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My neighbor was an older mature woman, named sherry.   I paid her a visit one day to see if she if she needed company turns out. She was watching an adult movie I decided to watch it with her I sat down on her couch worn old couch. And asked if she had something to drink I could have, so she gave me a beverage. The movie was get very interesting. My cock was getting erect and I knew I should go home. sherry looked down at my pants, and seen the movie was getting my interests up. She took it upon herself to reap the benefit of the situation. She moved   closer to me, took her hand and placed on my leg then she started rub my crouch area of my pants, feeling it to get much harder than when she glanced at it earlier. While I was getting into her idea she was giving me, I also like what I seen on the TV too. Sherry was wearing a blue a white striped short sleaze t shirt an, a pair of worn out blue jeans. She leaned over to me and kissing my neck and before I knew it she had her wild tongue in my mouth the I felt her hand unzip my jeans, pulling my hard dick out of  under wear ,she wrestle it out with  ease. Then before I could say anything, she was laying in my lap with her hot mouth on my tool sucking it up and down my shift with her wet lips enjoying every inch I had.

   She buried it deep in the very back of  her trough feeling so good I just laid back on her couch. And let her do her job, after about five minutes of enjoying her mouth I sat up. And took her shirt off exposing her little white bra, her nipples were hard as a rock waiting for my mouth to suck on them, while was up I unzipped her jean and sled them off her skinny but cute little ass; she was wearing a white pair of panties under her jeans.

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   I then sat down on my knees right in front of her on the floor , undid her bra reviling her cut little a cup breasts in no time I had my mouth on them licking and sucking. She relaxed laying her back against the couch I could feel her quivering between her legs, soon enough I’d be down their too. After enjoying, her ripe swollen nipples. I turn my attention to her wet cunt I slide her panties to the side inhaling her aroma of her wet pussy. Waiting in impatiently, wanting for my tongue to slide inside her till she couldn’t stand it. As my tongue roamed around her vagina licking every drop of wet cum, that she could make, and sucking on her clit. I ripped her panties off grabbed her ass and shoving her pussy down my trough. As I finished eating her cunt she couldn’t stand it any longer. She  insisted I sit on the couch. By pulling me up and shoving me back on the couch, where. she slide  Her wet dripping pussy right on top of the head of my cock and jammed it down all the way to my balls with  force  as she slammed her cunt up and down on my shift  . She was Cuming by the gallons my tool was soaked in her juices and so was her seat cushion. As I felt her wet cunt going faster and faster like she was a machine . i picked her up laid her on her back of the seat cushions drove my face as deep as I could eating her pussy as fast and hard as was humanly possible  . To give my cock a rest so I would be able to enjoy fucking her a little longer she was screaming in pleasure as I ate her cunt dry.

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   I picked her up, carried her to her bedroom, threw her on the bed, pulled her to the end bed   in no time jamming my tool back inside her waiting pussy .   Slapping my balls against her pussy so hard and fast, it was making her wet cunt beat red. I was about to explode in her wet hole. I stopped just in time, told her I wanted doggy. She got on the bed, got in position no questions asked. I got up behind her sliding my hard cock deep inside her cunt, grabbed her by her hair. And continued to fill her impatient pussy with my cock she was screaming now she was almost done.   I discontinued my actions, laid on back. She climbed on my dick and continued where I left off. As her pussy was sliding up and down my tool as fast as she could. I explode in her wet cunt filling her with my white juices; she collapsed right on to top of me. I could feel my cum running out of her wet cunt right on my cock,   she rolled over exhausted  as her naked body lay on her bed now soaked with mine and her cum  it’s time to go. I need some rest. I agreed and told her id back for more. She smiled and rolled over.

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   That was that was not be   the last time her cunt would be wrapped around my cock .


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