a night at the river

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So about 6 months ago i moved away from my home town and went about 300 miles away. Well recently i decdied it was time for a trip back to my home town. An ex girlfriend of mine Jessica, heard that i was going to be in town and called me about two minutes after crossing the city line. She wanted me to meet her at a local bar and then said we would be heading to the lake. She really didnt give me a chance to aruge.
After getting to the bar, i found out Jessica wasnt alone, Her new boyfriend was there along with one of her best friends Mandy and her boyfriend chris. It didnt bother me, about Jessica having a boyfriend, she and i had broken up over a year ago becuase i traveled with my job so much. Jessica is 5'5 brown hair, green eyes, very cute, skinny very tan, she seemed to always wear a cowboy hat.
After awhile there drinking somehow we all got talked into going over to Chris house, to keep drinking then heading out to the river afterwards. So We all jumped in our rigs and headed that way. Jessica and I both stopped for more beer at another store, i also grabbed some harder licker. The river always had some hot girls there wanting to party so i wanted to be prepaired. Then we drove over to chris house. On the way i noticed that down the road noticed Mandys car sitting on the side of the road, so i pulled in behind her and walked up to her window and found her crying. I opened the door and gave her a strong hug, she apolligized for crying, and also saying she was sorry she was such a mess. she explaned that she was now single.

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   Jack pot. . . Mandy is 5'9 long legs, sexy tight body, really good looking c cups very tan, and a nice ass to go with it.
After dropping her car off at Jessicas, she jumped in my truck with me and we all headed to the river. She talked to me on the way out there and we joked a bunch and she kept drinking. Once out at the river there was already a group of people there. To my suprise though only one guy with this group and 6 girls. They already had been drinking and having a good time juging by the fire and empty beer bottles all around.
We went and intoduced ourselfs to the new group and started talking and drinnking with them. we all started takeing shots. Im not really sure who first said something but someone said lets go swimming in the river. well none of us had the proper cloths to go into the water but next thing i knew the girls from the other group are naked and walking twards the water. Jessica giggled but stayed with Mandy and i next to my truck. Earlyer Jessica's boyfriend had way to much and passed out long before any of the fun started.

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As we watched Mandy kept close to me keeping her hands on me. touching all over me. After a few more minutes jessica asks us if we wanna go in the water and give us both a naughty look. i say maybe in a minute, and mandy agrees, Jessica doesnt start she starts touching me, then she backs way from us and starts dancing to the music that playing. then i notice she starts to undo her shirt and then her pants and bra and then her panttys are off. Jessica is standing there in front of Mandy and i butt naked. Both mandy and jessica giggle, and by this time i get hard. Mandy who has been touching me all over runs her hand over my pants and notices im hard, She them keeping her hands on my hard on starts kissing me. All of a sudden while im kissing Mandy i feel a tug on my jeans and feel my pants being pulled down. Then i feel a mouth on my cock. I look down and Jessica is suckign my cock. Mandy looks down and then looks back at me and smiles, then starts stripping her cloths off. then she gets down and starts licking my shaft with Jessica. I take my shirt off and stand there enjoying every second of these girls talented mouth. Mandy then stands up and starts kissing me then i feel a little tug, Jessica is standing and pulling my dick.

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   she then takes Mandys hand and pulls us both into the water.
Once in the water mandy still doesnt want to be away from me. She wrapes her legs around my wast and rubs her clit agents my cock. while kissing me. Jessica runs her hands over both of our bodys. Well about 20 minutes of this is all i can take. I walk out of the water with Mandy still around my waste and throw her up agenst my truck and start pumping my cock in and out of her. about 10 minutes of this then we fall to the ground on the sandy banks and i keep pounding her tight little pussy. I have never heard anyone moan that much before. She started screaming oh shit oh shit oh shitttttttttttttttt. Then i felt her pussy clamp down. Then i felt i was cumming and told mandy im cumming baby. she moaned please i want it in me. . .

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   pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee then i blew my load in her. .
Jessica smiled as she walked up to us, both of us breathing hard. Glade you two are having fun. looks like im not getting any tonight cuzz my man cant hold his booze. I stood up and threw jessica agest my truck as started kissing her, then raching down i played with her pussy. started finguring her, she moaned in my mouth. . I felt my cock getting hard so i kept this up for a few more minutes then threw her on the ground and got ontop of her and started pounding her tight pussy. like with mandy she was moaning very loud then i felt a hand by my balls and ntoiced mandy playing with jessicas pussy while i was pounding it. She screamed three times and i felt her pussy clamping down all three times then i felt it, i was goign to cum again, I kept going moaning im going to cum jessica, like with mandy, she moaned please in me pleaseeeeeeeeeee then i blew deep inside her pussy. Jessica layed there breathing hard, i rolled off laying on my back and mandy layed on one side, jessica on another.
this wasnt the end to tonight maybe if u guys like it ill post the second part of my story. This is a true story.