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Topic: Tora gets caught at the pool   It was a beautiful Tuesday. Hot. Sunny. Not a cloud in the sky when Tora came home from school rushing through the house to find me lying out by the pool in the back reading the new High Times and smokin on a spliff. My name is Sandy Bull Run. I know what your thinkin, "sounds like a porn star name," well your god-damn right. But keep that on the DL cause my lil step-sis, Tora, doesn't know anything about that. You see I'm only 19, blond shaggy hair, well-toned, but everyone who really knows me well says I'm experienced for my age, and I am a very sexual being. So when my ex-girlfriend and I started experimenting with my dad's videocamera. . well, lets just say I found a new hobby.   Two years later, my own website, a long list of gorgeous girls I film fucking my 9 inch long thick dick, which brings me in about $5gs a month, I'd say I turned that hobby into a business. . a business I keep secret from my family life, especially from Tora, or so I thought. . .

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     Let me tell you something, I could have any woman, but I would take Tora over any of them in a heartbeat. And its not because she's the most beautiful girl, although she does put half the girls I film to shame. . . Tora is 16 years old, long red hair, cute face, and 34 C perky perfect breasts. Today she comes runnin up to me wearin a white t soo tight I can make out her perky little nipples standin at attention and her blue shorts are so short I could swear I was seein camletoe. . ahh, she drives me crazy and doesn't even know. .
     "Sandy, will you take me to the pool?," asks Tora.
     "Whada you need to go to the pool for lil girl, we've got one right here?"
     "I know, but it's such a beautiful day and I'm so hot and sweaty from the long walk home. I want to go where there's lots of people" says Tora
     "Ok, but only if you do me a favor. "
      "Sure. Anything for you. " she said.

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      "Come sit on my lap. I need to whisper it to you sis. "
      Tora walked over to me slowly with a curious look on her face. She turned so her luscious ass was right in my face which made my cock twich then proceeded to sit down right on it. .
      "What do you want Sand?" Tora caught me staring her breasts with a look on my face like a hungry fat kid at a Chuckie Cheese. My cock started to grow hard. I waunder if she could feel it. I can't believe I'm actually getting a little nervous, me, Sandy Bull Run, nervous? I've never been nervous a day in my life, but I've also never made this much of a move on Tora. I had to keep it going. . .
      "Tora, have you ever been with a man?" I asked.
      "I gave one of the football players a hand job in between classes in the bathroom once. But that's it. 

   He came on my face and I tasted it. . O no! I shouldn't have said. . "
      "No, don't be silly you can tell me anything. Did you enjoy the taste?"
      "Actually yes. I keep thinking about it. I really want to do it again. " Tora said as she all of the sudden realized the buldge she was sittting on was pushing on her ass. "Sandy, "Yes?" I ask.
       Tora flips one of her legs over me so that she's now straddling me. I feel my cock rubbing against her pussy through our shorts. She puts her hands on my chest, gripping my pecks and asks "Can I see it?"
       I never knew my little 16 yr old step-sister had this in her. She's a freak. A horny virgin freak.

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   I smile and she continues rubbing against my cock, swivelling her ass on me while unzipping my shorts. Tora drops to her knees and pulls my shorts off. She takes my cock in her palm and asks "What favor was it you want me to do for you "Suck it. Take it all in your mouth you little freak" I say
       At this point she's jerking my cock and looking so cute. I reach over her and pull her t shirt over her head and take her bra off. Her sexy, perky tits bounce out of her bra exposing her hard, pink nipples. Tora takes my dick and licks the tip. I almost forgot - she has never tasted dick before.
       "Mmm" she moans just before she takes my entire manhood into her throat! I can feel her tonsels, her warm mouth is making my hard cock pulsate within her skull. Drives me crazy! I start moving my hips back and forth, fucking my step-sisters face nice and slow.
       "Oooh that feels soo good Tora babyy" I say as I start to pick up speed.
       With one hand on my dick, she uses the other to rub her now dripping wet pussy, rubbing her clit back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. .
       Tora then takes my cock out of her mouth only long enough to say "Yes, Sandy, Fuck my Fucking Face"
       I grab her hair and ram my cock into the back of her virgin throat. "kkau kauu kkau kauu, kauk, akuk,akkakakukauakakaka".

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  . . "Yeaaaasssa you dirty fucking slut," I moan as my throbbing man-piece feels on the edge of bursting into oblivion. "aaahhmmmkhaukha" she moans 'n gags while rubbing her little clit fast and hard, redefining the term waterboarding to the drowning sensation of her clitoris yurning to breath from all her cum. "AhhhhhhhIIII'mmm cumminng" As I burst my load into the back of her throat, holding her beautiful virgin face to it as she gags for air. She swallows what she can like a chick feasting and the rest drips down all over her young perky breasts.
      "Is that what you do to your girls on dad's videocamera?" Tora asks
       "WHAT, you knew? how?" I ask in surprise.
       "I was spying on you one night. Would you videotape me?" she asks
       "Hahaha Tora baby. You're about to get it so good, you don't know what I'm about to do to your young, little virgin pussy. Lets go to my bedroom. I have the camera all set "Ok. Well wait, what about the pool? This may seem kind of wierd, but, "What is it?" I say
        "Well ever since I spyed on you, I've been having these fantasies at night about  having sex for the first time in public. Is that wierd?" asks "I'll grab the camera. .


  . . . . . . . . "
[This was my first story, so please let me know what you think! If people are diggin it, I'll write part II] 

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