The Best Man- Prologue

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Topic: The Best Man - PrologueThe day was warm and sunny as Danealle and her fiancee drove from the lakeside cottage they rented for the wedding. The big day was getting close and allot of preparations was on the way. It was good to get away from all the buzz. The stopped at the general store in town along the way. Danealle wanted to get a few things for the ride. They were going to pick up Mason's best friend and man. She was sure he would be hungry after his flight and the airport was a few hours away from the little small town.  As she came out of the store so noticed Mason talking to the store owners daughter, Trina. She hated coming into town for just that reason. Trina was a small thin slip of a girl barely over 18. Most of the time she was barely covered in her short cut offs and short tees. It attracted men to the store like honey. Today she was outside washing the delivery truck, her cloths clinged to her like a second skin. her large thick nipples showed thorough her wet pale pink t-shirt. Mason stood there chattering on with her as his eyes focused on the bumps in her shirt. Danealle coughed behind him and walked on to the car.

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   She didn't understand why this kid made her feel so inadequate. She scowled and slammed the door as she got in the car.  Mason returned to the vehicle quickly and sat down. It took him a minute to get comfortable. It was a good thing he wearing jeans. He had got a serious hard on. Danealle rolled her eyes and turned towards the door. 'Damn,' he thought,'she is pissed. I cant have her meeting Neil while in a mood. ' As they were driving outside of town he decided to try to talk to her. "Baby, You know I love you right. She is just a little girl. " Danealle turned with a snap. "Oh you look at little girls like that?" "You know what I mean. I would never cross the line.

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   I love you too much. " Mason said as he pulled over into a rest stop. The view was beautiful from here you could see the lake in the distance and the small town at the bottom of the mountain. Mason got out and went to the trunk and pulled out a basket and blanket.  "This was why I was talking to Trina. I had her make this surprise for you. Please forgive me and come out of the car. " Mason took Danealle by the hand and pulled her from her seat. "Come on baby. Don't be like that. I got your favorite. . strawberry cheese cake. " Danealle smiled a little and let Mason pull her along until they found a secluded spot near the woods. They put down and blanket and placed the picnic out.

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   Mason poured Danealle a cup of lemonade. Then sat down behind her and caressed her shoulders. "You look beautiful today babe. I cant wait for Neil to see what a lucky man I am. " Danealle picks a strawberry up to his lips for him to bite. "Yeah you are lucky and you better not forget it. " She smiles at him and her other hand drops to his crouch. "Cause if you do you will never feel my lips around your cock again. " Mason's cock jumped at her touch. "Jesus woman!! I love it when you talk dirty. " He kisses her passionately as he holds her body against his chest His hands caressing her full ample tits. As her body responds to his touch he slides his hands under her blouse and unclasps her bra. Her already large chest seems to double in size as he released them. "Mmmmm baby. I still get amazed every time I see your tits.

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  " Mason lifts her shirt up exposing her full melon sized orbs. Danealle giggles and pulls it back down. "Mason we can't not outside in the public. What if someone sees?" "Your mine and  I don't care who sees or knows it? They just have to be jealous. Unless your are just ashamed of this beautiful body. " He lifts her head to his. "Are you baby?"  Danealle slowly shook her head no.  Mason lifted her shirt again and began to caress her tits. Danealle could feel his meat behind her poking against her back. He whispered in her ear. "Baby, I want to see you naked. Strip for me. Let me take some shots of you up here in this beautiful scenery.  Blushing, Danealle stood up and slowly and teasing pulled her shirt over her head. She could hear his camera phone clicking as her tits bounced from under the blouse.

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   She was starting to get into. She wiggles and danced alittle as she turns around and lifts her skirt. Spreading her thighs she pulled at her tiny panties. Bending over she pulled them down from her ass, uncovering her tight asshole and full cunt lips.  "Ohh baby. . " she heard Mason moan. "Right there. Hold that pose. . I want a closer shot of that. . " She turned her head and smiled at him. As he bent down behind her snapping pictures. She felt his cool fingers touching her twat spreading her lips.

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   He began to rub her clit with his thumb. "Oohhh yeah baby. . That's it. . " he moaned. " I want to see that clit grow. "  Danealle shuddered as he began flicking her clit. Her cunt twitched and dripped down between her swollen lips. She began to breathe hard as she struggled not to move. "Oh you like that . . . Don't you babe. " Danealle shook her head and moaned out loud.

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   "Yes hun. . YESHHHH!   You . . you get me so excited. . . . " Mason smiled and leaned in a licked the juices from her twat. He knew it would send her over the edge. He was so right. She started quivering and her knees buckled and she collapsed into a kneeling position.  "Oh, what's this? You look like you want to fuck. " Mason unbuckles his pants and drops them to the ground. Bending down behind her he started to lick her cunt with long wide strokes.

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   Parting her lips with his thumbs he licks her clit in heavy circular motions. Danealle shudder and moves away and he grasps her thighs and pulls her back,launching his tongue deep inside her cunt.  Danealle screams out uncontrollably. . . " OOOHHH FUCKK!!. . oh ohhhh YEAS!!" As Mason's tongues flicks inside her cunt hitting her g-spot over and ove,r making her squirt in his face.   he Sucks a mouthful of her juices, then he moves up to her asshole and blows it inside. Moving his thumbs back behind her he begins to slowly  push them in her tight hole. He has been trying to fuck this asshole since they met. Today was going to be the day while he had her in the thrall of passion.   He fingered her shitter with his first thumb. She moaned in excitement. Her ass wiggled and clinched around it.

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   "yeah today is it he thought. "Mason positioned himself behind her and rubbed his cock against her cunt. She began panting and moaning loudly as he slowly push it into her pussy. He slid into her wet cunt easy as he gathered more of her juice and rubbed her asshole with his other thumb. Slowly he popped it inside next to the other one.  Finally after some slow work he had both thumbs deep inside her wiggling them as he pounded her cunt. He could feel her loosen her hold on them as she came closer to climax. Her body tensed and her cunt pulsed and tightened as she violently shuddered under him. His cock was flooded with the warmth of her cum flowing over him.  Danealle smiled blissfully and wiggled her ass on his thumbs. Mason knew this was the moment he was waiting for. He pulled out her wet clit and pushed his cock against her back door.   He stretched her hole open as he pushed his head in. Danealle cryed out and pulled away. Pulling his thumbs out he grabbed her hips holding her in place as he slowly pushes into her squirming body.

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   "Shhhhh baby, just Danealle cried, but barely having the energy to resist. Mason slowly stopped his assault and kissed her neck. "Baby I am half way there. Don't make me stop. . It will be worth it promise. Babe please. . "  Danealle slowly nods her tear stained face. "Thank you baby!" Mason kisses her gently and slowly began to press into her again. He could feel her tensing under him. He began to finger her clit and rub between her lips. Soon she was moaning again and her ass began to loosen up. "That's it lover," he cooed in her ear as he pulled out and began to press back in her shitter. Her moans became heavily and she began to drip on his fingers.


   "You like that don't you baby!" Danealle began to push back on his cock as she nodded in agreement. Mason pumped faster slapping his balls against her cunt. He began to babble as he picked up speed his cock engorging inside her tight hole. Then he pulls her hips back on him ramming his full length inside her as he sprays ropes of thick cum up her ass overfilling it until it squeezes out the sides. Panting he falls across her back. "Baby, ohh god! Baby, that was so good" Mason and Danealle lay across the blanket for a bit before Danealle reminds him that they had to leave. Getting up to get dressed Mason kisses her and kneels down  between her thighs to  slowly  give her twat a lick again. "How about we leave that uncovered a bit hunny?" Danealle smiles and tosses him her panties.  "Whatever you desire stud. . " she smiles and walks to the car. .

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