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Okay, this is my first story. And I plan it to be the first of a series. :) Basically this will be about my life 4 years ago, when I was 15, along with some added things. . . so it's going to be half real and half fiction.


I should describe some things. My name is Rie, 158cm (5'2''), average body type. . . I'm not slim but I'm neither chubby. Black straight below-shoulder-length hair and a few freckles on my clear skin with dark brown eyes. I have a big and round butt. . . and big breasts.

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   At least F-cup.




I've been in first year of high school for a few months now… Class 1-1. This school is girls-only… and quite catholic too. We have 35 people in this classroom… and I’m guessing there’s 35 in the 1-2 class too. I’ve been very lonely these days… I used to go out with a group of friends during school, but I started to soon drift away from them. And now I don’t hang around with them anymore. To be honest… I’ve been looking at a girl for a while… her name is Maiko. I didn’t notice it before… but since I stopped going out with my friends, I noticed how cute she was. She’s taller than me… 164cm (5’4’’) and her body is a bit slimmer than mine. She recently painted her hair to a light brown and cut it shoulder-length. Clear skin… almost white and the best of all? She has a nice big tight butt… and big round breasts. They’re not as big as mine I guess… D-cup? Or maybe E. I never made sure.

All my thinking came to a stop when Maiko herself called my name. “Rie!” she said.

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   I turned to her and asked her “What do you need?” I noticed she was clearly blushing, with her head down a little. “I want you to come with me” she said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the classroom.

A few hours after, the bell rang. I didn’t stand up and neither did she. I was too focused on what she had told me when she dragged me out. She told me one of her friends had suggested her that we spent some time together. I’m still wondering why she accepted… and I have been going around the idea that maybe she likes me.

Soon after everyone was gone, she looked at me and told me to follow her. I had no idea where we were going but I followed her anyway. She led me into a room. It was the old library that wasn’t used anymore.

I sat on one of the chairs and she stood in front of me. I was simply sitting there nervous as that sweet girl told me “I like you”. As soon as she said that, a big smile appeared on my face, along with big blushes. The sweet little girl I had liked all this time… just confessed in front of me…

I was silent for a bit because of the shock… but then a single word came out of my mouth “Mai!” I yelled before I hugged her hips tightly.

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   She did a happy yelp when I hugged her and I felt how she hugged my head. I confessed to her how much I’ve liked her… and in return I found out that she liked me for that same amount of time too! I couldn’t believe it but I was happy about it all.

I then held her hand while I was still on the chair and looked up to her. “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” I asked her. I noticed how big her smile got and she accepted with a happy yes. I was so happy… it was like I was in heaven right there. I hugged her hips again and buried my face on her tummy. She simply whispered my name as she hugged my head softly. Then… something happened.


My arms fells slightly from her hips and were stopped by her butt. I noticed a change on her grip as she hugged me. I just thought to myself… I had to make her feel good. I wanted to make sure she was ok with it first… So I put my hands below her blouse on her back. I look up to her and see her blushing face… then I notice she nods.

That was it… I lifted her blouse above her tummy and I begin to kiss it, pressing my lips against it.

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   Her hands keep hugging me softly… barely hearing her soft breaths in the silent library. I thought of how long I’ve wanted to do this while my hands rest on her hips, massing them with my fingers. I hear her saying “Rie… I really like you so much. ”

We have been friends for a while now… but we never got this close before. I lift her blouse even higher, just lifting it up without paying much attention to it. I hear a small yelp from Maiko, but I don’t pay much attention to it because I’m too busy licking her tummy and navel. Then after thinking about it a little, I decide to look up, and I see her mounts just in front of my face.

Now I know why she was yelping… I whisper her name as I blush. “It’s okay…” she whispers silently. I take the chance and kiss the top of her breasts. I simply hear her moan a little as I move my hands behind her bra. As I notice how sensitive she is, I stop my hands and realize we are in the middle of school still. Even so, I resume my hands and unclasp her bra.

I kiss the top of her breasts again before letting her bra fall on the floor. I look at her perfect big breasts for a few seconds, before opening my mouth to give a sucking kiss on her light pink nipples.

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   I could hear her soft breaths on top of me as I softly sucked her nipple, moving my hand up from her hips to cup her melon. “They’re so big…” I tell her softly then resume sucking again.

“Are they good enough for you?” As she asked me that, I giggled a little… and tell her “Of course they are, you dummy. They’re perfect. ” I then continued to suck them, this time a bit harder. She started to moan from her sensitive breasts and that made my hands start to go down to her rear, squeezing it softly.

I hear another yelp and giggle as my hands lift up her skirt slowly… pushing it up above her hips. Then as slowly as I moved her skirt, I also start to push her panties down, just above her knees. I’m still sucking when I decide to squeeze her butt cheeks, softly massaging them in my hands. She moans louder… getting louder each time I suck harder.

My hands start to squeeze harder and my teeth biting at her nipples softly. Her moans become much louder and her legs pressing together. Was she about to come? I ask her that… and she responds with a moaning yes. That’s how sensitive she was… But that didn’t stop me from sucking and squeezing even harder.

After almost a minute now, I hear her moans turn into a big scream as her whole body shook and reached its climax.

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   She quickly kneeled down in front of me, breathing really heavily. I simply hugged her and asked her “Are you ok?” She then responded to me “I feel so good… and so happy. I’m finally together with you” Those words made me so happy… so happy that I just hugged her hard. I lost track of time as we kept hugging each other.


It’s been almost a month since that happened… and we just couldn’t be happier. Like two newly-wed lovers. I started calling her Mai to shorten her name. Thanks to a friend of ours, Rinkaru. We all call her Rin. Little we knew though… that she would jump straight into our lives. She was our friend right now… but she would become much more than that.


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