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One night I was working a late shift at a truck stop I used to work at. There was a mature woman named, Katherine, cat for short. I was about to get off from work, then she asked for a ride home she told me she didn’t live to far the truck stop. So I agreed to take her home. She told me her son lived with her and might not be home yet and ask me to wait with her because she lived in the middle of nowhere I said fine. I got her home, and as she had said  her son was not home yet so I walked her up to her door , she open it and we went in. I sat on her couch. She brought me glass of tea and cements to have a conversation. While waiting she told me that her son usually gets in late. And she wanted to get me alone, when she first laid eyes on me she was a mature 50,s lady with short brown hair skinny but had a nice ass on her. She got up without any notice and went to her bedroom. Came back in a black nightie barely up to her top of her legs, very sexy, I told her. She smiled at me. She told me her son would be home soon. And we should be heading to her bedroom for some privacy. So we took off to her room she sat on her bed ,and laid down on her back she spread her legs open enough to show me a peek at her lacy panties she had put on for me.

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  they  got my interests so I took off my pants and shirt, put left on my shorts . she was staring at the hard on I had through my shorts and smiled, and patted the bed for me to join her in her bed . I sled under the cover with her  and propped my head up  with my hands behind it . she rolled over on her side and laid beside me , she move her hand slowly down to my shorts stopping it on top of my erect cock  grabbed it  through my shorts and was stroking it was  getting harder by the minute. She couldn’t wait any longer to see it so she sled the cover down past my throbbing cock,   then proceeded to pull my shorts off, she finely got to see the  . The erection, which was excited her quivering mature pussy of hers. She thought to herself. How it would feel in her juicy cunt of hers. As soon as it was exposed, she slide down to my crotch and licked her lips. She slowly slides the head in taking her talented tongue running it around my head while it was in her mouth. She pleasured me for a few minutes she got back up to the head of the bed, and then I went the foot, sliding her black lacy panties to the side. I was about to enjoy her wet juicy cunt with my mouth then she grabbed the back of my head and drove my face hard into her impatient pussy swirling my tongue around her clit , making her tighten her legs around my head . Cumming so hard my mouth was filled with her sweet  juices  in a new York minute. As I lick her cunt clean of her cum. I sat up and began to slide her panties over her tight little ass and tossed them on the floor.

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   While I was eating her out, her moans had turned into load muffled screaming. not to disturb her son in the next bedroom which had come home five minutes before. I lifted her legs back open and positioned me in-between putting her legs on my shoulders then inserting my hard cock in her wet little pussy. Then I slide her black nightie over her head  and off her body pumping my rock hard tool in and out of her soaking wet cunt. I sucked her swollen little nipples. And was pinching them while I was fucking her tight little cunt.   Her screaming while she had a pillow in her face biting it every time I slammed my cock deep in to her pussy lips making   her juices flood  over my cock onto the bed I pulled out. Giving her a breather, for a minute. I grabbed her and put her in the doggy position. Carefully sliding my dick in between  her wet pussy lips hearing her yelp out load , bearing   her face back in her pillow  as her as was up in the air. My hard erection penetrating her horny slit. The harder I shoved it in the wetter her pussy was getting I was wondering how much longer she could go on for. So I pulled out again, and laid on my back. She knew what I wanted she quickly climbed on top my cock. Sliding her quivering lips around my head of my cock.

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   Then slamming her twat up and down, soaking my cock with her mature juices from her   pussy. She couldn’t take it anymore, me neither my cock exploded with all my built up cum. all in her as she collapsed on top of me my white juices ran all over my tool and her bed too. We both lay on the bed exhausted. I had to get home so I got dressed while I was getting dressed. She lay on her bed exhausted her legs open showing the whole world her, dripping wet pussy.   The look on her face was pure fulfillment of her sexual needs I left and went home.


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