hira from kutch

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                                                         HIRA - A DIAMOND FROM KUTCH.

 This was  many years back when i was living in PUNE with my parents,Usually ,my parents were a working couple and used to visit hometown frequently. We had a very attractive dark and slim and erotic looking maid calledHira from Kutch area. She used to take a bath after she washed linen in the house,I WAS A  YOUNG MAN ALL OF 24 THAT TIME studying . I used to be alone in the house when she used to come to our house for chores,I used to peak through a slit in the bathroom and watch her undress and that went on for some time,one day i knocked at the door of the bed room when i was sure she was changing, she hurried thro it and opened the door, i started small talk with her and slowly asked her age ,She asked why ? i said she looked so young enough to be a mother of 2 children,She said thanks for my complement. I grabbed her waist and she just slithered away from me and said- ye kya kar rahe ho. I got scared at my unsuccesful try and the door bell rang with the delivery man for provisions outside .

I  asked her after she left whether she is angry with me ,she said why should  she be,it was my age and if she reported the incident, she would loose her job. I forgot about this and ONE DAY IT AS 3 IN THE AFTERNOON I WAS WATCHING t. V AND SHE AFTER FINISHING HER CHORES was not leaving and watched tv with me. Suddenly she asked me she needed some help from me . Iasked what it is, she said she needed 500 Rs, for which i said ok but will give to her after 2 days only. I asked her i will give u what you ned , wHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANTED,sHE ASKED WHat was it that she could give me. I said just come inside the bedroom and she came and said she cant help me bcoz it was her period days . I grabbed her and said period to neeche hai, upar chalega, she said baba ye kya hai. mere pas kya hai ?i said tum hira ho bahut accha and caught her waist and pulled her in bed and started necking her and kiss her lips, Mere pas kya hai she said , i kissed her and she responded and boy she was hot like coal and fire .

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  Icame immediately. After that one day i asked her to show her boobs to me she obliged and said she wanted to see my dick ,i showed her my man hood and we were regularly kissing at home, no fuck as yet. One fine lonely day,The kissing grew intense and i started to lick her and finger her pussy and she became wet and unzipped my fly and slid my big , fat cock in her heavenly cunt, She moaned dekho pura andar gaya na and i slid it all in and started fucking hira . She said my husbands dick is so small, i m so big and mota,and then started the affair and i was living like a married man getting a fuck from sexy and swelte hira on the terrace with her shaved pussy and enjoyed it very much. Even as i write thiis23 years after mydick is fully erect. HIIIIRA AOO U WERE A REAL HIRA. dIAMOND


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