He is sleeping on the bed

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He is sleeping on the bed. He looks so peaceful and hot. His naked body it´s lightly wet because of the heat. His skin shines with the light which comes from the open window.

I enjoy the view of how the lines of his back goes down, ending in his lovely butt.

I love men rounds firm butts. He has strong legs and well shape hips. He looks so darn hot and sexy.  

I could be watching him forever. Well not forever, cause I’m getting wet too and I´d love to share my wetness with him.


I take off my t-shirt. My tits are firm and my nipples hard.   I mount over him; non piece of my skin touches yours. My hands and knees round him rest against the mattress.  I´m all in four above his delicious body, like a wild animal over its pray a second before the killing bite.

He knows perfectly what´s happening, but he plays to be in a deep dream.

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I go down with my chest and my hair touch him first. His skin shivers.

Now my steady nipples rub slowly his back, and they start to draw softly lines all over it, going up and back, caressing his sides, my hair goes in the flow.  

I’m breathing on his neck, silent.

He smells like heaven.

I kiss his neck and behind his ear.

I´d like to whisper him: stay still, you are in my hands now… but he knows that already and he will let me do…


I’m going down to kiss his butt.  

I kiss and bit gently his flesh, and my hands help to open his cheeks. I bury my lips between them and I´m linking his asshole, sucking it with lot of saliva.

He moves his hips up, offering himself to my mouth. I hug his waist with one arm and take his cock in my hand. He moves his hips down, pressing my hand against the bed, and he moves back and forth, getting pleasure in my hand while I suck his asshole deep making it so wet.

My nipples are against his thighs. I feel how he grows hard in my hand, his cock head is wet and he is breathing hard and moaning in an incredible way.


I´m dripping wet but I should resist the temptation to explode in my panties.

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I open his butt cheeks with my other hand and I rub his asshole with my nipples… It´s hard to reach his wet hole, I let go his penis and, with my fingers, I pinch mi nipple and rub it hard against his soft anus.

Hmmm, it feels so good, the tickles in the tip of my nipple make me so wet. I´m feeling my pussy juices rolling down mi thighs.

He is grabbing the sheets, not because of the pleasure, because he is standing the will to roll over himself to penetrate me deep all of a sudden. He is wetting the sheets with sweet drops of cum. I imagine that and I want them all in my tongue.


I took off my panties. I open his cheeks wide now, and I kneel just above his asshole.

A thick drop of my juice fells over his hole, I press my pussy against him trying to rub my clit on his hole, It feels so good, I don´t know if I’m rubbing his anus with my pussy lips and clit, but I know, his whole butt is getting wet with my hot wet cunt.

I´m so near to cum there…I´m ridding his ass moving me so fast.

My hands are scratching his back. I cannot stop moaning.


He moves fast, and turns towards me, he sinks his hard pointy cock inside my cunt. Deep, so deep and hard that makes me moan really loud…

I ride him up and down, my fingers pinching his nipples and his both hands fondling my tits madly.

I move my head back.

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   My hair is caressing my butt now.  

He moves his hand down to my belly, and he starts to rub hard my clit with his thumb, fast, really fast and pushing hard that pleasure button till it hurts a little…

I´m going to explode with his think cock inside me, I want that he feels me pulsing around his cock.

My cunt is getting tight around it. I’m going to cum so hard.

My hands grab his chest and I cum over his hot cock, pulsing and expelling its juices like a big flow.


He take out his cock from me and grabbing my hair, takes my head just over it.  

He is jerking off so fast; he is making me, rubbing my lips on his balls and sometimes moving them along  the shaft of his cock as he jerks.

I love that, I love to suck and lick his balls, felling tight against my face.  

He slaps his cock in my lips rapidly and he cums loads covering all my face.  

My lips are full of it, and it tastes salty great. He is shivering above me.

I lick it, cleaning my lips, and I show the white sticky drops in my tongue to him as I do it, watching him straight to his eyes.

I smile. He smiles.


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