comfortable I think there is something we need to discuss. " He probably thought that I was completely clueless to his intentions because he had a really suprised face when I sashayed over and sat on his lap. He smirked handsomely and said "I think you can make yourself a little more comfortable than that. ” “Yes boss I definitely agree. ” So I picked myself up on his lap and glad to see a surprised face (he probably thought I was leaving now or something) but then I walked over and put my right leg underneath the arm rest and the same with my left, locking my body into his chair. Boy was he surprised. But before he could say anything, I planted my hot mouth on his lips and we started making out long and hard. I was getting hot just from kissing him.

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   I made little moaning noises because his tongue was just so delicious and it made me think of what it would feel like to his dick in my small little sweet pussy. We kissed for a really long time, just getting hot off of making out and inhaling through our noses and boy was he a great hardcore kisser. I knew my mouth was going to be bruised but I hardly cared. He moved his hands to the bottom of my hair and pushed it up and couldn’t help but think wow how did he know. It made me feel so sexy and drunk with him just massaging my head and kissing me hard. I got a little tired from all the kissing so I sat down on him and he moaned because I guess I didn’t realize how hot my little pussy was until I realized I made his pants wet too. He got a lot out of my warm juices so close to his throbbing dick. I felt it trying to rise and dig deep into my pussy but his pants were holding it in. He reached down to unzip his pants but I pushed him away. He put his hands on my back and ran them down my back, making me shiver even though I had all of my clothes on. He then caught sight of my rising skirt (since it was short and rose when I sat down with my legs stretched apart) and when his hands touched my bare thigh I felt a sizzle and shuddered against him. He moaned and said “God Melanie you’re driving me crazy. ” “Well that’s the idea I replied with a smirk on my face. ” He slowly ran the tips of his fingers so gently against my bare thigh I just screamed and moaned. He then reached the ends of my short black skirt and his strong hands run underneath to rest on my ass cheeks before squeezing.

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   “Mm lacy underwear” he whispered into my ear. He started kissing down my ear and onto the side of my neck while massaging my ass cheeks in a circular motion. He was really starting to turn me on because I subconsciously started grinding against his pants. He rose his hands up to my hips and held them and said “Slowly Melanie don’t worry we’ll have a lot of that later. ” I moaned and said “Of course boss. ” So he kissed down my neck and then to the front of my neck before descending lower down my body. He slid the chair towards his table and laid my back onto the table so he could go lower down my body without making it too awkward. I unbuttoned his suit jacket and moved it off his shoulders getting a feel of his great arm muscles and moaned before slipping his jacket off and tossing it into the distance. He kept kissing me lower and lower before he reached my shirt and unbuttoned my jacket. I thought was going to take it off but instead he slipped his hands underneath and squeezed my breasts with my shirt still on. I moaned because the muscles in my breasts were so tight and hard from all the kissing. He slipped my jacket off too and started licking and gnawing at my breasts with the shirt still on. I moaned and arched my back against the granite table digging my head into the hard cold table. I was interrupted by his comment of “I can see your black bra hon. ” I looked down and realized he had made the part of my shirt above my breasts transparent.

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   I giggled at him and said “You did an excellent job boss. ” He took my white shirt off quickly and he paused for a second. I saw his eyes bulge. “What’s wrong?” “I love front closure bras. And black lacy ones. You must have been reading my mind. I’ll just have to reward you with your excellent work. ” And with that he dived between my breasts and unclasped my bra. My breasts sprang out of the bra and bounced a bit. “Holy shit” he said. My breasts aren’t that big a 34 B but they were supple so I guess that was good enough for him because he dove in and feasted on them. I arched my back and moaned, feeling like I was on some sort of slanted altar. Jesus was he good with that damn tongue. He licked around and bit them and when I thought I couldn’t get any closer to heaven he bit my hard nipples and I screamed. I tried raising my body and getting my hard breasts as close to his mouth as possible.

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   I felt so good I just knew I had to pay my boss back so while he kept kissing my breasts I started unbuttoning his shirt. After the second button I got really frustrated and yanked his shirt apart, buttons flying off. The flying buttons suddenly woke me up and I said “God I’m sorry I hope it wasn’t expensive. I’ll pay you back or anything. . ” He shut me up and said “This is going to be worth much more than that shirt. ” I smiled and kissed him hard while raking my nails down his body. I loved feeling the rises and falls on his built chest. I started kissing his neck and he slipped my bra off before taking them and squeezing them. His cock was really hard now and I felt quite bad so I got off and unzipped his pants. He was about to get up but I urged him back down so he just picked up his legs while I unzipped his pants and slid them down his leg. I just slid it down enough so I could get to his penis because I knew it was hot and I couldn’t wait to get some of it. I took his boxers off too and his cock sprang forward. It was already lubricated with pre-come and when the thing popped out suddenly the room smelled of sex and boy did it turn me on. I looked at him in the eyes before enveloping his large cock in my mouth and I heard him moan.

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   I started licking and pumping… twisting my head with my breasts touching the skin of his knees. While I was sucking his dick I saw him squeezing the arm rest of his seat tightly, moaning with his body quaking. At some point, he put his hand on my head and urged my head down so I sucked really hard and enjoyed feeling the head of his dick reach almost into the back of my throat. “God Melanie you’re so fucking good. God Melanie. Ughhh eat my dick. Yea baby take all of it. Yeah like that ughhh. ” His dick was so hard and pink now I thought it would be a shame. So I walked away and when he got up I said come on boss wait. And I slowly pulled my panties down. I loved him watching me and I knew me just wearing heels was really sexy. I sure felt sexy. Sort of like a naked Victoria Secret’s Model. And I slowly sauntered back to him and put my legs back under the arm rests and he knew where this was going.

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   I took my left hand to separate my cunt lips and placed my right hand on the arm rest to steady myself and lowered myself slowly feeling the two heated organs getting closer before his head touched the beginning layer of my pussy and I let go of my pussy lips, placing my left hand on the other arm rest. I looked down and slowly pushed his dick into me, very slowly liking the feel of his smooth dick part away the layers. He was good to me, not rushing and letting me slowly take him in but he probably enjoyed it too because my layers wrapped his dick tighter and tighter the deeper he went in. When I had not even taken in all of him I felt suddenly a shock and I shuddered. He moved my hair away from my face to look at me and said “G-spot?” “Yeah I think so. ” But I wanted to take all of him in so I lowered past it and sat on his balls. I giggled and he said what? I said I’m sitting on your balls pretty face. =) He laughed and said I love watching your breasts jiggle. I laughed and was distracted by my vagina which ached to be fucked because it was squeezing his dick hard. So I straddled him and we frenched while I bounced around, with him grabbing my ass cheeks and massaging them while I held onto the arm rests for dear life. I broke away from the kiss and hugged him tightly against me loving the feeling of my breasts rubbing hard against his chest, feeling the muscles underneath my breasts aching against his smooth chest. We were sweating a lot and the smell of the sweat and our juices drove me wild. I moaned into his chair while we met each other’s thrusts. He held my hips and I let him control me. He started drilling for my G-spot and when he found it (judging on the volume of my screams) he kept pumping the same area.

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   I held him tightly for dear life while his dick drilled up into me like no tomorrow. I was getting so close and I said “Oh Mike baby I’m so close. ” So we changed to short, hard strokes and I screamed until suddenly all my cunt juiced spilled all over his leather chair and he exploded into me, flooding out onto the chair as well. He kissed my shoulder while we kept panting, still holding each other. When our breathing steadied, I whispered into his ear “Boss that was so hot. You’re awfully good. ”  He pulled me away from him looking at my face and chuckled “Yeah?” He leaned in to kiss me gently, sweetly and I just thought God I love this man and I started raking his arms with my nails and kissed him hard, pushing him into the chair. He broke the kiss and picked me up by the hips. “Naughty naughty secretary. ” I moaned just hearing him say that. He put me standing on the floor and hugged me around the waist while he pushed papers away and onto the floor. He picked me up and placed me on the cold granite table. He leaned over me and I spread my legs ready but he leaned over and kissed my lips. “I always thought you were very sexy. ” He moved lower and kissed between my breasts.

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   “And that you wore perfect clothes for your perfect body. ” He moved down and kissed my stomach. “And I always dreamt about having sex with you. ” He moved down and lingered before kissing my pussy. “But never did I think I could have the pleasure. ” And he kissed my pussy. “Of having sex with you on my office table. ” And he started eating my pussy licking it with his amazingly talented tongue, holding my wrists down with his hands while the rest of my body writhed on the cold table. I screamed “Mike oh Mike!” He stopped and said “Do you want my dick again Melanie?” I begged “Oh yes oh yes please” He got off the table and moved my ass close to the edge. I always wanted to have table sex. Hot table sex with my really hot naked boss. He picked up my legs and drilled his long erect penis into me. I grabbed the edges of the table and pumped for dear life meeting his thrusts hard and long, making sure that we covered the whole length of my vagina and his penis. Sliding on and off the table. “Fuck Mike!” “That’s right Melanie.


   Tell me what you want. ” “Fuck me harder faster! Godamnit it fuckin fuck my brains out. ” He held my hips grabbing tightly onto the bone and I kept my legs rested against his body. He slammed me hard against him, as close as we could possibly go and god was it damn good. I was having the best sex of my life with my hot boss pumping into me at the end of the table. He looked so good concentrating on pulling me back hard towards him so we could feel each other. I was coming so close, my pussy ready to spill again. “God Melanie you’re hot tight pussy feels so good. God it’s so tight and warm. ” His sex talk was driving me wild and I was so close and he must have known and leaned down to lick my cunt lips. I exploded and he kept pumping. I wanted to feel his cum in me too so I squeezed my vagina hard against his dick never letting it get loose and he exploded in me too. He laid down on top of me from the exhaustion and I kissed him. He got onto the table and lied next to me. We rested for a while but I got really restless and started drawing circles on his abs.

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   He looked at me and said “What is it Mel?” I giggled and said “We made such a big mess. ” He smiled and pulled me down for a kiss and before I knew it I was wet again and stroking his penis while I lied next to him. He put his hands on my hips ready to move me on top of him but I broke the kiss and said “No” follow me. I knew exactly where I wanted to go so I took my hot boss and his hard penis by the hand and walked into his closet. Luckily it wasn’t too packed so I walked in and pulled him in after me. I closed the door and it was pitch black. “Mmm you kinky little sex kitten” “that I am. ” So we started making out and he leaned into me, pushing me against the wall. He kissed me on the neck again and I was so happy he didn’t just go to straight fucking but man did I need it. It was so great with all the kissing and fingering my pussy and stroking his dick in this dark closet because I felt like all my senses were heightened. A cold gust blew in and I shivered, accidentally pushing my wet cunt onto his penis. I think that was just a little too much for both of us. He picked me up by the ass and I wrapped my legs around his waist welcoming his penis. He backed me up into the wall and screwed me. I snaked my long legs around his muscular legs feeling the muscles move as he pumped in and out in and out.

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   I wanted it hard and rough so I banged my body against him. He must have gotten the message because he drilled hard, calling my name and making me feel as if he would fuck me through the wall. He kissed me and I orgasmed all over his body and he came too. We slid onto the floor and I felt the carpet. He was still panting when I started sucking his dick. He laughed and said “I cant believe you still have more energy you damn sex kitten. ” I didn’t say anything and just kept pumping. I fingered my cunt and sat on his stomach, slowly sliding down until I felt his erect dick hit my lower back. “Hehe bullseye. ” And I rode him. He swept the air trying to find my breasts and I caught his hands and guided them. He squeezed them and they ached from all the kissing and squeezing and bouncing. I came so close this time (It must have been the darkness) before he flipped me around and said “I don’t think” He drilled me and I just came with two hard long thrusts. He kissed me and said “I think people are going to notice. ” So we slipped out but just for fun, we dressed each other.

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   We looked at each other and he slammed me back into the wall, kissing me hard and pulling my blouse out of my skirt, ready to start all over again. But I broke away and said “Later boss” before blowing a kiss and leaving the room. .

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