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My Mother and i moved in with her new boyfriend a fewmonths ago, i had just turned 17. Although i didnt know him very well heseemed quite nice and he looked after my mother very well and was alwaysreally generous, giving us anything we needed. My mother said she wouldnever remarry but i soon started to call him dad. As the weeks went by istarted to become quite close to him and we had a lot of fun together, ieven started to think what it would be like to sleep with him. i wouldlie in bed imagining him touching me all over, kissing my neck andbreasts, my pussy would become so wet as i fantasised of him that iwould rub my swollen clit and finger my aching pussy until i came.

       One day i decided to do something about it and the opportunitypresented itself earlier than i could of asked for. My mom was going tolook after my grandmother for a few days and was quite happy to leave mealone with my step daddy. I thought what i wanted to do would be okbecause we wernt related and it was something i wouldnt get much chanceto do again. i had only had 1 sexual partner before now and although hewas much older than me, i thought he would know how to make me feelgood. I started to get nervous as i didnt know how to even show him that iwanted him.

              The evening my mom had left i madehim a lovely dinner and got him some beer while he watched tv, i said iwas going to shower and would join him for a drink when i was finished. Igot the loosest clothes i could find ready to wear and headed for theshower. i was getting so excited and nervous at the same time, my clitwas swelling as i gave my now moist pussy a quick smooth shave. i rushedto get dressed and headed out to the tv room where he was sat drinking abeer, i got a drink and joined him. i leaned to give him a kiss on thecheek like i always do but at the last minute i kissed him on the lips,although surprised he kissed me back and in no time his tongue was in mymouth.

as i stood back up i made sure he could see my breasts down myloose fitting top, which wouldnt have been too hard as my nipples wereso hard they pushed out further than i had ever seen them before.

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        i thought this was it, no turning back and quickly sat on hislap and wrapped my arms around him. i hugged him tight as i felt hishands rub there way down to my ass. a tingle went through my body as ibegan to kiss his neck, i felt his hand slide inside my shorts and hegently squeezed my cheeks. his hands slowly moved back up inside my topand he pushed me back as they worked their way around to my breasts. Helightly brushed his hands across my extremely hard nipples as i moanedin delight. I lifted my arms inviting him to remove my top and as helifted it up his lips quickly attached to one of my nipples. He suckedit slow and softly as he took off my top and them massaged both my titstogether as he continued to suck both my nipples in turn.

        I Felt his hardening cock beneath me, it got me hornier than i hadever been before, my only other lover was nowhere near as endowed as mystepdad and i thought how was it going to feel inside me. As he wasstill sucking and licking my tits i reached down and felt his huge cockthrough his pants, i could feel it throbbing against my tiny hands, islid back a bit, undid his pants and released his manhood. It stoodcompletely upright and was as hard a a rock. I slid to the floor onto myknees before him and took his gorgeous cock into my hands and rubbed itup and down. I had only given oral sex a couple of times and was noexpert but, i didnt want to show my inexperience so i took the headbetween my lips and slowly sucked and licked it, i felt a small amountof precum run out onto my tongue and i licked it up.

         He held my head between his hands and pulled my away from his cock, hestood up and took my hand, i i suggested we go to my room where i wouldfeel more comfortable. We quickly undressed and laid down on my bed, helooked me in the eyes told me that he loved me, i replied i loved him toas he slid down between my legs, spreading them wide as he worked histongue down to my throbbing clit, he took it between his lips and gentlysucked it as his tongue flickered the tip sending me into a wave ofpleasure, i closed my eyes and laid there enjoying the things he wasdoing to me.   i felt a finger enter my aching pussy and he worked itinside my tight hole right up to his knuckle.

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   he started slide it in andout getting faster as he sucked harder on my clit, i grabbed his headand pushed it hard against me and arched my back to get all thesensation of his tongue rubbing fevourishly across my tender nub.

         I could feel my body tense up, a sensation i had neverexperienced before came across me i could hardly breathe as i climaxed,my body was shaking i had never cum like that before. Jeff continued tolick my hole clean of all of my juices. i pulled him back up on top ofme and kissed him hard, i could taste my pussy on his lips which sent mewild. I wanted him inside me now, i moaned to him to fill me up with hishard rock cock and fuck me, i felt the tip of his cock rubbing againstmy pussy lips, i opened my legs wide inviting it in. My pussy wasdripping wet and he slid inside, although it hurt slightly it felt sogood i grabbed his ass and pulled him slowly all the way in, i havnt hadanything this big inside me before, i let out a squeal as it was deepinside me it was a pleasurable pain. He started to fuck me harder andfaster putting  his arms under my knees to spread my legs wider, i felthis balls slap against my ass.

         i could feel his cockpulsing inside me as he pumped me deep, his breathing increased, i couldfeel him ready to explode, i felt my body tightening again my pussytensed around his cock. Suddenly he pulled out and knealt back, took hiscock in his hand as stream of hot cum shot out over my heaving tits anddown my stomach,i squealed in delight as i orgasmed again watching thelast few drops of  cum dribble from his cock. I felt so good as he laidback down and i cuddled into him, he kissed my forehead and we snuggledfor awhile. After about 30 minutes i teased his cock back to attentionand we made love another 2 times. He made me feel so good i love himmore than ever now and i hope the opportunity arises that we can do itagain. . . .

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