Kelsey Gets the Pounding of Her Life

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This is a story of Kelsey's first multiple oriface pounding. . . .


Kelsey and Rick made their way down to the beach. Kelsey was wearing the tiniest of bikinis that showed her curvy, tan figure off to its fullest. Once settled and with no one around she removed her top to reveal her gorgeous perky tits to the sun. She asked Rick to cover her in sun tan lotion. He began to do as was bid smearing it over her back. Gently into her smooth skin. She turned over for the front to be done as well.
He began massaging the lotion into her firm breasts. Just the feel of them and the feel of her nipples between his fingers made his cock rise. Kelsey noticed.
Kelsey removed her bikini bottom that wrapped around her busty thighs.
“Fuck me” she purred.

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“What here? People will see” he said embarrassingly.
“There’s no one around” she retorted “besides who cares? I don’t. ”
He didn’t need asking twice. She lay back and her fingers parted her cunt lips. His eyes fell upon the silky pink flesh inside. He could see she was already wet.
Soon his naked body was between her thighs and his rampant stallion probing for her tight, Cuban pussy. It found its target and plunged in. She let out a sigh of satisfaction. He began riding in her. Her cunt felt so good. He could feel his knob throbbing at the feel of her pussy. She began to writhe beneath him. Each little groan from her lips spurred him on to ram harder into Kelsey.
His hand slapped hard on her ass as it dug into the sand below.

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   The sting of it made her wince. Suddenly they became aware of a shadow that fell over her naked body. They both looked up to see a lifeguard standing over them. He was typical of a lifeguard. Tall, muscular; the type that women swooned over.
“I want to fuck your woman “he snarled.
“Fuck off” said Rick “she’s mine. ”
“Then I’ll just have to beat off over her” came the reply. He lowered his shorts and pulled out his stiffened cock.
Kelsey made a grab for it and proceeded to yank at the foreskin.
“Fucking enjoy me” she whispered to the lifeguard as she peered up into his eyes.
Rick’s fingers dug deep into her flesh. She yanked harder and harder at the stiff prick hovering over her. The lifeguard’s eyes rolled in his head and he began to groan.
Rick did not want to be undone.

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   He grabbed her body tightly and thrust his torso harder at her. His rhythm now was hard and slow and deliberate. He lifted her into the air, holding her up by her back as she bounced back and forth on his throbbing cock. She let out a yelp as she squirted all over his cock, and onto his stomach and legs.
“Kelsey, you are such a dirty fucking whore” he exclaimed.
As she came, she squeezed the lifeguard’s cock hard, as she rolled it back and forth with both hands, feeling the veins in his cock fill up with hot cum, waiting to splatter her.
The lifeguard let out a cry as his hot seed gushed from the head and splattered over Kelsey’s tits and covered her face.
“FUUCKK” he shouted as it echoed around the beach.
Rick rammed harder.
Rick could feel his knob bursting to explode in her. His pace quickened. Kelsey squirmed beneath him. She was moaning and groaning. He reached forward and his hands grabbed her tits. They gripped tightly.

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   The fingers crushing the nipples. She responded. Her legs rose like a drawbridge. They wound round his body like a python constricting its prey. He was held in a vice like grip between her thighs. . Her cum covered tits smeared against his torso. Her fingers ran down his back. Her nails bit deeply into his flesh.
He came, blasting cream into Kelsey’s pussy, but staying hard, and continuing to fuck her. His massive load served as lube for stretching her smooth tight pussy even further. As he continued to thrust into her, his cum oozed out.
The lifeguard stood watching and soon was hard again.
She continued to draw her fingernails across his back. This only served to stiffen his cock more.

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   It felt inside of her as though it was burning like a red hot steel pole fresh from the furnace. His cock was on fire.
All the while, the lifeguard stood just above Kelsey’s head, violently stroking his cock, gazing into her eyes as she was mercilessly pounded by Rick. Kelsey opened her mouth obediently, and to Rick’s dismay, took the lifeguards cock. He could see deep down her throat, and he didn’t hesitate, getting on his knees, and shoving his cock down her throat. It instantly filled with pre-cum as the lifeguard once again rolled his eyes back into his head in absolute pleasure.
Now, two of her holes being penetrated, Kelsey gasped for breath between mouthfuls of cock.
Down the beach, about fifty yards, was a large, muscular man, Jackson, running towards the act. He peered into the distance and wondered “Who is this little tight cuban girl taking two cocks on a public beach?”
He continued his jog, with a brisker pace, and approached the three. Kelsey’s face was now covered in a combination of her saliva and the lifeguard’s cum, and her ass was digging deeper and deeper into the sand as Rick robotically pounded her pussy. Kelsey, covered by Jackson’s shadow, peered up into his face, and saw the desire in his eyes. Without a word, possibly because she was gagging on cock, she pushed Rick off, pulled the throbbing cock out of her mouth, and turned over. She got down her hands and knees, and arched her back so her big, busty Cuban ass stuck up into the air. She beckoned for Rick to get under her, and Jackson behind her. “Take my big Cuban ass baby.

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Without hesitation, Jackson slipped his pants off, pulled down his boxers, and slammed his already hard cock into her tight little asshole. God her asshole was tight. He felt the pressure around his cock and blew immediately, filling her up.
“OH MY GOD BABY” Kelsey screamed as Jackson rammed into her tight virgin butt and drained his balls. But he wasn’t close to being finished. He carried on, as more and more cum erupted from her butthole while he thrust in and out.
“Oh my god baby, you came in my ass!” Kelsey said excitedly.
Rick proceeded to pound her pussy while lying on his back. The lifeguard got his waist down to her face’s level, and shoved his cock into her sweet little Cuban mouth.
Now, all of her holes were filled and being slammed. She yelped, squirmed, and squealed in delight. Kelsey was cumming more than she ever had in her life. This was the first time her little butthole had ever been penetrated, and it was by a ten inch black cock.
Rick and Jackson eventually reached a rhythm, pounding her pussy and asshole simultaneously, pulling nearly all the way out, then slamming in, balls deep. Each time they did this, she squirted an immense amount, so that it shot out onto her own ass, and onto Jackson’s stomach.

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   She came over ten times in this position.
It was hard for Kelsey to compose words between her groans of pleasure. Waves of electricity flowed through her body. Every muscle rippled with excitement. She felt tense and all wound up inside.
The lifeguard was the first to cum, as she was sucking on the head  of his cock while rubbing his shaft as fast as she could. He came without warning, into her mouth, so that he filled up her throat, against her will. There wasn’t space in Kelsey’s mouth for all of the lifeguards jizz and the cock that was rammed down her throat, so the cum spilled out, covering her face, and spilling down her chest.
Kelsey continued to cum after the lifeguard pulled out, only now her screams of pleasure were audible. “MMMMMMM” she exclaimed multiple times.
Rick was the next to cum. He kept pounding her pussy, his body between hers and the sand. His lungs felt near to bursting. He was fighting for breath. Suddenly he felt the force gush through his prick as his cock exploded deep into her womb.

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Kelsey screamed loudly as she reached the pitch of her orgasms. They both collapsed breathing heavily. But Jackson wasn’t done. He kept pounding her big Cuban butt, even though she had collapsed from cumming so much. He continued to stretch it, while he reached around and rubbed her clit violently. She came again, nearly unconscious at this point from exhaustion. “FUCK BABY” Kelsey screamed.
And finally, Jackson exploded, never having experienced such a tight, round, virgin cuban asshole. He kept cumming even after filling up Kelsey’s asshole, so he pulled out and covered her big butt with his hot white cream.
Kelsey’s consciousness faded. She was out. All three men gasped for breath. Their gazes met, then aimed to Kelsey’s unconscious face. She had been pounded. Her face was covered with cum, her smooth skin was coated as well; from her chest, all the way down her back, and onto her perfectly tan ass.

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   Her ass really was a sight, as she laid face down, it protruded from her body immensely curving up a seemingly perfect amount.
All three men started subconsciously masturbating, testing whether or not the sight of the gorgeous, unconscious teen-cuban could make them blow yet again. After just about five minutes, they had all succeeded to reach orgasm again. One by one, they kneeled down, lay their cock against her beautiful, bubbly butt, and blew one final massive load. After the three had finished, her beautiful, smooth, tan skin was no longer visible through the layers and layers of cum.
She awoke, later, being pounded once again, by the three. Only this time, she couldn’t move. They had bound her hands with their belts, she lay sprawled across the sand on all fours, legs spread out so her pussy and asshole stretched wide. Jackson was now behind her, the lifeguard was under her, and rick was forcing his hard-on down her throat. Her pussy and butthole were raw. She could feel both of her rear holes full of hot, sticky cum, from all three men exploding in her multiple times. She tried to speak, though Rick’s cock slammed deeper down her throat.
He pulled out and slapped her face. Drops of cum flew to the side he had slapped her. “What is it whore?”
“How many times have you blown in me?” Kelsey asked innocently
Rick hesitated, started rubbing his cock hard, then slammed it back down her throat and said calmly, “five” as his hot stream jetted down her throat, filling it up as it did before, and spilling out, dribbling down her chin.

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   Her eyes watered.
“FUCK…yeah…KELSEY…take…my…big…cock…” Jackson exploded for his fifth time, into her butt. There was simply no capacity for cum left in her tight little Cuban ass. Cum erupted from the space between his cock and her butthole, and shot out all directions. It dribbled down her legs, and covered the bindings at her ankles.
At this point, the lifeguard’s cock was covered in her cum, his cum and the cum of the other two men. As he bounced her to and fro on his throbbing piece, she squirted, covering his balls with fresh cum. He reached his peak, pulled his cock out, and shot a streamline of jizz up her bare, tan, smooth, tight stomach that hit her chin.
Kelsey collapsed once again; her hands bound, her face, chest, and back covered in excessive semen. Her butthole and pussy stretched, and full of hot, creamy cum that dripped down her smooth tan legs. She passed out again from exhaustion, and the three men gathered their things, unbound her and redressed her in her bikini, and carried her to Rick’s Ford Explorer. They loaded everything and everyone, and sped off to the hotel they had been at. What Rick didn’t know about this girl, Kelsey that he met the previous weekend, was that she was still in high school.
As day turned to evening, the trio continued to ravage Kelsey as she faded in and out of consciousness. They slammed her against the bed, tied her up, so that when she awoke, she had no other choice but to take the cocks slamming into her.


   The peculiar thing was that she didn’t resist. She expressed an odd pleasure at being taken by three, full and determined men. She had never truly cum before, and she was cumming by the minute now. She had never had a cock mature enough to last in her tight little Cuban pussy. None of the three men had ever had a pussy as tight, as smooth as Kelsey’s. Nor had they fucked a body as tight, which would explain their seemingly inhuman determination to fill her with as much semen as possible.
At one point, the lifeguard spread her butthole open with both hands, pulling the cheeks apart while Jackson continued to spread it by plunging in, deeper and deeper. Suddenly, Rick slammed his cock in as well. This jolted Kelsey awake, as her butt was now taking double the meat. Her bubbly tan cheeks bounced up and down as she came, again and again and again, while the two cocks mercilessly pounded her ass.
After cumming, they untied her and carried her to the shower to wash off. They kept physical control of her, though. Rick got down on his knees and spred her legs as she stood, water pouring down her perfect, tight little Cuban body. She awoke further, and responded as he proceeded to devour her cunt while ramming his left hand up her butthole. He drank from her pussy like a faucet, as she squirted satisfaction into his mouth while he worked her parts.

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   All the while, Jackson was watching from outside of the shower, rubbing his cock, already raw, to orgasm. The lifeguard was in the shower, rubbing his cock against her protruding ass, and crushing her nipples with his grip. Soon enough, her shower turned from water to cum, the lifeguard stood up on the seat in the shower, and blew his load onto her face, in her eyes, mouth, and on her nose. Kelsey’s face looked particularly sexy covered in cum, so the lifeguard had not one, but two orgasms on her face, covering and filling it up.
Jackson burst in as he came, to plunge his cock into Kelsey’s vacant butthole. His tip met the opening and exploded, as her butt filled with warm cream.
Kelsey only wanted more. She rubbed the cum out of her butt, brought it to her mouth and swallowed. She got on her knees and started jacking off the lifeguard and Jackson while she blew Rick. They all rolled their eyes back into their heads in deep satisfaction.
As Kelsey pumped their cocks, her perky tits bounced on her tight, smooth frame. Here came the grand finale. She opened wide, and pulled all three cocks in front of her face. With one last gesture, she slammed them all into her mouth, and by some sort of wondrous miracle, they all exploded simultaneously, filling her mouth in a split second, cum erupting all over her beautiful face. Kelsey had milked the three men of countless seed, and she was filled to the brim with their hot, hot, cum.

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