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Sara had some seriously big tits. Most men didn’t care how perky they were because of their size, but when she was getting close to age thirty, they had started sagging a little and it bothered her.
Sara’s tits were her favorite bodily feature. She was shy and awkward throughout school. She didn’t start feeling better about herself until college when guys started making a big fuse about the size of her breasts.
The Marriott on Ontario had everything you could imagine—a supermarket, a trade school, a military recruiting center, and a gym. She worked in the administration office at the trade school. When she noticed her tits were sagging she immediately signed up for a membership at the gym on the top floor.
It had been a few months. Her tits were high and mighty once again and her confidence had returned because of all the men (especially male students) who tried to hit on her every day.
None of them sparked her interest except for one. He was one of the men who worked out with her at the gym.
He was tall and bald and very muscular. His eyes were sexy and he reeked of sex appeal.

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   His name was Chris. She’d met him shortly after she’d started lifting weights.
She wasn’t sure which exercises were good for developing the pectoral muscle. She asked Chris because his pecs were huge.
He took one look at her tits and started cracking jokes about how hard it would be for her to get through the door if her chest got any bigger. She explained why she needed to work that part of her body and that’s when the compliments and flirting started.
They’d been doing it ever since, but Sara was really disappointed that flirting was all they seemed to do. Chris never made a move on her, never asked for a phone number, never asked her out on a date. She made it obvious that she would accept but still no luck.
Lately they had spent a lot of time talking about sex, wild places that they’d had sex, in particular. Chris had the most interesting stories. He’d had sex on beaches, public rest rooms, parking lots, in his backyard, and he once tried to fuck an 18 year old girl on a school bus, but she was too chicken to go through with it.
The wildest thing Sara had done was give her ex-boyfriend a blowjob in a parking lot after they’d gone to a pro basketball game. Listening to Chris’s stories and seeing the joy in his eyes as he told them made Sara more curious to try something daring.
On her lunch break she took the elevator to the top floor.

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   The gym was empty, and since this gym was in a 5-star hotel, there was no need for an attendant. She slipped into the men’s locker room put her workout clothes in a locker.
It was Tuesday, the slowest day of the week at the gym. Normally there would be Sara, Chris, and maybe two other people at this time, but it was still totally empty when she got off work, which was good for her.
Her stomach was flipping in knots as she walked into the men’s locker room for the second time that day. She was nervous, but extremely excited and horny as hell.
The room smelled of sweat. Normally she would have found this scent to be repulsive, but tonight it was turning her on.
She opened the locker door and reached for her workout clothes. Instead of getting those, she took out the bathing suit that she was going to use for swimming after she’d finished working out. It was better suited for her mission tonight.
She removed her boots and lifted her shirt over her head, and out spilled her enormous DDD tits. She took her pants off next, which left her sitting completely naked in the men’s locker room.
Her heart was pounding really hard now. Her hands were shaking badly.

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   For a brief moment she started having doubts about whether or not to see this thing through.
Before she could make up her mind, she heard shoes scraping the floor and then a shadow stopped next to her. Sara looked up and saw a pair of the widest eyes that she had ever seen in her life.
“What are you doing in here?” she asked.
Chris said, “Well, this is the men’s locker room. What are you doing in here?”
He wasn’t making much of an effort not to gawk at Sara’s tits, which was a good sign, but it made her feel a little awkward so she covered them as best she could with her arms.
“Oh,” she said, “I don’t really know my way around here yet. ”
“Do you even know your way to the weight room?” asked Chris. “Are you gonna go work out?”
“Uh, yeah, as soon as I get my clothes on. ” She uncovered her breasts and picked up her clothes.
For the first time, Chris looked away, but it was only briefly. “Okay, well you put your clothes on and I’ll wait right here to make sure nobody else comes in. ”
He put the dumbbell down and stood with his back to her at the door. Sara was a bombshell. He already knew she had a nice build, but now that he’d seen her naked he knew he had to have her.

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And now that he thought about it, she didn’t seem too concerned with having her body on display in front of him. Sometimes it even seemed like she was moving her clothes out of the way so he could get a better view.
Looking back on it even more, she didn’t seem very embarrassed like a woman who had been put in that situation would. She smiled at him a lot—with her mouth and her eyes—during their whole conversation.
Maybe she’d planned it, thought Chris.
After all, she had been flirting with him for the past few months. And the only reason he didn’t make a move on her was because he figured a woman who looked that good would be too high-maintenance to go for someone who drove a school bus for a living.
But what if she was trying to seduce him? What if she was serious about him? What if she really liked him and wanted to make their friendship into something sexual? What if—hmmm?
He looked over his shoulder to get another peek at her. There was a brief moment of eye contact before Sara turned her head trying to pretend she didn’t know he was watching. It seemed like she was trying to hold back a smile.
Chris flirted with her and she flirted back, but he was lost in deep thought as they walked into the weight room. Luckily it was still completely void of human life other than them.
Chris sat at the exercise bike and started pedaling. Sara walked past him, sat at the bench press machine, and started lifting.
Chris was really confused.

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   There were so many things about the last few minutes that were so out of the ordinary. And now that he thought of it, there was something about Sara at the very moment that was out of the ordinary too, but he couldn’t figure it out.
“What are you ganna be working today?”
“I’m gonna work my pecs,” she answered and smiled.
“From what I saw when I walked into the locker room, I’d say you’re alright there. ”
Her smile grew wider and she stuck out her chest as she lifted the weights into the air. She replied to his compliment but Chris couldn’t hear it too well. Sara was very sexy and there was something about the way she was pumping iron in her skimpy swim suit that was getting him really excited.
That’s when it hit him. It was the swim suit. Sara never lifted weights in her swim suit. She usually wore jogging pants and a T-shirt.
He watched a few seconds longer, his cock slowly beginning to slide down his leg as he watched her enormous tits heaving in and out. He still had his doubts, but now he was almost sure that Sara was trying to seduce him.
“How have your workouts been coming along?” he asked.
“I don’t know.


   My workouts have been kind of stale lately. Do you think you could give me a few pointers?”
He got off the bike and approached her. He gave her a tip on how to improve her form to maximize the results of each lift. He talked about the way she clenched her jaws when she lifted and how it shifted energy to wrong place.
She stopped lifting as he spoke. She was sitting with her hands over her chest as if surprised that something so simple could affect her workout.
Chris was feeling tingly. Sara looked so pretty in that pose, but it wasn’t just that. It was everything.
It was the tight swim suit that barely covered anything. It was the months that they’d spent flirting with each other. It was the thought of fucking her like a whore in the middle of the weight room. It was the possibility that fucking her in the weight room was probably what she wanted. Above all else, it was the fact that he’d seen her naked and he couldn’t—for the life of him—get that vision out of his head. His cock was throbbing so hard it hurt.

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Chris started breathing so hard that he was almost hyperventilating. He was more nervous now than he had ever been in his life. He’d never done anything this bold, but all the signs were there so he had to try and just live with the consequences if his assumption was wrong.
“There’s a limit,” he said, pretending to be referring to the limits of exercise.
“What’s that?” asked Sara.
He felt a queasy feeling in his stomach that was followed by an intense rush of excitement. He looked around to make sure no one had entered the gym.
Then, with one swift movement, he reached into his jogging pants and pulled out a throbbing, rock-hard dick and put it in front of Sara’s mouth.
She still had that rye smile on her face, but she was really surprised. She was hoping to get him to come home with her later on. She had no idea that he was going to do this.
Her first thought was to tell him to put it away. They were in a weight room with glass walls. Even if no one came to work out, somebody could walk past on their way somewhere else. It was too risky to try something here.

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She started joking as if she was really going to do something with it, like she was really dumb enough to believe that sucking a dick would improve her work out.
When she was done joking, she opened her mouth to tell him to put it away, but the thrill of getting caught had taken control of her body. Instead of saying anything, she leaned forward, opened her mouth a lot wider, and closed it around his meaty cock head.
Chris twitched as sheer shock and ecstasy raced through his body. He gasped as he felt her soft lips gliding over his shaft, getting it nice and wet with her tongue.
He ran his fingers through her blonde hair as she cupped his balls and fed more of his penis into her mouth. She started sucking faster and harder. Chris closed his eyes and held onto the wall for dear life.
She started twisting her head with every rise and fall of her head. She pulled his cock free of her jaws, licked the sensitive underside, and wiggled her tongue across the head. Then she stuffed him deep in her mouth, so deep that she felt the cock head yielding to the muscles in the back of her throat.
“Ohhh!” Chris moaned, but just a shade above a whisper. He didn’t want to add to the risk of getting caught by screaming out loud. Instead, he distracted himself by keeping an eye on the glass walls for anyone who might be walking by.
Sara started licking the bottom of his cock every time she went down on him.

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   The slurping was louder too. Chris fought off the urge to scream again and started humping her face with a handful of hair in his palms.
Sara’s pussy was oozing. She was so horny. It was better than she could have ever dreamed. She pulled her tits out of the bathing suit and let them hang as she covered Chris’s dick in her saliva.
Chris took a step back. He glanced at the wall to make sure it was still okay. It was, so he motioned for Sara to follow him to a weight bench where he lay down with his dick pointed happily to the ceiling.
Sara arched her back and eased her swollen pussy lips over his hot cock. They were both completely naked now.
They didn’t care about getting caught anymore There was a part of them that wanted somebody to see what was going on. Sara liked having her body on display and Chris was getting off on how horny she was acting because of it.
She was riding him in the reverse cowgirl position, Sara’s favorite. From this angle, Chris had the perfect view of his cock squeezing in and out of her tight cunt.

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   It felt so good, so warm and wet.
He lifted her off his cock and bent her over the weight bench. He crouched in behind her and slipped his cock inside her. Her ass was cute, but small, and since Chris’s dick was so huge, it was like he had an unimpeded path to the pussy.
“Ohhh!” moaned Sara as she felt him enter her hot nest. He’d back out of her until nothing was left but the head, then stuff his love tool to the hilt back up in her.
The pace was quickening. The moans the smacking of the hips was getting louder. Her tits and hair swayed with every thrust.
She was doing a good job of keeping quiet until Chris started eating her pussy. Chris was sucking fiercely on her clit while he fucked her with his fingers.
She was lying flat on the bench, which put her at a better angle to see the door than any of the other positions. Her eyes were closed most of the time, but every now and then she’d open them and look at the glass walls imagining someone seeing her getting fucked like a cheap whore. It sent a rush of tingles through her pussy that sent her over the edge.
“Oh, yeah! Oh…oh, oh!” she screamed as cunt juice spurt into Chris’s mouth.


He opened her legs and stepped between them. His cock was dying to cum. He needed to cum, plus they’d been there way too long. Normally when he did things like this, they did it in one position and they rushed it along. Their chances of getting caught was getting better with every minute that ticked by.
He looked her body over. She looked damn good. How could anyone have tits that big? It didn’t seem possible.
He felt his cock jump as he placed the head on Sara’s hole and pushed. She was slippery now. The pussy licking had moistened her up considerably, but she had that same tight squeeze that was bringing him closer to popping his load.
Her huge tits were flopping like fun bags and she was staring at him with a passionate grimace on her face, her teeth clenched tight enough to bite through wood.
She spread a little wider, giving him deeper penetration into her tight snatch. He kept looking at her breasts and the disoriented facial expression etched on her slutty face.
“Fuck my pussy,” she whispered.

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He felt an orgasm building in his loins. He pumped her tender cunt faster. His cock was burning as cum started making its way up his shaft.
“Aw…oh!” groaned Chris.
He pulled his cock out of her twat. He didn’t ask if it was okay to cum in her mouth. She was getting it whether she wanted it or not.
To his delight, Sara opened her mouth and lapped greedily at every sticky drop of nut that sprang from his cock. Some of it landed in her mouth, but a large portion of it landed on her cheek and dripped down the side of her face.
Sara smiled as she savored it’s bland, salty taste and tossed it around in her mouth with her tongue before she opened her throat muscles and let it seep into her stomach.
Mmmmm, she thought.
There’s nothing better than a protein shake after a hard workout.
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