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Swing clubbingwell as i have written before i have done the swinging thang a few times in my life but i had never been to a swingers club before but when me and dorethea my exgirlfriend were chilling we had had sex with my older sister and wanted to repeat the swing with another woman or couple thang i started looking for a venue for that . we tried going to the strip club and bringing home one of the girls we met a few but it never panned out so i started looking on the internet and found this club for swingers called venusso we discussed it and went to thye club one night it was a nice outta the way place it had a juice  bar and it had an open area down stairs and a group sex room seperate from the open bar area it also han an upstairs that also had a juice bar and little rooms off to the side that you can go to have encounters with a little privacy no door but outta the main areas they had a little stage area where they put on sex shows and a big screen showing some pornos . when we first arrived on our first visit we were just chilling checking out the atmosphere we watched a demonstration upstairs of wax melting and using it on your partner never having been to a swingers club we didnt know what to expect so we were kinda in the background but i could feel doretheas hands shaking and her breath was comming in short labored breathes so i knew she was excited we tried to go off into one of the rooms to have some sex and try out the public sex thang but too manny people were milling about and dorethea was a nervous wreck she had on this tiny little see threw black silk dress  and she was so fucking beautiful in it men were following us around everywhere. she was stunning she stands 5 9 she was about 155 lbs she had like 38c titties and a fat round perfect ass long legs and is dark skinned black girl and she kinda resembled a young whitney huston wow she was so fine and we couldnt seem to get a moment alone to fuck so i just kept playing with her pussy hopeing that she would soon be so horny that she would loosen up and let me fuck her no matter who was watching i could feel her heart beat in her clit as i played with it she was so nervous and scared  but i didnt wanna force her so as not to ruine it for us. well after we watched the show and people settled down we sat on this couch in the middle of the show area and watched some of the porno on the tv screen dorethea was ready to burst she wanted to go find a dark corner some where and fuck and then go see if we could go catch an attractive couple to watch and or share with. we started talking to the owners wife she was a tall blond older woman like maybe 40ish and found out that not too many couples our age went to this club i was 26 and dee was 24 so we were a novelty and thats why folks were following us around they wanted to check out my girl naked and maybe get invited to fuck her  well that conersation kinda loosend dorethea up she felt like the star of the show now she was still nervous as hell but she was loosening up she took my hand and shoved it into her panties and said finger my pussy right here we were still on the sofa and started drawing a little  crowd when she started humping my fingers back and feeling up her titties   so i pulled off her panties and put them in my bag on my wheelchair. i had like two fingers up her pussy when i started to eat her out on that couch the crowd around us had gotten quite larger and a few of the guys had started egging me on to get that pussy and suck them titties saying how fine she was and a few started fondeling themselves watching me eat out my girl it all started getting real big and was turning miss dorethea on like you wouldent belive she started grabbing my head a shoving my face into her hot cunt saying eat me fuck my hole with  that tounge so i abliged her and started tounge fucking her hole she started looking around and saw how large the crowd was and said she wanted to stop but i was in the moment i kept right on fucking her with my thumb and rubbing her clit i got up close to her and whispered in her ear that if she didnt chill i was going to anounce to all there that they could all fuck her one after the other and i would hold her down and just let them men have there way with her. we had disscussed this scean in our pilliow talk conversations after sex it was one of her confessed fantasys.   when i said that to her i felt her cunt grip my hand real tight and get instantly  wetter than she already was. she closed her eyes and tried to calm down i kept on fucking her pussy when i noticed that one of the guys had his cock out and was jearking off to the sight of my girl her dress up around her belly my hand burried in her pussy on this couch he leaned in and asked if he could see her titties i looked at her and said take off your dress and show them your titties half expecting her to say no but she got up off my fingers and took off her dress no questions asked she lied right back down and proceeded to fondle her breast for the crowed which had swollen to like 15 dudes and two women one the owners wife and now a few of the men had their cocks out stroking themselves as i returned to fingering and licking my girls pussy the first guy who had asked to see doretheas titties was kinda cheerleading us as he stroked his cock faster and faster he leaned in again and asked if he could touch my girls titties. now we had discussed before entering the club that we were not going to have a bunch of men all on her she was into women really but i was in the moment and l said yes and offered him her titties to my girls surprize, she looked at me kinda scared but i told her to chill and to remember what i had said would happen if she didnt. she smiled with this evil little fuck me grin and she lied back and allowed this stranger to fondle her breast while i ate her out and fingered her cunt which by now was dripping cum the dude never skipped a beat and was still humping his fist he had a normal sized cock which by now was swollen and ready to pop as dorethea started moaning from the attention she was getting from me and dude more guys started asking if it was cool to touch her titties and since i let one do it i told them yes but they had to be gentle and if she said no they needed to stop well when i said that a group of them walked over to an excited black woman getting her pussy ate out and started fondling her she was in heaven when i noticed that more than a few of the men now  had their cocks out standing around watching i leaned up and whispered to dorethea thati was going to let them all fuck her for being such a slut and writhing around naked letting all of them men watch her fucking my hand she gasped and looked at me hard i could feel her heart beating wildly at the thought of me letting them men have her so i let her settle down and then i sat up and said to a few of the men "if you wanna fuck my girlfriend" first i needed them to drop their pants and line up at the couch i let them know that when i said it was over it was over there was a mad rush to line up and as they did dorethea started writhing around she couldnt belive that i had just invited a room full of strangers to fuck her. well after they formed a line i nvited the first guy up it was ol boy that had asked to see her titties i sat on the sofa and sat dorethea between my legs and i pulled her knees up to her chest and dude walked over and placed the head of his cock on my girls pussy she was breathing in short bursts and i could feel her heart beating threw her back it felt like it was going to jump outta her chest he started pushing his cock into her pussy the head was kinda fat and i watch as it spread out my girls pussy as it slid right in to the balls she was soo wet that it went in no problem she tensed up from the anticipated fucking and as he started stroking his cock into her she was loosening up to it all she was moaning and hissing "yes yes fuck it fuck it" i guess it was all too much for ol boy he had been whakking his cock watching us so long that it didnt take no time for him to hump his load out he pulled out and his cum landed on her leg and the couch he walked away to the back of the line next guy in line was this older gentleman who already had his cock out and was ready as soon as ol boy finnished he walked up and shoved his old ass cock into my girls steaming pussy and proceeded to fuck her slow she was humping him back and he was just loving having a young girl like her wrapped around his cock one of the others took the opportunity to walk up and offer dorethea his cock to suck which i might add she greedily took into her mouth and started sucking his cock was about 7 or 8 inches long and she took it all in she was sucking him off and getting her pussy fucked at the same time and she was loving it i was calling her a slut and a dirty whore in her ear as she sucked and fucked these two guys the old dude seemed like he was ready to blow his load so he pulled his cock outta her pussy and came on her belly and as he did ol dude in her mouth pulled out and came on her cheek she was totaly excited now she was like an animal she just wanted to fuck the next dude was a regular looking fellow whitedude but when he walked up to her cunt and took out his cock it had to be like 13 inches if it was and inch it was huge she looked at it and was like i dont know if i can take that cock. he whspered i wil be gentle as he slid the head of it into her pussy he streached her out i could see her cunt streached around the head of his cock now as it was entering her hot cunt it looked twice as big he inched it in little by little till she put her hands on his hips to stop him from putting anymore of it in her he haddent even got half in her when she yelped out oh my god and he started screwing it into her he was stroking his massive cock into her dripping pussy as she relaxed more of it slid in with each stroke she was yelping every time he hit it with the down stroke she was holding onto his hips as he stroked his cock into her she was looking right into his eyes when she said put it all in me and with one forward thrust he impaled her with that huge cock i was impressed that she took it all he was fucking her in ernest now full strokes of his cock into her wet dripping pussy she was so wet that you could hear the wetness and hear his balls slapping onto her ass he kept on fucking her for what seemed like 30 or 40 min she had sucked two more cocks in the time it took him to fuck his load outta his cock and it was alot of cum he pulled his cock out just in time to spray it all over her and it got on me too there was so much then next dude was a small black dude who to our surprize got on his hands and knees and licked up all of the dudes cum before he stuck his tiny little cock by comparison to the last dude into doretheas now wet open and dripping cunt she was humping him back hard calling him a fag for licking up ol boys cum he exploded on her stomach and walked away the next guy had a big cock too but not as big as the other dude i looked at her and she was really into it now she was grabbing cocks jearking them off while another guy was fondling her titties she had another dude in her mouth sucking him off and the next dude grabbed her legs and shoved his cock into her to the balls she let out a whimper as he started feeding his cock to her hungry wet pussy he was deep dicking her she kept right on hand humping the two guys she had in her hands and sucking on ol boys cock as dude fucked her cunt like it owed him money he had her legs up in the air the two guys that were getting their cocked jearked held her legs up for him and he went to town monkey fucking the shit outta my girlfriend who by now had cum like a dozen times this scean was something outta a porno the line had grown to like 17 now even after the frist few guys had walked away there were guys jearking off onto my girls body she was servicing two dudes at a time with her hand and to my surprize was sucking off like three dudes who all had there cocks by her face she was alternating between them and still having her cunt pounded by ol dude now im no fag but watching all of these cocks up in and on and around my girl had me harder than a diamond and i needed some relife but i didnt wanna stop the flow of dorethea getting her groove on so i started masturbatting my cock watching her get the shit fucked outta her by old boy and her face stuffed by the crowd of guys that were getting head from her all the while she was saying between cocks yes fuck it fuck me deeper and sucking the heads of then cocks into her mouth there was like three dudes getting head two guys getting jearked off and ol boy was just cumming in her pussy when i felt a warmness come over my cock some one had started sucking my cock and boy did it feel good as i watched another guy replace the guy in my girls pussy her 5th or 6th dude by now i looked down and saw that the person sucking my cock was ol boy who had licked up the cum from doretheas pussy earlier now like i said im no fag but ol boy was working my cock i was just getting ready to tell him to stop when i heard dorethea grunt out im cumming and i looked up and the two guys she was jearking had changed and she had a face full of cum from the other two she was sucking another guy was shoving his cock into her mouth as she said it and i felt my balls tighten up as i came all in dudes mouth he swallowed every drop some one came over i think it was the owners wife and whiped up the cum from my girls face as she sucked yet another guys cock the line had thinned out some i guess  some of the guys couldnt take it and came before they got to her and left  there was only like 8 guys left the two guys with the big cocks the fag who had sucked my cock and a few straglers i looked at dorethea expecting for her to say she had enough but all she said was she had to piss and would be right back as we waitted  the guys were telling me how lucky i was to have a girl like her she was hot and she was good looking and boy could she fuck i told them this was our first time doing something like this so i wanted it to be a momory for her she would take to the grave and the last few guys said they would do there best to make it  so when she got back she was all cleaned up and rested for a min then she took my cock in her hand and said to the fag i missed you sucking my mans cock so come here nad do it again i looked at her like she was mad but i just gave her to a room full of strangers so i allowed him to come and suck my cock again i then whispered to her she owed me one and she got down and started helping ol boy with my cock they were both sharing it before she new it there was ol boy with the smaller of the two huge cocks up behind her shoving his cock into her now wet again cunt she hissed yessssss as he penetrated her from behind fuck me she said as she sucked my cock into her mouth ol boy was doing a job on my nuts it was crazy she was catching a tremendous fucking from ol boy as he kept pounding his cock into her hot pussy she loved it doggy style when dude that was fucking her finnished by comming on her ass fag boy left my cock and proceeded to lick up the cum on her ass and when finnishe he stuck his cock right into her waitting pussy and fucked her till he exploded he slinked away again and now there was on only three dudes left and me so then next guy got behind her fat ass to fuck her pussy once again it was 13 inch dude he proceeded to pump his hard massive cock into her wet waitting hole when i whispered in her ear you owe me this one i told ol boy to stop fucking her he looked at me kinda funny and dorethea said no i wanna fuck i want it in me but i looked at ol boy i grabbed my girls ass cheeks and spread them apart all of a sudden she knew what i wanted she dropped her head into my lap took my cock in her mouth and braced herself i looked at ol boy and said to him fuck her deep in her ass fuck this whore like she deserves to be fucked he took my lead and spit on his hand rubbed it onto his cock which was red and ready to bust paced the head at the opening to doretheas ass and proceeded to inch his cock into her ass little by little she must have been loving it cause she spat out in a groaning voice oh hell yeah fuck my asshole with that big cock fuck me hard fuck me like a whore  she braced herself against me as he started feeding his massive cock into her ass she was trying to suck my cock as he fucked her but all she could do was writhr around on it and grunt out yes fuck me fuck me hard she had a tight asshole i know ive been there so i was surprized to see that he had most of his cock burried in her but not quite all of it so she started to hump back at his thrusts  and with every stroke he got more of it in her the crowd started to form again to watch this time as ol dude fucked her ass like a champ she was humping his cock deeper and deeper into har ass as he stroked it into her in long thrust she was gurggleing and talking incoherantly now from the sheer lust of having been fucked so well by so many she humpped and ground her hot fat beautiful ass onto his 13 inch cock and he was burried to the hilt in her ass when he had his ccock burried all in her ass he  would grind himself into her that drove her crazy she was shiviering from the good ass fucking she was getting well when he came she started yelling out yes fill my ass with that hot cum you white fucker fuck me fuck me harder so he grabbed her by the hips and monkey fucked her till he was done filling her ass with cum he pulled out his cock and his cum dripped out as he got up the last dude replaced his cock in her ass and rode her like a horse for a good ten min while she spat out all kinds of freaky shit she was really into the moment well when ol buy came on her ass she was done she got up to a thunderous round of applause and gathered up her clothes and went off to clean up in the the bathroom there were shower stalls in there so she went and took a shower while she was in there the owner and his wife came over and returned my 100 dollar door fee and gave me a membership pass aplication and said it was free and thanks for the show it was great when dorethea got back a few guys tried hitting on her she was done now cause she ignored them came over to me kissed me passionately and said letd go home we went down stairs a few of the guys actually carried me in my chair down the steps we called a cab and went home i ate out her now sore ass pussy in the cab to the delight of the driver. who also didnt charge us cab fair for the show we went to bed that morning talking about the nights festivities. we waitted like a month before we went back there hell since we had a free membership we decided to just go and look for women this time or just one couple this time around dorethea dressed less slutty and when we got there we met this older black couple who had not caught the festivities the last time we were there but had heard about it the guy was a young dude maybe 35 or 40 his wife was an attractive heavyset woman with huge titties the guy was taken with dorethea so we hung out with them found out that they were there like us cause she had the desire to be with a woman for the first time but she explained she was on her period so she couldnt do anything herself well her husband was all into dee when outta nowhere dorethea got up and strated dancing to the music and stripping out of her dress expossing herself to all that were there i thought it was going to be on and popping again as a crowd started to gather when dorethea saw that she proceeded to take ol boy by the hand and they went over to the couch and he started sucking her breast he invited her downstairs to show her the group room where pepple gathered to fuck and watch others fuck so off they went leaving me with ol boys wife we chatted and i asked her why she had come if she couldnt participate she said her husband was a perve and just wanted to come and watch others fuckking so we were talking and like 25 or 20 min had passed since dorethea had left with ol girls husband so she mentioned that they must have gotten lost or were fucking so she offered to let me see her big ass titties she was anttractive plumper  nice smooth complextion she was lite skinned black woman abot 30 ish she weiged like 200 lbs but she wasnt gross fat or anything close she was what is now called thick her titties were wounderful she let me play with them and i started rubbing her cunt threw her pants she reitterated she was on her period so we couldnt fuck but she reached down took out my cock and started giving me a hand job as i sucked on her titties right then dorethea and her husband came back dorethea was all nervous and shaking and like a school kid was bursting to tell me that they had come from downstairs and were in the group room when a whiet girl approached doreathea and told her she was the most beautiful black woman she had ever saw and wanted to fuck her she wanted to eat her out right there but dorethea told her she didnt do anyone unless i approved  and was there so she had come running back to see if i was cool with it and to come down with her to the group room i was intrigued so i said yes , now when we were discussung this whole swinging than dorethea had expressed that her number one fantasy was to be with a woman ( e had already fucked my oleder sister together) and have the woman fuck her with a dildo or strap on so check it we went down to the group room to meet up with this chick who wanted my girl when we got there she was being fucked by some dude who we later found out was her husband approved boy toy she was  a fat but not obease she was pretty she kinda looked like my best girlfriend lori from ny so i was instantly dow for it while we waited ol boy had gotten his cock out and offered it to dorethea  who took it into her hands and strated jearking him off he was about my size 6 or 7 inches but it was a fat one dorethea was now being fondled by him and his wife they all lied down on the mat on the floor the room was covered in them lkike gym mats from school days she was stroking his cock and his wife was kissing her way down doretheas chest and belly so i got outta my chair and laid down next to dorethea nad was sucking her breast threw her dress she kept on jearking old boy and his wife got to doretheas panties and slipped them off she stuck a finger inside dees wet ass  cunt and  pulled it out and tasted her before she started sucking on her pussy in earnest so there we were me sucking her titties her getting her pussy ate out by another stranger and her handling ol boys cock with a vengance just then the white chick im gonna call her lori just to give her a name as she looked so much like my friend from ny came over and said so im missing the party by then ol girl had removed her shirt exposing those nice fat titties again while sucking on doretheas cunt her husband was sitting back enjoying the hand job and the white girl introduced herself she said my name is lori this beautiful black woman must belong to you i said yes she introduced her boy toy john and then proceeded to get to the job of helping old girl eat out my girls pussy dorethea was once again on fire she was having her cunt ate out by two women and had a strange cock in her hand going to town and lories friend was sucking her now  exposed titties and rubbing his cock i sat backwatching all of this as my cock grew harder and harder at some point lori had started praising doretheas beauty and how good she tasted  she then stuck her finger in dees cunt and took it out placed it in my mouth and said see what i made it so i made her come she then leaned in and kissed me she had a familiar taste to her mouth it tasted like dees cunt juice well ol girl was now heated she was sucking both her husbands engorged cock and boy toy johns aswell when she lori blurted out that she was a dominatrix and had dildos out in her car she wanted to get  them and use a strapon on dorethea if she agreed now if you remember earlier i explained that dees number one fantasy was to be fucked with a strap on by another woman and here was old girl saying just that.

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   dorethea looked at me wit the most lustfull look in her eyes i had ever seen on any womans face and said yes hell yes ol girl sent buy toy john to fetch the toys outta her trunk and she got back to the task of tounge fucking my girlfriend ol boy and his wife had moved over and were into there own thing watching dee and lori and sucking his cock i was playing with lories cunt and fat ass titties while we waited for john to return when he did dorethea stopped breathing as he handed the little bag to her and she proceeded to take out this 10 inch long black 4 inch around strap on outta the bag compleat with leather belt to strap it on with and started putting it on dorethea had grabbed my hand in anticipation and was squeezing my had for all she was worth i felt her shaking trembling here she was moments away from her biggest fantasy i just hoped it would be as good as she wanted it to be when lori had the cock strapped on she took dorethea by her hand and lead her to a raised cushiond platform and siad i want everyone to see me fuck this fine black bitch and with that i watched as dorethea tried to walk over there she was so horny she was hunching the air as she tried to walk she was so turned on by all of this i was happy for her not to mention myself . . . lol. . . lol. . . lori placed dorethea on her knees doggy style on the platform and begain by licking her cunt from back there dorethea was hisssing threw her teeth as she was getting licked ol buy and his wife worked their way over and as she sucked his cock she was fondling mine asi watched lori scooted in behine dorethea an placed the head of the cock into doretheas pussy just the head as soon as it went in dorethea started grinding her hips in a circle moving the head of this huge baseball sized black dildo around inside of her just inside of her lori was tresing her cunt with that big ass thing while she was doing that ol john boy slid his rather large cock up into lories cunt and began slowly fucking her not to break her rythem with this huge dildo and she pushed it in a little more dorethea was hunching her back tring to force the black dildo into her waitting eager hot pussy but lori was teasing her like a pro every time dorethyea moved back so did she onto the waitting cock of her boy toy i was sitting there with my cock being worked like a plunger by ol boys wife watching this go on and i thought i couldnt even make this up if i tried lori finnaly relented to doretheas insisting that she shove that hard ass dildo into her pussy she wanted to be fucked hard. and with that lori pushed it in to the belt i heard the breath leave dorethea as it all entered her pussy she gasped out my name and looked into my eyes she yelled its sooooooo good papi it feels soooo goood and proceeded to ride that fat ass dildo for all she was worth lori was working it like it was a real cock she had handfulls of doretheas ample ass and had pushed doretheas head down and was deep dicking her pussy from on top she had stood up a little and was standing up in the pussy streaching it out with that 4 inch circumferance and 10 inches deep into it every down stroke she would grind her fat hips down to further impale dorethea on that huge black dildo and dorethea would grind right back on it as it was plunged into her again and again she had tears in her eyes when i crawled over to where they were threw the crowd that had gathered she was grunting out oh yeses and oh my gods and fuck me fuck me hard and deeps when i got there she opend her eyes and i saw shw was having the time of her life she was cumming and cumming as lori pumped that rock hard dildo into my girls eager cunt dorethea had reached around behind her and was helping lori hold open her ass cheeks i got up on the plat form and got under dorethea in a 69 position so i wouldnet miss a thing and she instantly and like a vortex sucked my cock into her mouth and proceeded to give me the best head i had ever gotten or it might just have been the fact that i could see lori deep dicking doretheas cunt with that huge dildo and also see her boy toys cock dissapearing in and outta what i now think was her asshole cause i could see the pussy whhen i heard dorethea let out this sound i never heard before now we had tried to hit her G spot before but she always chickend out at the end cause she said she felt like she had to pee but i guess the sheer size of that dildo and the force from that fat white girl shoving that cock into her with the aded peasure of her boy toy hitting it from the ass put enough pressure on her sopt that she started gushing cum outta her cunt it was like someone had turned on a water faucett it gushed out from all around that cock in her pussy it got on me on lori on her boy toy on the matt there was o much of it and it seemed to keep right on comming and comming dorethea was screaming like someone was killing her and everyone stopped fucking to watch us and this shit that was happening lori started pumping that cock into her so hard and fast that her boy toy slid outta her ass he couldnt keep up dorethea started having like convulsions her legs were shaking she was drooling on my cock which had slid outta her mouth her eyes were rolled up in her head as she just kept cumming and yelling cumming and yelling i had move out from under her cause i couldnt breath i thought i was going to drown in that load of cum she was dropping after she stopped yelling and convulsing she flopped off of that dildo to a wet ass sucking noise and a whimper she slid onto the ground called for me and we just sat there for what seemed like forever just holding onto each othet till she stopped shivering and could move her legs we left the room to applause again for the show everyone went back to fucking and lori was insisting we stay till they closed and go to a hotel with her and her boy toy but dorethea had been spent or at least i thought we called a cab and as a treat for me letting her do her thing with lori she sucked me hard in the cab pulle d her pantis off and stuffed my cock balls deep into her ass and rode me all the way home a 20 min ride i might add it was great as i came up in her ass twice in the process but this time we did have to pay for the ride home but it was well worth it we went inside and dorethea passed out before i could bring her the wash cloth she requested so i lovingly washed her down and let her sleep she had earned it . . . . the next day it was all she could do not to tell everyone what she had done the night before a few mos later she went on a drinking binge and i couldnt take it anymore so i left her.

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  . my next two girlfriends werent to adventerous so im sitting here alone reminising about them days waitting to find another woman to experiment with. . . . . . The End. . . . . .                .

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