Introducing Elly part 3

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She held the glass under her pussy, and with a satisfied groan she released her bladder. Her warm piss filled the glass completely and as she lifted it up to her chest some spilt across her fingers. Elly switched the glass into her other hand and licked her piss from her fingers, savoring her sweet taste with a smile. Josh watched her with his cock in his hand, stroking himself lightly. Elly took the glass to her lips and took a sip, then with her piss in her mouth she leaned forwards to Josh who opened his mouth, and with a quick kiss they transferred the piss and Josh swallowed. “Delicious baby. I could drink forever. ”


Elly then dipped her fingers in the glass and soaked her hand, which she then moved down to replace Josh’s hand on his cock, and covered the stiffening member in her urine. Josh groaned and closed his eyes enjoying the warm liquid on his dick. “Fuck, baby, that’s so nice. ” He whispered to her, his head leaning down on her shoulder as she continued to cover his cock. After a few minutes he leaned up to kiss her. “I’ve got an idea. ” He said after breaking the kiss, and she raised an eyebrow curiously. He smiled back at her as he took the glass out of her hand and set it on the bedside table. He then slapped the brunette across her left cheek and pushed her down onto the bed so she was laying on her back.

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He got off the bed and dragged her so her head was below his cock just hanging off the bed and he was standing, and he slapped the girl once more who moaned. His cock was as hard as ever and he pointed it down towards her mouth, placing the tip just past her lips. Josh then took hold of the glass of piss and poured a small amount down on to her face making sure it ran over his cock and into her mouth. “Don’t swallow, slut. Keep your dirty piss in your mouth!” he ordered, and poured more piss into her mouth which she kept pooled. When it started to leak, he forced his entire length down into her piss filled mouth.


She began choking immediately, coughing out her piss all over his cock. It began pouring down across her face and down her neck and the sight nearly made the boy cum. After letting her gag some more, he pulled his drenched cock out, shook the drips onto her face then slapped her hard across the cheek. She was breathing heavily but Josh didn’t allow her to catch her breath before pouring the remainder of the glass over her face completely, making sure it went up her nose, in her mouth and in her eyes. Her long brown hair was soaked with piss and the girl writhed on the bed before him.


He admired the view for a few moments, then lifted the girl up by her hair and turned her around to face him, still gripping her wet hair. “Do you like choking on my cock baby?” he asked her with a soft voice, she sighed deeply, her eyes forced shut. “I asked you a question you whore. ” His voice wasn’t calm that time, and he slapped her twice on each cheek, Ellys mouth opened and she dribbled pissy salvia.


   “I love when you choke me, thank you. ” She whimpered slightly and it made Josh’s cock twitch. He rewarded her with another slap and she moaned aloud. “Do you like when I slap your slutty face?” his voice had gone calm again this time, but before she could answer he released his grip on her hair and slapped the girl again who fell backwards.


He parted her perfect legs and pulled her closer by her thighs, then spat down on to her pussy. He ran his fingers lightly across her thighs then positioned two fingers to part her soaked pussy lips, exposing her hole and making her pierced clit stand out even more. He flicked the clit and Elly screamed, then he slapped down on it hard and the girl nearly came. “Don’t cum yet, your pussy can take much more. ” He said, then pushed two fingers into her hole, her warm insides adjusting to the intrusion. He thrust his hand back and forth then slipped a third finger in and began twisting as he went in and out. Elly’s legs were twitching, her clit was pulsating and she was whimpering, trying not to cum. With his other hand he slapped her clit again and pushed his fourth finger inside, reaching in deep.  


“Shit, oh shit Josh, fuck, I can’t, I can’t last, my pussy is so full, I need to cum, fuck, please let me cum, let me squirt my cum, please baby, oh fuck!” she was in a frenzy of moaning, and as Josh looked up at her red face, tears leaking from her eyes, he thrust his fingers in harder than ever then slapped her clit, and with a “cum now, you dirty slut. ” Elly’s pussy exploded into orgasm, sending five squirts up across the boys body. Her whole body was shaking with pleasure, the girl could barely form words as her pussy gushed with delicious juice.

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   As she still wriggled beneath him, Josh took his hand out and reached up towards her face, forcing his hand into her mouth to make her gag on her own juices.


He let his hand slip out, then slapped her. She was still recovering from her orgasm as he turned her over and moved down towards her ass. Her cheeks still bore memories of their last fucking, and choosing a spot that looked the reddest, he slapped the perfect cheek then moved down to lick it. Squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands roughly, he let his tongue move down between them and it soon found her ass hole. He spread her ass open and began to tongue the tiny shit hole, scratching, slapping and squeezing her cheeks. “Taste my shitter baby, rim my slutty hole! Fuuck!” Elly was soon back into her frenzy and began thrusting her ass up into his mouth to get even more tongue in.


Her ass hole loosened slightly and Josh was able to get his tongue past the rim and inside, tasting her warmth. After three minutes of rimming, he replaced his tongue with his fingers and opened up her hole ready for his cock. Josh slapped her ass once more, then moved up on to his knees, his cock desperate to feel the insides of her shit hole again, and without warning he pushed two inches inside her, the couple moaning together. “Yesssss! Fill it! Fill my fucking ass, my filthy hole! Stuff it, fuck, so fucking good!” she was moaning louder than ever as Josh pushed the rest of his cock into her anus and began a steady thrust, knowing he was going to cum soon.


“Oh shit Elly, your ass is so perfect, it’s gonna make me cum! I’m gonna shoot my cum up into your bowels, fuck, oh fuck, it’s squeezing my cock, so tight!” he tightened his grip on her ass cheeks as he pulled her on and off his cock, the sensation of his dick stretching her ass with each thrust, sliding up and down her crack was incredible, and he was addicted to it. “Cum baby, fill up my shit hole, I need it so badly baby, shoot it! Flood it!” she began to scream as she orgasm for a second time, and feeling her walls become even tighter, his balls exploded and he shot rope after rope of warm cum into her ass. After they both calmed, his cock slipped out pulling some cum with it, and he wiped his cock on her cheeks.


After some time, Elly turned back over and cuddled up to Josh, who was exhausted.

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   They gave each other soft kisses and giggled to each other. Elly reached over to the glass and noticed there was still some piss inside it, and looking up at Josh she poured the small amount over the tip of his cock which went back to being fully erected. She lowered herself down and took his head into her mouth, sucking the piss from his cock, preparing them both for another hour of fucking.



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