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Kathleen's erecting nipples caused her to be slightly aroused. As she was realizing this she surprisingly felt a palm press against her right calf. That's odd, Ronny isn't normally that daring, she thought. Kathleen just kept dancing and was enjoying the message she was getting on her right calf, obviously Ronny was experienced at this. Slowly the hand crept up the back of Kathleen's leg, sending a slight shiver up her back. It slipped to the inside of her skirt and reached out to the top of her knee, where it continued to message her leg. Kathleen loved it! She loved the attention Ronny was suddenly giving her, and God, she didn‘t realize he was so experienced, the message felt sooo good. Kathleen just let Ronny continue; she loved the new sense of daringness he had suddenly encountered. And the wonderful sense of pleasure he could now give to her. The hand slowly messaged it's way to the elastic band on the bottom of her panties. Kathleen's breathing picked up a little from her excitement. Ronny must have been practicing she thought, this is the best message I've ever received. She also thought about how Ronny must've been working out, for the hand seemed very muscular. The hand continued to message the top of her leg, under her skirt. Kathleen could now feel herself slowly letting liquid drip from her vagina, she couldn't help it. The rubbing stopped and Kathleen suddenly became aware that she could feel something hard pressing against her ass.

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   Startled, she realized that it was expanding, not only that, but it was huge!, "it was a dick" Kathleen suddenly realized. She thought, "it's just some random guy, he probably doesn't even know he's pressing against me. So quickly, Kathleen moved to the side. The hand loosened a little. Then finally started to message again, it slowly started slipping a finger under the bottom of her panties, and moved slowly to her pussy lips. Unbelievable! She thought, Ronny's gonna go all the way! At this point she loved Ronny more than ever, she longed for a bad boy side of him. The entire hand slipped through the leg band of the panties and landed on top of her clit. The hand felt rough and muscular against her sweet, sensitive clit, she loved it. It slowly and masterfully started rubbing and squeezing her clitoris. Kathleen tilted her head back and moaned, which couldn't be heard over the overwhelming noise. The hand kept masterfully working and toying with her inner emotions. Kathleen could now feel her juices drizzling out from her, and kind of liked the sensation of not having control of her own pussy. The hand kept working determinedly at it's mission, it continued to caress Kathleen down. The muscular five fingers and palm were particularly skillful as it squeezed and played with her clit. With it's index and thumb it continued it's masterful play, then, unexpectedly it dipped a long, rough middle finger full length into her cunt.

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   Then slowly inserted another thick finger into her now noticeably moist pussy. She could now feel her pussy releasing her pungent juices into her panties at a continuous pace. While the skillful hand pleasured her fantasies and especially her vagina she slowly felt herself getting light headed, and her spine begin to tingle. Her ecstasy continued to elevate until she felt herself rise into the most fantastic orgasm , she released the hand holding one of her boyfriend's and clasped the hand inflicting this wonderful experience. She had her head tilted back and began to groan, "O-oh God, Oh God, Yes, Yes, YEEESS!"Kathleen's blissful cries just joined the others and wasn't noticeable at all. As she came down she could feel three fingers still in her dripping pussy and they were still pumping vigorously as well as still pleasuring her clit, swollen clit. As she came down from her orgasm she realized the huge dick was in her ass again. But before she could recover from the orgasm it pressed up against her hard and sent a pleasurable tingle through her spine, she let out a moan of lust as it pressed into her with force she couldn't prevent. It stayed buried in her ass cheeks, through her plaid skirt. Kathleen thought, "men must have to press against me, after all it is pretty crowded. " The hand started to pump pretty hard, it even hurt a little, but Kathleen was actually enjoying the pain, it was seriously arousing. The only thing was that every time the hand plunged into her pussy it pushed her back onto the mondo cock, the impact continuously made her gasp and moan. Although, Kathleen liked the feeling the cock was giving her, she didn't want this to be happening with a stranger. So she decided, to finally look down from the stage and thank Ronny for the pleasure, and ask him to start pumping so hard. But as she looked to the right she realized Ronny was just standing there with his hands in the air! Immediately her heart jumped.

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   "Who's hand is up my skirt?!" She thought. She yelled to Ronny but he didn't notice, it was even too noisy for him to here her a foot away. The hand kept very skillfully playing with her, even as she struggled a little as the hand continued. It suddenly occurred to her the hand belonged to the huge dick behind her, which made it too hard to get free, the cock had her locked to her position and forced her to except the hand that was plunged in her depths, she could barely move her hips. She was about to scream as loud as she could, when she felt the cock push the long fingers even deeper in with powerful strength, the sudden shove made her gasp a lengthy groan. The cock had pressed so far into her ass cheeks it had slightly opened up her ass lips. The cock's length was now rubbing slightly on the inside of her ass lips, which was sending small waves of pleasure directly to her head. The hand finally rested it's three fingers deep inside her private part, but it's index and thumb were still working at her clit. Kathleen suddenly began to feel the fingers squirm, scrape, and explore her depths, and mess around with inside of her cunt, and again the hand was very masterful, it felt sooo good. Kathleen got slowly got distracted from defending herself as her head rose dramatically into another unbelievable orgasm, this one was even better than one Ronny could give while he had his cock inserted in her, it was incredibly fantastic for just a single hand, she screamed as she lost her sense of reality, "Jeesuuss, oooooh my Good, Yes, yees, YEEEES!" She screamed. Ronny screamed in her ear, "are you alright?, I thought I heard you scream" As Kathleen finally descended she blankly stared into Ronny's eyes and nodded half mindedly. She could feel cum seeping out of her panties and stickily down her inner thighs, eventually soaking up in her black stockings. Kathleen finally recovered enough to glance behind her. She found herself looking at a really handsome, and especially buff guy, who appeared to be about 30. Her stomach twitched inward at the beautiful sight of his dazzling green eyes.

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   The man just looked into back at her and gave her a breathe taking wink. Kathleen didn't want to be "saved" from this guy any more. She wanted to go home with the guy who had his finger engulfed in her vagina. Kathleen already loved this guy; he gives her sooo much pleasure, plus, this guy was older, more confident, and hotter than Ronny, and although she didn't like to admit it, the fact that this guy's dick was twelve inches really made her horny. She was instantly overtaken with lust for this masterful, but complete stranger. She needed him badly. The fact that Kathleen wasn't struggling anymore gave the guy an incentive to keep at it. He slipped his other hand under her skirt, he then began to slowly pull off her soaking panties, down, past her knees. As the mysterious man swooped Kathleen's panties from the ground, the smell of her love juices were fully apparent to her as the piece of underwear quickly swooshed by her head, for the panties were filled with her very pungent cum and then placed in his pocket. The green eyed stranger than stepped forward, and using the coverage of Kathleen's back he unzipped his jean zipper and apparently isn't wearing any boxers. He quickly slipped his humongous dick up Kathleen's skirt, so it appeared he was just standing really close to her back. His massive penis poked out the clothe of Kathleen's skirt and rose it from knee length to three quarters thigh length. Kathleen's breathing was very heavy now, her stomach which was easily seen was heaving in and out long, excited breaths. Kathleen was anticipating the most sensational orgasms she had ever experienced. The man placed both his hands on the inside of her thighs and with ease forced Kathleen to stand with her legs apart.

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   He then started sliding his thick shaft up and down the opening of her cunt. She tilted her head back and let out a miniscule moan in his ear. He slowly moved his hips back until his mushroom head's tip was barely poking into her insides. Then he took his hand and placed it on his dick, and pushed just his mushroom head in. "Do you like it?" He asked in a deep, controlling, but very sexy voice close to her tilted back ear. "Y-yes" Kathleen gasped back into his hear. He felt her put her hand under her skirt and try to guide his huge shaft of pleasure deep into her cunt. But, her petite fingers didn't even wrap all the way around his man hood, she tugged and surprisingly it wouldn't budge, he wasn't letting it move any further!Again she tried, this time she wrapped both her soft, smooth hands around his shaft and tried to slip it into her depths, he still didn't let go, Kathleen just gave up, he was too strong for her. Still with her head tilted back; the man could see into her gorgeous face. At this moment he realized how beautiful this girl was, he noticed that he had a stunning 19 year old knock out, possibly a swimsuit model at his mercy, one that would now obey his every command just to get banged by his erect dick. He just stood there with his dick barely inserted in her sopping wet vagina. Her juices began to escape from her pussy with out her will they just began to drizzle onto the ground in one small, continuous stream, she could feel her cum begin to flow out a little fast for her liking, especially when in a public place, it made her nervous to know that anyone could probably see the liquid oozing out, if they looked close enough. She tried to stop the cum from draining out of her, but she couldn't control the releasing of her own juices Kathleen couldn't believe the unimaginable pleasure this guy was keeping from her. She felt worried that this hunk might not go all the way. As she began thinking about the pleasures that this guy was depriving her of, her eyes began to get moist, she needed this guy, badly.

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   With her eyes letting one tear go she pleaded in the guy's ear, "please, please fuck me, I need you sooo, bad. " She whined with a voice that sounded like it belonged to a sweet, innocent adolescent. Kathleen now bit her bottom lip and stared, with moist eyes, right at his hypnotizing green pupils. The look of Kathleen's beautiful face; of helplessness and longing, made the guy stop playing with her. "This might hurt a little" he replied, once more with utter sexiness in his voice. Instantly the guy shoved his mushroom head as deep inside as he could. As it slid into her pussy Kathleen let out a groan of pleasure, "Ooooooooooh" she released until a little after the shaft stopped taking intruding her insides. He only got his cock 8 inches into her drenched insides, it was a very tight fit. Kathleen now hung there suspended on this strangers huge dick, with her tippy-toes barely touching the cool lawn. The guy started pumping in and out slowly but thoroughly, making sure each time he inserted his dick it caused Kathleen to moan longer and louder. He then started going faster and faster as he pumped and he added a trick he had learned from his masterful experience to make a girl go wild, he started making a rough circular motion with his dick as he pumped in and out, making sure he touched every sense, and nerve in her vagina. And of course it worked. Kathleen felt her loosing track of the what was going on again, she began to shake at the knees, then her groans began to get louder and louder. Her very erecting groans turned into short breathes of "fuck me, fuck me, don‘t stop!" Kathleen finally climaxed in the most wonderful sensation she had ever experienced, "Oh yes, oh yes, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH FUUUUUCK!" She exploded into orgasm Ronny said something to her but she heard nothing. Kathleen helplessly starts letting juices poor from her unbelievably wet vagina, her cum starts running down her legs and soaks through the stocking elastic, Kathleen can feel it slipping slimily down her calves and finally creating a squishy puddle in her shoes.

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   She came so much in her last orgasm as she slowly subsides back to reality she can feel her pussy slowly slipping down on the man's dick, even more. Plus her insides were now stretched to a new expanded size, the mysterious man could feel both of these new improvements and pumps one hard thrust and shoves his whole twelve inch dick the full length into this nineteen year old‘s aching cunt. Kathleen screams a groan as she feels his penis slip all the way in suddenly she becomes very light headed, she can feel the stranger's light pubic hair tickling her underside, as she is completely impaled with his huge twelve inches she immediately snaps her head back and looks directly into her lover's eyes. Her feet thump, finally level with the ground, "It hurts" she says, "I-I think you're touching my womb" "I am" he says "don't worry it'll feel better", he assures her While Kathleen gets use to the pain the stranger puts his hand under her skirt to her luscious backside and inserts his big, long middle finger, instantly Kathleen moans, he then shoves two more fingers in, she is forced to spread her legs even wider to accommodate the objects filling her most pleasurable holes. He then places his other masterful hand on her extremely swollen clit, he starts fondling and toying with it as he starts feeling and playing with the insides of Kathleen's helpless ass, Kathleen feels herself begin to climax, she starts to moan, totally out of breath, the ecstasy she feels is totally overwhelming. Then he starts pumping quickly and hardly, even though Kathleen's pussy still aches. He doesn't care, he wants to get off. Immediately Kathleen unconsciously starts yelling, "OH YES, OH YES" over and over again. The pleasure that this hunk is now inflicting is so over powering if Kathleen tried she couldn't possibly think of anything else, it was the closest to actually being in heaven as you can actually get, her whole body felt so unbelievably good. As the guy bucked in and out of her ass with three long, rough fingers, and played with her clit with his masterful skill, plus fucked her sopping wet, aching cunt he had her head in an extremely lustful climax. She then screamed as she entered complete and utter ecstasy, as she entered the highest most unbelievable climax, one she never thought was possible, then she felt heavy explosions of gew explode all over her totally captive insides, as the mysterious stranger pelted her insides with warm penetrating cum, it sent Kathleen even higher, to a state of nothing but bliss and ecstasy, she was thrashing violently and couldn't stop her self, she screamed uncontrollably"JEEEEESUUUUUSSS CHRIIIIISST, HOLY FUUUUUCK, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!" Kathleen finally hit her peak and collapsed, still deeply impaled on his dick. But the stranger hadn't totally gotten rid of his load, he kept pumping and pumping, with out caring that she was done. Then finally with drew. As he withdrew Kathleen collapsed and fell to his arms, he simply caught her and held her on her feet. Kathleen finally awoke totally flushed and came to her senses, she didn't need this hunk to keep her standing anymore.

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   Her sensitive vagina was hurting a bit, and she could still feel a sensation of pleasure every time her pussy throbbed. Between her legs it felt like there was a waterfall, as she looked down she noticed that‘s what it looked like as well, that she was just letting liquid gush out of her deep insides she tried to stop her vagina from releasing so damn much, but she couldn't control the cum at all, it just continued to pour out. She could also feel slight gobs of gew sliding slimily out of her cunt, and stickily down her thighs. The stranger noticed the mess and handed her her panties from inside his pocket, they were very wet, you could even see his hand almost perfectly as he held them out to her. But they'd have to do, she slipped them on to stop her pussy from looking like a faucet, but it only helped slightly, still her juices seeped out, down her out her crotch and down her wet legs . Kathleen noticed that the hunk's pants also soaked, all over the crotch area. She had totally forgotten Ronny at this point and asked the stranger with total kindness if she could go home with him tonight. "Sure he said, if you don't tell my wife. " With a huge smile Kathleen walked, with her shoes slopping, home with this magical stranger. The whole time thinking about what kind of things she could have the guy do to her very willing body. . . Any comment or suggestions would be greatly appreciated I have writtin quite a few different stories and I will be posting them more often. Sincerly,RomeoX.

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