The Midnight Show

Sex In Public

Meridith Jameson, a fit 145 lb, irish woman walked into the local movie theater, she was in town visiting her boyfriend of a about 3 years, Harvey, hand in hand with him Meriddith and Harvey always caught the late movies when she came to visit, Between his job and her hardly getting to see him this was all they had time for, But rarely did they watch the movie, sometimes they would have a big oral session in the back of the theater or exhausted they would just fall asleep, but tonight was going to be different. Meridith went a got their normal seats at the back corner, she had a plan, earlier that day she had been talking to her best friend Claudia about a gigantic fuck fest that her and her fiance had had in theater. Sounds like fun, Meridith thought, maybe I"ll get Harv to do the same thing to me. Which was why she could be seen wearing a jacket in the dead of August heat to a movie theather, Meridith had it all planned out right down to the crotchless panties that she wore and the little mini that was so tight you could see her ass cheeks poking out of the bottom. She also made it a point to not wear a bra so that her 34DD could be free and uninhibited, She also wore that little see-thru number that always got Harvey's shaft to jump up.Now was the time to act, Harvey was drawing near to her and their seat
  As Harvey came to their seat what he saw surprised him, there was Meridith in the tightest, sexiest and littlest outfit that he'd ever seen, what he saw made is cock go rigid with excitement, Hot damn he wanted to take right there right now, but he'd have to wait until the lights dimmed to their normal pitch black.
Meridith plaesed with the look on his face, she slowly guided him to his seat and began to stroke his shaft over his jeans, he was getting hard really fast, she thought with delite, The lights started to dim and when they went completely black she lead his hand to the hem of her mini, He got the picture and was very surpriesd to find a clean shaven and dripping wet pussy waiting for his sitff member to climb inside, His other hand slow went up to the pink nipples that were shotting like nails out at him throught the transperant cami that she was wearing. Meridith got down on her knees and started to milk his stiff member with her hand, lapping up the pre-cum that dripped from him. Harvey was cascading into euphoria with her hands and her soft tounge. Moaning into orgasm he shot a load right in her mouth that by then she was sucking vigoroulsly, while he tweeked her soft mounds with his finger and thumb, slowly Meridith was craving for some attention to her twat box, wanting his shaft deep inside of her, slowly she rose herself on to the back of the chair infront of them so that he could get a better look at her wet snatch, he slowly took her hips and guide her pussy to his mouth, his toungue flicking back and forth on her clit, she gasped in orgasmic pleasure as he tounge fucked her, she cooed in delite as her fingered her from behind, finally surprising her with slipping his finger into her tight ass hole, the more that he did this the more that she wanted him to take her.
When he finally did, it was sheer ecsatcy for both, his thrust was powerful and, his shaft never failed, they both orgasimed at the same time and fell in exhusted pleasure, after the movie was over and the light brought back up they gathered themselves and with a still yearnig pussy, Meridith said " We have to do that again sometime soon" Harvey agreed and smiled just counting the hours he'd have to wait til they did it again.