The poetry reading

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Topic: The Poetry ReadingShe had gotten passes to this poetry reading, she dragged me along, I wasn't at all into this shit, so I brought my radio and listened to the sports on the AM stations. Soon we were going in, it was like being in a sardine can, we were elbow to elbow with other people. We had found a corner, next to a planter, it was fake, just like the poetit I thought.
Here I am, standing in this corner with my girlfriend, she was into this shit, so I figured if I go, she'll be happy and I'll at least get laid tonight, so the guy started he was totally boring, so I turned the radio on, I was into the game, it was a close match, the score was tied at 7 at half time, so it was at that time the poetit took a break, she ran off to get his autograph, I stayed behind, she was gone for the longest time, I got comfortable as possibel against the wall behind me, it afforded some support.
Then out of no where this woman came and stood in front of me, she smelled wonderful, her her was auburn and her dress was just above her knees and flowing, so I took her in from behind, the reader came back, thanked his readers for there support and continued to do his reading, my girlfriend hadn't made her way back at htis point, but the woman in front of me, started to push back against me, at first I thought well she's just as tired as I was, but then she started to grind her ass against me, it got my cock stirring, she continued to do this for some time. I was tring to ignore her, but the more I pushed away, she came back against me, so I said what the hell, I took my hand and played with her ass, she didn't move, she stayed right there, so I said ok.
I moved my hand to the bottom of her dress, it was lose fitting, I raised it gently, she made no effort to resist or protest, so I went under her dress, working my way to her ass, when I found pay dirt, I moved her along her ass, she must have had on a g-string because I didn't hit any resistance until I got to her crack, she slowly spread her legs, I slid my fingers between her ass cheeks, she let me go ahead. I worked my way into her pussy, she was drenched, she wiggled back against my fingers, she let out a small moan as I fingered her, she pushed back once more, my cock was so hard it hurt, so I said I'm going for it, so I with my free hand, unzipped my trousers and freed my cock, I slowly looked around and everyone was glued to the reader.
I kept my hand between her cheeks, I seperated her legs some with my fingers, she took the hint, my fingers two of them sunk in deep inside her, she got wetter as I did this, I took my fingers out, and replaced it with my cock, she moaned a bit louder, I let her dress cover us, she stayed right there, she didn't move, I slowly stroked in anbd out of her pussy, she was going nuts, she was puching so hard against me, it was hard to move, I pushed back and she let up some. I worked my cock in and out of her, she shuddered and said nothing, but I felt her body go slightly limp, I continued my strokes, I felt my cock and nuts build, I started to go a bit faster, then without notice, I sprayed my load deep inside her, she withered a bit, then stood right there,
I was still deep inside her pussy, I pumped a few more times, just to empty my cock out, she didn't move, then I slid it out, took it in my hands, the head was still against her ass, I slid it around her pussy lips and then to her ass, she didn't move, I sloid it back into her pussy once again, she moaned, I slid it out and back in, she was going crazy at this point, I slid it out once more, then I pointed it to her ass and slowly worked it in, she let me go there, I pumped her ass slowly as well, she shook some more, she had had another orgasm, I pumped her ass until I shot my load inside her, she pushed back against me as I did, I pumped a few more times and slid it out, she stood there with my cock against her ass cheeks, I figured what the hell, so I tried to get it hard once again, but to avail, I said to myself, what a time to not perform, she wiggled her ass against my cock, that did the trick, it diodn't take long before I was rock hard once again.
I slid it back into her pussy and fucked her again, she loved the slow strokes I assume, she met every one of them, she came once again, it took me some time before I did, but I flooded her once again, she never looked back, I never got to see her face, I fucked her three times but never saw her face or got a name, but it was hte best poetry reading I have ever been to. As I pulled out, she stood erect, straighten her dress and moved off, I never got to see her again, all I remember was her dress and perfume, so as the crowd left, I searched for her, when I found my girlfriend she kissed me and thanked me for coming, she said I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, I smiled and said you know, I did, we have to come to another some time, she looked at me with a strange look, she hadn't excepted that response, but she took my arm and we left, I still never found the woman, I thought a few times I had, but she wasn't there, she vanished as strangely as she came into my life, I hope that maybe, just maybe, she will read this and remember the night of unbridaled passion that we had during the reading, because I'll never forget it.

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