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Laying on the beach, after a evening picnic, watching the sunset and stars come out, before a warm flickering fire. snuggling up close, eyes close as lips meet, so soft and sensual, kisses moving slowly down her neck, gently sliding his hand under her shirt, lightly caressing his fingers over her tummy then up and under her bra, sensually squeezing her soft breasts. Removing her bra so he can move from one 2 the other, then lifting her shirt off, allowing him to move to kissing them, sucking n gently nibbling her nipples too, tongue n lips gliding over her tummy finally sliding off her shorts, then kissing up n down the inside of each thigh, lightly flicking his tongue over her clit each time, then eventually wrapping his lips tight around it. Feeling his tongue caressing up and down, sliding deep inside her sweet wet pussy, as her breathing gets heavier and her body more tense. Pushing herself harder onto his tongue, she cums, so hot and juicy on his tongue. His tongue now heavily covered in cum, she moves forwards as he leans back, laying down, with her on top, lifting off his shirt , to lay on top with her breasts pressed against his chest, so warm and soft. Kissing and nibbling on his ear. He's feeling her breath against his neck. As she raises her hips a little allowing his pants to be unfastened. Sliding her hand down inside them, rubbing up and down his cock, feeling it getting harder, sliding off his pants all the way, hand back on him now. She slowly kisses over his chest across your tummy, ultimately reaching his hardening cock. Running her tongue around the head, then up and down the sides for a while, until she wraps her warm wet lips around it, still her tongue caressing up and down, feeling his fingers gently gliding against the sides of her neck. with her mouth firmly bet gently wrapped around his cock feeling it getting harder and harder, pulsing with pleasure, his breathing quickening as did hes earlier. She moves positions so he's now leaning over her. Taking her hand to now hold his hard pulsing cock against soft luscious breasts, caressing and squeezing it, as his hands rub over her stomach and onto her anxious clit, fingers deep inside her as he cums so hot and hard over her warm swelling breasts. .

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   Her breasts now covered with his cum, she sits up wrapping her legs around his waist, once again grabbing his cock, still hard, to slide it inside her hot, wet, cum filled pussy. Lowering her hips down talking it deep inside, moving her legs allowing him to once more lay back. She starts to grind back and forth over his cock, him caressing her breasts and down along her tummy. She leans forward occasionally to kiss, her warm lips meeting and their tongues caressing each others. Her hips moving faster as his cock pounds against her G spot, muscles tightening around his cock with pleasure. Also feeling him pulsing and throbbing deep inside her, as she gets faster and harder now, feeling his cum fill her up, her point of pleasure heightens once more. She cums too, so much Hot juicy cum mixing together, their bodies so hot and sweaty. They now run towards the sea, feeling the warm water cascading over their naked bodies as they're laying at the waters edge. He grabs her tight and holds her wet body close, pressed tight together,their lips and tongues entwine together, water beating down on their heads like a warm summers rain. She slides out of his arms and away from his lips, to again envelope her hands around his cock, squeezing and massaging once more, then running her tongue tip over it's head.
    Seeing and feeling him starting to swell with excitement, now proceeds sliding just the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. As he gets harder she slides it more into her mouth, squeezing the shaft with her hand as her playful tongue tickles up and down the sides, lips wrapped tight around. His hands reach down, pulling her back up and turning her around, she leans forward onto her hands and knees. Feeling one hand on her back as he uses the other to slide his once again hard cock inside her pussy. Hands on her hips as his balls slap against her ass, gradually getting faster and faster as she starts to cum.

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       Feeling his hand move more onto her ass, then pulling his cock out of her wet hot juicy pussy and gently sliding it into her ass. Slowly and gently fucking it, his hand reaching around under her hips, fingers gliding over her clit and into her pussy. The combination of fucking her ass with his hard cock and finger fucking her tight pussy makes so she can't hold back any longer, he feels her tightening more and more breathing harder and heavier, telling him "fuck me harder" as she squirts hot juicy cum all over his hand, this bringing you to his pleasure point too She for the final time feels him cum inside her, joining him to cum one more time too wasn't real hard but pleasurable all the same. Standing up straight as he pulls out from inside her. Both diving into the sea washing themselves down. Heading back up the beach and wrapping up in their blankets, snuggling tightly together by the warm fire in each others arms just watching the stars and drifting off to sleep. .

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