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Topic: I'm not sure I'm your average 24 year old. I'm recently divorced housewife, with a toddler, and a boyfriend. I've never really done the party or bar hopping scene. But I've fantasized about it often. . . . . I'm 24. A true shorty at only 5 foot even, 110 pounds. I have straight shoulder length blonde hair, hazel eyes and milky skin. Curves in all the right places -- 34C-28-34.
Its Friday night, my boyfriends working a late shift. I'm all alone. I hate being alone. I decide to hit up the neighbor.

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   Shes a good 8 years older than me, but she likes to go dancing. Take a nice hot shower; I love the way my shampoo and conditioner makes my hair smell of coconut. Shave my legs. . . . . I know I'm just going dancing, but just to feel extra sexy, I tidy up my little landing strip.
I'll let myself airdry while I find the perfect outfit. Jeans? A dress? Hmmmm. Ah, my stiletto boots! They always make me feel so sexy! I know right away what I'm wearing. . . . .

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  . . I sit on the edge of the bed, zipping each boot up my calves, almost to my knees. I skim through my panty drawer and find  black lace bra and matching boy short panties. Just a tad too small so the bottom of my ass checks hang out. Now maybe I'm too old to be dressing like this but, I pull out my short plaid skirt. It barely covers my ass, and when I'm dancing, it all is pretty much out there. But I don't care. I feel sexy in it. Tonight a night to feel sexy. I slide on a white wife beater, then the white button up shirt. Oh I know, School Girl fantasy anyone? I leave the top 3 buttons open. My onyx cross perched on top of my clevage.
Very little make up, just mascara and lip gloss. The neighbor and I get to the club, mostly college kids.

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   Make out way to a table, have a couple beers, I'm loosening up.
I danced every dance, shaking my ass, really working up a sweat. Eventually I one guy started really singling me out. Real good looking. Beach bum tan, short brown hair, a good 6 foot, amazing body. His jeans held his ass nicely, and his shirt was just tight enough to say "Hey, this ones got a body!" but not so tight he'd look gay. Every dance he got closer, I could feel his hot breath on my neck, my ass brushing his thigh, his hand on my waist, then my hips. His fingers sliding to the hem of the skirt then back up, but under the skirt. His fingers run over the lace of my panties, I tense then tingle. I let myself move back, just that extra little space so I grind my ass into his lap. He digs his fingers into my hips a bit and he pushes, grinding himself onto me. He lets one hand up from my skirt, sliding it under my shirt touching my stomach. His touch is soft but forceful. I roll me head back, letting a slight sigh come out form my lips. I turn in his arms, his fingertips touching the bottom of my left ass cheek, his other hand on the small of my back.

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I grind into his thigh, he digs his nails into my back, his lips nibbling on my ear. My neck. My bottom lip. We're not so much dancing anymore, but making our way to the back of the bar with our lips locked. I don't remember even leaving the dance floor. He pulls the door open to the mens bathroom, Theres whistling from the 2 men already in there as I pull him into an empty stall. He shoves me against the stall door. Hard. He pulls my right leg to his hip and he pulls my left breast from my shirt. I dig my nails into his shoulder as his mouth latches to my nipple. He teases it, sucking it, then flicking it with his tongue. I'm so horny. I can feel how wet my panties are. He smooths his hand up my right thigh, grabbing my ass, sliding his fingers into my panties, letting them tease my pussy.
I pull at his belt, in one swift tug he rips my panties clean off me, shoving 2 then 3 fingers into me.

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   I scream out in pleasure.
"Fuck yes, oh God fuck me!"
I pull his hard cock from his jeans. He pulls my hair with one hand and shoves his cock into my throbbing cunt in one fluid motion. The door bangs, I can hear more men in the bathroom now, but I don't care. He slams his cok into me over and over. A handdul of hair, grunting with each hard thrust, I'm digging my nails into his shoulder, acrching my back against each thrust, letting him go deeper. He hits my cervix. Having him that deep in me makes me cream. I'm moaning like crazy, I'm so close to cumming. I love being fucked hard. He pounds my pussy faster, I tense and explode in a violent orgasm, 2 -3 pumps later he buries his cock deep in my pussy and shots his load in me. I slump against the stall door. Smooth my skirt. Give him a wink and tell him thanks.
I dance a little more, have a few more drinks and head home.

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   I slip out of my boots, let me skirt fall and take my shirts off. Laying in bed I tink about what happened. I rub my still moist pussy. My lips swollen from the pounding they just took. I dip my fingers into my pussy, then circle them around my clit. I tease, flick and pinch my clit while replaying the romp in the bathroom, my hips start bucking as I relive the first orgasm in a second one. What a fucking night!

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