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Shit, if he wants me all out and about, then damnit imma be out and about, she thought smugly as she sat down and promptly ordered a pitcher of beer. “C’mon Nisha, don’t act all stuck up tonight,” Benny pouted as he tried to kiss her, “I promise we will have a good time. ” “Alright Benny, but you promised. ” she forced a smile that said it all. His face was full of happiness as he went over to the counter with his crew to get the alley and shoes. Tanisha was glancing around the bowling alley, thinking that teenage boys did’nt look anything like this when she was growing up. And one in particular caught her eye. He was standing just to the left of her, talking to a group of giggling girls. He was about 5. 11 with light brown skin. His body was thick in the right places, like he played football or some kind of sport. He was wearing a Detroit Pistons Jersey that was two sizes to big and a pair of baggy light blue jeans. He wore a hat that matched along with some crispy white shoes. His lips were nice and full along with his mustache and goat-t. He was probably about 18 0r 19, but she probably guessed closer to 18. She felt her body get so warm that she had to put her beer down and squeeze her legs together.

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   This might not be so bad after all, she thought to herself. Although she had never been attracted to younger men she thought that he was FINE as hell. He noticed her looking at him and looked directly into her eyes and nodded his head, like, I know you watchin me. She smiled back, and then turned her head just in time to see Benny walking up. “You cool Nisha?” Benny asked as he sat down another beer in front of her along with her shoes. “Yes, baby, I’m cool. Thanks. Ok, let’s bowl. ” She smacked her hands together and wet her lips. Putting on her rented shoes she walked along the far wall in search for a bowling ball small enough for her to use. She ended up on the furthest end of the alley, way down from her man and his crew. “Hey sexy. ” She heard a male voice say behind her as she turned towards it. It was the boy she had been looking at staring at her in the face. Not wanting to seem to eager she Said the first thing that popped in her head.


   “Who taught you how to approach a woman boy? I’m not some young ass girl that you can approach any ol’ way, show some respect. ” Tanisha sucked her gums and continued to look for a ball. He stopped for a second, not used to getting that kind of reaction at all. He was used to girls falling all over him and smiling like they won the lottery when they saw him approach. Rebounding back he stood in front of Tanisha, blocking her way. “Damn, my bad baby. Can we start over again?” he smiled to reveal perfect teeth. “Depends. ” Tanisha looked into his eyes and took a step closer to him,” On what you have to say the second time around. ” “Well, how are you and can I get your number?” He asked again, more hopeful this time. “Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. ” Tanisha smiled at him while picking up her ball from the shelf. After about an hour and two pitchers later Tanisha was drunk and feeling no pain what so ever. She glanced over every now and then, noticing the guy still watching her as she bowled.

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   She even bendt down a few times so he could get a view of her perfect ass. Benny was oblivious to what she was doing for he was to busy laughing with his crew. “Baby, I’ll be right back, I gotta go potty. ” Tanisha told Benny as he nodded towards her. Standing up she walked to the other side of the bowling alley, away from the rest of the crowd. The bathroom was located at the far end of the alley, in a quiet place in the building, which was hard considering the music was blaring and the balls were hitting pins. Walking into the bathroom she peered into the mirror to check her make-up. Putting her hand to her forehead she took a deep breath, trying to will her spinning head down and got ready to go into the stall. The door opened and in came the guy that tried to talk to her earlier. Tanisha gasped loudly, not expecting to see him walk into the door. “Wha…What are you doin in here?” Tanisha exclaimed. “Girl, you are so fine. I just had to talk to again, away from everyone else. ” He motioned towards the door to indicate everyone. “But, this is a woman’s bathroom.

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   You crazy. ” Tanisha felt a little panicked yet intrigued that he had come into here, she tried to dodge him and walk out but he blocked her way. “Not crazy baby, honest. Damn, you are fine as a motherfucker girl. Come here. ” he was on Tanisha before she had a chance to protest. He grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him, kissing her lips with his. His tongue forced its way into her mouth roughly as his hands went onto her ass. She tried to push him off but he was so much bigger than she was that it was no use. He lifted her up by her waist, making her legs wrap around it while taking her into the handicapped stall. Kicking the door closed behind them he pressed Tanisha’ back Against the wall. Despite the protests her head were giving her kitty was screaming in ecstasy. He then stopped kissing her and let his mouth trail to her neck, suckling it gently. He then pulled her tank top down to reveal her large, black nipple. He put his tongue onto it, sucking it like a cherry while she moaned in delight.

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   Then taking his mouth off the one he bendt his head towards the other one, sucking it the same way. She cried out as his teeth latched onto it, making her shiver. “Damn, you are fine…” he grumbled as he set her down on the ground. Reaching out he unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down and off her body. She watched as he hung them up on the door and marveled at her body. Tanisha felt cold as she stood clad only in a tank and her thongs. She noticed the bulge in his jeans and was dying to feel it inside of her, but not until she tasted him. Squatting down she unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out. It sprang to life and extended about eight inches. Greedily she took it into her mouth; sucking on the head first she took the whole dick into her mouth. She played with the shaft while in her mouth, making it wet with her saliva. He moaned and put his hand onto her head, making it bob up and down on his dick. She sucked it like a pro, knowing that she was blowing this young dudes mind. Her head wiggled from side to side as her hand pulled on his shaft. Her thongs were wet with her pussy juices as she stopped and stood up.

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   Not wanting to be teased anymore she pulled his pants down far enough for him to pull his dick out comfortably. He picked her up again and wrapped her legs around his body. She felt his dick right at her pussy lips, itching to get inside. He pulled her thongs to the side and with one thrust he was inside of her, filling her pussy with his nice, thick dick. With her back against the stall he pushed himself as far as he could go inside of her. “Damn, you so wet baby. ” he breathed in delight. “Yes baby, fuck me. ” she whispered into his ear. He kissed her mouth and put his hands onto her ass cheeks and eased his dick in and out of her walls. They contracted around his dick as he bounced her up and down on him. Tanisha was in heaven. , loving the way that this young dude felt inside of her. Still kissing her lips he fucked her against that cold wall. Pushing inside of her faster and faster he slowed down when he heard the door open.

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   Stopping all together she squeezed her muscles and he smiled. HoldingHer with one hand he brought his finger up to his lips in a SHH sign. They both breathed low while listening to the conversation “Girl, did you see that dude in the Pistons Jersey out there? He is FINE. ” a female voice said. “Yes, I’m not blind girl. He goes to school with me. His name is Miles. But, he got a girl and she is a bitch. Shit, let me get that for two minutes, Id have his ass singin. ” they both giggled and left back out a moment later. Tanisha smiled, glad to know this mystery mans name now. “Miles, Fuck me and make my pussy cum all over your nice dick. ” she whispered into his ear. “Alright then baby. ” he put her down and bendt her over, so that her face was pressed against the stall wall while her hands rested on the bar.

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   He pushed his dick inside of her again, smacking her ass and fucked her hard. Tanisha was using one hand to play with her clit while using the other for balance. “Yeah, play with your pussy girl. Actin like you did’nt want no dick at first now you lovin it, huh?” Miles said to her. “Yes,” she said as her whole body tensed up and became ridged,” Make this pussy cum baby. ” She felt it from her toes to the tip of her head, making her squeal from the feeling. Her cum gushed onto his dick, making it drip onto the front of his jeans. She felt his dick get harder as he was ready to cum also. He pushed harder and harder, slowing down and doing one last thrust as she felt his hot cum fill her hole. Slowing down her withdrew and looked at her incredubously. “That was the shit. ” Miles said while pulling some toilet paper of the roll to clean himself up with. “I know. ” Tanisha smiled knowingly. “What is your name?” he asked as she cleaned herself up the same way.

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   “Do you care?” she asked him while pulling her jeans back on. “Yeah, can I see you again?” “We’ll see. ” Tanisha winked at him and walked out of the stall. Checking her make-up and hair to make sure it wasn’t messed up to bad she walked back out into the bowling alley, leaving Miles standing there until it was safe to come out. “Hey baby, where you been?” Benny asked her as she walked out to him. “Oh, My stomach was hurting and my head was spinning, I thought I was gonna throw up. ” she smiled and kissed his cheek. “You alright? We need to leave?” “Naw, im alright now. I found something in the bathroom that knockec my headache right out. ” As soon as those words left her mouth she saw Miles walk out into the bowling alley and look for her. He nodded his head and smiled at her. She smiled back and looked back at Benny. “We are cool baby. Is it my turn?” Smiling sweetly Tanisha was glad that she did’nt stay home that day. She would have really missed out then.

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