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            A few years ago myself and two of my best friends were suspended from school after being caught giving blowjobs to our school basketball team behind the gymnasium, so to keep me from getting into any more trouble and mixing with the wrong people for a while my parents took me away with them to a small beach town for a holiday, not much of a punishment I know but they knew I would miss my friends. It was a very quiet small town, not to many tourists and only 40 or so locals, but it was on the beach which I didn’t mind at all.

          After a few days I started to become a little bored, you can only take so much sitting on the beach watching the ocean and a few kids swimming, I started to think my parents knew how to punish me after all. One warm evening I decided to go for a walk along the beach, the sun was just going down and the cool breeze felt good after a hot day. About 200 yards up the beach I could see 2 young guys fishing, as I approached them I couldn’t help but notice how hot they were and not much older than myself.

          I watched them from the corner of my eye as I passed; I could see them doing the same. One of them said hello as I walked on passed, I said hi and stopped and walked back towards them. We started to chat; they were twins but didn’t look much alike. They introduced themselves as Ron and Ray, they were only wearing shorts and I couldn’t help but stare at their tanned bodies and gorgeous looks. It started to get darker so they packed up their gear, they asked me if I wanted a cool drink and handed me a beer from a cooler and I sat on the sand with them to chat.

          After an hour of conversation and a few beers we moved away from the surf and Ron lit a small fire on a grassy area amongst the dunes which we sat beside and drank some more. I noticed Ray had been edging closer to me and was staring at my tits. All of a sudden he placed his hand on my leg; I carried on talking pretending I didn’t notice. He started to rub the inside of my thigh and his finger tips were going inside the leg of my shorts closer and closer towards my pussy. My nipples were hard and I could see Ron had noticed and he slid up beside me and ran his fingers in circles around my nipple through my top.

         I closed my eyes and thought to myself, what am I doing, I hardly know these guys, but I was getting very excited and the thought of doing two guys at once just turned me on more.

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   By now Ray had his hand inside my panties and was exploring every bit he could get at. Ron started to kiss me while he was fondling my tits and slowly laid me down onto the grass and gently sucked on my lips. Ray slipped off my shorts and panties then Ron sat me up and removed my top, my nipples hardened even more as they met the cool ocean breeze. I gestured to the boys to remove their clothes which they did willingly. Although they weren’t identical twins, their cocks certainly were, they were hung like donkeys, I took a cock in each hand and stroked them until they were nice and hard, they were a good nine inches long if not more.

          Ron laid me back down; knelt beside me and positioned his cock at my face which I eagerly took between my lips and started to suck the enormous head, Ray lay between my legs and was kissing the inside of my thighs, working his way up one side; across my pussy; down the other side and back again. My clit was swollen and my snatch was aching with anticipation wanting his tongue inside me. He must have read my mind and started to nibble and suck my pussy lips, my clit was tingling and it felt like heaven when he finally took it between his lips and gently sucked on it and circled it with his tongue. I felt his finger slide into my dripping wet pussy and he finger fucked me while he sucked on my clit.   

          With Ron’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth and Ray fingering my hole my whole body shook and then tensed as an unreal orgasm went through my whole body. I continued sucking Ron’s cock; moaning each time it went down my throat, Rays slipped in another finger and made me cum once more. The boys swapped around and I deep throated Ray while Ron worked a finger into my pussy. He got it nice and wet and gently slid it into my ass, I cringed at first but it felt great after he had gently worked it in and out a few times. I have never had anal sex but if this was how it felt I was ready to try for the first time. While Ron fingered my ass he stuck his long tongue into my pussy and worked it in and out, Ray was fucking my face; I moaned and held onto the back of Ron’s head and pushed my pussy into his face as I orgasmed once more.

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          Ron rolled me over and got me on all fours, Ray stood before me and I took his throbbing cock back into my mouth. I felt the head of Ron’s cock enter my pussy from behind; it was so wet it slid in with ease. He started to fuck me faster and deeper; his cock was hard and huge but it felt so good I pushed back onto it with each thrust; taking it inside as much as I could.

I came over and over as they took turns swapping every few minutes. Ray lay down and pulled me on top; I slid down onto his cock and rode him hard and fast until I came again. He pulled me down and sucked my tits; nibbling lightly on my nipples while I was grinding away on his enormous cock. I felt Ron’s tongue licking and probing my ass which he eventually replaced with a finger, I squealed with pleasure as he slid it in deep and finger fucked my ass while Ray’s cock was pulsing inside my pussy.

          Ron positioned himself behind me and gently worked his cock into my ass, he went deeper and faster with each stroke and I was really enjoying my first double penetration, so much so that I orgasmed almost straight away. The boys got a good rhythm going and I was rocking back and forth with them, they were going hard and fast, I could feel there cocks swell and knew they were about to cum. Suddenly they stopped before they came and both got to their feet, I got on my knees and took turns sucking their cocks, their moaning was making me suck faster and deeper. Ray pushed me back down onto my back and lay between my legs, he spread them wide and over his shoulders and fucked me once, my pussy was dripping wet and the juices ran out as his huge cock slid in and out.

          The twins swapped numerous times taking turns fucking my brains out, my body was numb from the constant orgasms and I wanted more. I told them to fuck me harder and fill my cunt with cum which must have turned them on even more. Ray groaned, he pushed his cock deep inside me and held it there and shot a load of hot cum inside me, he started to pull out as cum continued to squirt into my pussy. As he got to his I feet knelt before him and sucked the last few drops from his twitching cock.

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   Ron was next and stuck his cock in me, I could feel Ray’s cum running out and down my ass as Ron fucked me. As I was about to cum pulled out and held his cock above my belly and I watched a stream of cum shoot across my stomach and over my tits, Ron pulled on his cock to get the last few drops out that dripped onto my now sore and swollen snatch.

          After a few minutes to catch their breath the boys got dressed and said they had to hurry off to work, but if I wanted to meet up again they would be there the same time every day. Although I was too sore to walk and sit properly for a few days, needless to say I did meet up with them again, several times in fact before our holidays were over. Considering this was supposed to be a punishment, I think I might be playing up a bit more from now on.