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          I had just turned 17 and was invited on a girl’s night out by a friend from work. Her name was Lucy, she was quite attractive and in her mid twenties, I also knew she was a lesbian. After a brief hesitation I accepted and Lucy said she would pick me up around 9. I wondered all afternoon what the night could be like and what sort of friends she would have, it wouldn’t be long before I found out.

          Lucy arrived right on time; I climbed into the passenger seat and the first thing I noticed was what she was wearing, a skimpy top with no bra and the shortest skirt I’ve ever seen, it was slid so far up I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. Thoughts started running through my head about what sort of girls night out this was going to be. Lucy said she had to go pick up a friend nearby, she kept looking over at me as she drove; at my tits and down at my lap.

          As we pulled up at her friends flat, she explained that her friend Bree who we were picking up was her lover and that they had decided to have a night in back at her house. My first thought was to ask her to take me back home but I decided to keep quiet and see how things go. Bree opened the door and motioned me to slide over and I sat awkwardly between them as we drove back to Lucy’s home. Along the way Bree had put her arm around me to get comfortable and her hand was stroking the front of my shoulder, I had to admit it got me quite aroused.

           We arrived at Lucy’s house and went down into her basement which had been converted into a rumpus type room; with a jukebox, bar and about twenty large pillows spread about the floor.

We had a few drinks and talked for awhile, all the time the two girls kept touching each other and the occasional kiss. The conversation eventually got onto sex and they started asking me questions about what I had done and who with. Although I usually keep those things private, the drinks and the way they asked made me feel quite at home.

                The conversation turned to sex with other girls, which I had never done and as we discussed it Lucy sat beside me and slid her hand between my legs.

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   My breathe was taken away as she put her hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy through my panties and started to kiss my neck. Bree came and sat on the other side and did the same, both of their hands were rubbing my pussy in turn as they both continued sucking and kissing my neck. Lucy reached under my top and slid her hand up to my tits and gently cupped one in her hand, the softness of her touch made my nipples hard, she squeezed them between her fingers, moving back and forth from one to the other. While Lucy kept rubbing my pussy and tits Bree removed my top and began sucking on one of my nipples which sent a tingle through my body, the sensation doubled when Lucy did the same. I threw my head back as both girls sucked and nibbled on a tit each.

          Lucy stood up and stripped off, she knelt down between my legs and spread them open wide. I felt the warmness of her breathe inches from my pussy, she spread my pussy lips apart with her thumbs and ran her tongue from my ass to my clit, and I let out a slight moan as she probed my cunt with her tongue. As Lucy continued sucking and tongue fucking my pussy Bree removed her clothes and got to her knees, she straddled my face and looked down at me smiling and said to lick her snatch. Bree pulled her lips apart and lowered herself onto my mouth, her wet pussy tasted so good; I eagerly lapped at her juices as she started to ride my face.

          Bree was now sliding back and forth on my mouth faster and faster until she finally orgasmed, she spun around bent down into a 69 position, Lucy sat up and watched as Bree ate my pussy and I hers, I pushed my aching hole into her face, my clit was swollen and tender; she had it between her lips sucking it and teasing it with her tongue, my body tensed as an orgasm shuddered through my entire body. Lucy got up and got several large toys from a drawer, she took one and slid it inside me as Bree watched. I continued to bury my face in her pussy; licking up all the juices that dripped from her hot and juicy snatch.

          As Lucy fucked me with the toy she occasionally pulled it out and let Bree suck off all my juices, I had cum several times now and I was willing to do anything to have more. Bree got off me and lay opposite me, our pussy’s facing each other about 8 inches apart, Lucy took a long double ended dildo and slid an end into each of our pussy’s and worked it back and forth deep in turn into our cunts.

She fucked us both hard and faster as we both squealed as we came together.

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   Lucy got us to get on our hands and knees and face away from each other and did the same to us doggie. Bree and I both pushed back hard together so much our asses kept slapping together and the toy was buried deep inside us at the same time.

          It was Lucy’s turn now and got both Bree and myself to lick her out at the same time; she came over and over as Bree fingered her ass at the same time. We took turns in doing the same to each other, licking each other’s pussies and clits and had countless number of orgasms. Lucy laid me on my back and climbed into a 69, she spread her pussy lips apart as wide as she could and sat it down on my mouth which I tongue fucked with pleasure. Her clit was swollen and hard, it stuck out like a tiny cock, I took it between my lips and sucked it gently, Lucy squirmed and moaned on my face; she started squeezing her own tits until she finally came. Lucy begged me to do it again while she watched Bree fuck me with a large rubber cock.

         Bree got a strap on dildo from the drawer and got me on all fours again, Lucy lay before me with her legs spread wide, she took my head by the hair and pulled it into her pussy. Lucy gyrated her hips while I ate out her snatch and Bree started fucking me from behind with the strap on, the faster she fucked me the faster I licked Lucy’s pussy. Lucy and I swapped places several times as Bree brought us to orgasms over and over. After what seemed like hours the three of us lay exhausted on the floor caressing each other’s bodies, lightly kissing each other all over until we were ready for another round.

    Lucy informed me that they have nights like this quite often but there is usually 5 or 6 of them, they just thought it would be better to initiate me with just the 2 for the first time. I’ve never been with another female before that night and although they were much older than myself; I can see myself trying it with another girl again real soon. Or maybe get invited to another girls night out. .

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