Big Breasted Redhead + Me + Sex Infront Of Fellow Students In Computer Room = Epic Win

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It just seemed like a normal Wednesday at school for me. Same I. C. T lesson etc. . . but something exciting was going to happen, hehehe. My name is John and I’m 5’6 tall with medium length long blonde hair, my body is fairly toned and I have a rather modest cock size of 6 inches. At the sexually frustrated age of 15 and being in year 11 I obviously have  a fair few fantasies about certain hot girls in my class. I would masturbate over this one girl frequently called Jennifer Narlen, she was a witty, funny, weirdly attractive girl with curly gingerish hair and curvy hips. But her main asset was her rack; her tits were huge and beautifully rounded with protruding nipples which would sometimes show through her school shirt and bra. I had heard many rumours of her sucking off boys in the toilets and I would imagine I was the boy getting sucked off in my dreams, repeating her moans in my head as I wallowed in my warm cum.

It was the start of I. T lesson and the only students there were Me, Andrew, Samantha and Jennifer. As I entered Samantha and she were joking like usual about obscure T. V references and how hot the sex scene was in whatever film it was.

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   “The boy screwing Gina in the film actually looks quite similar to John don’t you think?” “Oh yeah” said Samantha teasing me “he drives into her so deep, such a hot scene. . . . the part where he is caressing her hips as she comes. . . . her moaning and vibrating legs are incredible”. “I would love John to fuck me into a state of uncontrollable pleasure” Joked Jennifer, trying to wind me up as I was obviously not seen as a possible fuck buddy due to my lack of flirtation. “You sure you could take it?” I laughed back. She confidently strode, over to where I was sitting and grinded her ass on the corner of the table, which slightly startled me but I daren’t show my surprise. I also suddenly noticed I had a raging hard on and my cock was throbbing against my school trousers creating a pyramid shape as it begged to be let out. Her eyes darted downwards as her full attention was focused on my package and suddenly her tone of voice changed from sarcastic to seriously aroused. “I want that cock deep inside me John” she whispered.

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   “Fuck me in front of everyone, please”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I realised if I went through with this the consequences of getting expelled were bad but I couldn’t turn down my dream girl for sex, plus I was severely turned on.

She slowly lowered her perfectly rounded ass onto my lap and grinded me as she unzipped my trousers. She dropped them to my ankles and sprung my cock out of my boxers. She quickly imitated this act and removed just her skirt, panties and high heels. Holding onto my waist she pushed her dripping pussy onto my cock and I entered her easily. Her slippery warmth around my cock felt amazing and this feeling was heightened as she started gyrating her hips and bouncing up and down on me. I caressed her ass cheeks as she sprung and her soft flesh was a major contrast to my rough, stubble. Slightly altering her position she brought her covered tits closer to my face and I buried myself in them and used one hand to rub and squeeze them softly.

Her head dropped closer to my ear and her breathy, quiet, moans started to increase in pitch and loudness correlating positively with my increased hardness. As she rocked her body and her smooth legs stroking mine I found the bottom of her blue school jumper and shirt and slowly removed the two garments of clothing to her delight. Now this was a sight to behold, her huge tits bounced and wobbled up and down and her erect nipples pushed against her bra. Frantically I tried to undo her bra but I embarrassingly failed as Samantha came to the rescue removing the bra in a swift motion. “Thanks Sam” uttered Jennifer automatically. Sam subtly winked at me and I smiled as I had a close up view of Jennifer’s pink, round saucer nipples.

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   My hands like magnets darted and started to rub her tits and I suckled them like a newborn baby. All my senses were tingling and I was feeling close to the first sensations of an orgasm. Wildly now she gyrated increasing the pressure on my cock and her head slowly dropped back. Following this like a Mexican wave her back arched and she moaned in a lustful and passionate way. “mmmmmm, mmm,ohhhh, Im cuuuummmmiiinnnggg, FUCK ME, OH MY FUCKING GOD, YYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!” As she came her juices flowed and ran down my cock onto my chest. Her hips bucked fiercely and her legs vibrated as I held them. Her breasts also shook against my lips. Once her Curly, ginger stopped rippling like a wave and her orgasm subsided she collapsed backwards knocking the computer off the table. Samantha raised an eyebrow and I sat there inside Jennifer feeling still very horny but also rather proud of myself with generating such an immense orgasm for her.

Once Jennifer gathered herself and thanked me, she arose from around my cock and lowered herself to me. Oh my god, this is going to be good I thought, I’ll just have to shoot my load from a blowjob. But I was once again surprised because instead of engulfing my prick with her mouth she used her beautiful tits to pleasure my swollen member. Once her tits were either side of my cock she squeezed them together and titwanked me like a pro. The feeling was truly exquisite and I felt so dirty being watched by Samantha and Andrew (who appeared to have a red face and a protruding bulge from his trousers). As she increased the motion she bit her lower lip and whispered “I want you to spread your seed all over my face.

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  . . . climax all over me. . . . . . I want to taste your salty cum”. All this dirty talk was pushing me to the edge, especially when she added sucking to the equation every time she slid to the base of my cock. Finally I got to the point of no return and had one of the most powerful orgasms in my life. My pulsing bellend squirted semen forcefully into the back of her throat temporarily gagging her and once she removed my cock my hot, jisum shot underneath her chin dripping of onto her exquisite breasts. As she swallowed and rubbed the excess cum into her tits I came down from my feeling of extreme pleasure and lust, stroking either side of her waist and up to her tits, fondling them between my fingers.

This attention I was paying to her tits seemed to crank up her arousal once more and she uttered the words “a final request?”.

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  . . . . ”I understand” I replied, knowing exactly what she wanted for the finale of my best sexual encounter yet. I slid her back along the table and she rested her head on one of the toppled computer screens. I crouched, moving to meet the level of her weeping pussy. The smell was extremely powerful and I instinctively started tonguing her clit softly. As I worked the love button I stroked her incredibly smooth thighs and squeezed her ass cheeks. Admiring my work she pushed herself closer to me so I could fully smell her beautiful odour. Slowly increasing the pressure on her clit I started to press on the opening to her asshole waiting to hear her reaction. After hearing only what I deemed to be positive and increasingly loud moans I started to slide my finger in and out of her tight rectum, which I think she enjoyed because she started to brush her fingers through my hair, massaging my skull, encouraging me to keep going. As I glanced round to see if the teacher was there I noticed Andrew jacking off with his head cocked back and his other hand fondling his balls. I wasn’t sure what to make of this scenario, but I was caught in the moment and thought all of this combined was pretty freaking hot. After about 5 minutes of sucking her harder and harder she erupted in intense pleasure, bucking her hips and having violent convulsions one after another “OOOOHHHH MMYYYY GGOOOoood” she screamed emotionally, squirting her juices all over my face and soaking into my jumper.

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   Digging her nails into my neck as she was just about to come down I looked across at Andrew with a cum stain on his jumper and a dazed look on his face. Funnily Samantha was looking rather unimpressed with Andrew shaking her head at his pathetic public masturbation session.

Suddenly I heard a door creaking open and rolled off under the desk heavily, pulling Jennifer with me. ”WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING” shouts Mr Smith, our I. C. T teacher. Worriedly I get ready to reveal myself and apologise (not that it would get me anywhere) but thankfully realise the anger is directed at Andrew. “I was. . . just. uuuuuhhh. . . ” whimpered Andrew, with his flaccid member poking out of his hand.

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   “YOUR COMING WITH ME ANDREW, I’M GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THIS SCHOOL AND NEVER COME BACK, YOU DIRTY SON OF A BITCH”. Finally hearing the pulling up and zipping of Andrews trousers was like victory music to my ears and I winked at Jennifer. As she smiled back I embraced her and kissed her passionately, listening for the crowd to leave the room before crawling out and getting changed for Sex Ed class.


Tell me what you think please and what improvements I could make. I’m looking to make a couple more stories influenced from my personal fantasies most revolving around fucking in public or whatever, hopefully incorporating a lil humour to the mix =)

Thanks for reading.