Stranger on the train Pt 3.

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You know something? I have been pretty good! Its been months since I have seen the girl and even longer since I raped her. Fuck it sounds bad when you put it like that doesn’t it? She likes it so much how could it possible be called rape? I think to myself.

Your probably asking yourself, “Hold on. You have seen her but you haven’t raped her? Does that mean you have bumped into her or something?” The short answer is no. The long answer is that I get the urge to walk past her house now and then. I have even on times crept down the side of the house and spied on her thru her window. She never noticed me but I used to stand there and look thru the window at her watching tv and my cock would grow to maximum length inside my pants. I’m sure she has noticed my cum stains on the side of her house!


            But it has been a while since I last left my mark on her house and although I will never forget her, the looks on her face when I walked out on her covered in cum helpless on her floor, she has definitely been put on the back burner for now.

That was until a week or so ago. And what a cascade of events has followed since that day. Let me explain….


            I was at my local shopping market on the high street. I had just started my shop, I rounded the corner heading into the cereal isle and was looking for my favourite brand when all of a sudden I felt an urge to turn my head. At the end of the isle stood my very own fuck doll. They girl who I have taken on more then more occasion with out her consent yet still feel I have a strong connection with. She stood wearing tight black jeans that contrasted perfectly against her purple silk top, finished off nicely with a long pair of boots.

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   She looked amazing, I couldn’t help but stare. She must have felt my eyes burning into her. She placed her shopping into her basket and turned her head. Our eyes met. Hers widened and her mouth opened slightly. I was frozen stiff, I didn’t know what to do. She backed up not taking her eyes off me and faded out of my sight.

I eventually got the blood that was pooling in my cock to divert to my legs and I started moving down the isle. It was like a dream. I could see nothing but a tunnel of light in front of me and my eyes were fixed on the one purple blur that had just stood in front of me. I ducked around the isle to find her basket sitting on the floor still full of food. I snapped out of my dream world and survived the space around me, I turned sharply on my heals and ran head long into a member of staff who couldn’t get any closer to me. I looked down and she looked up. Her long black hair covered half her face, whilst apologizing for bumping into her, she smiled and gave me a coy look. She placed her hands behind her back politely asking

“Is there anything I can help you with sir?”

Sort of ignoring her I looked around hunting for my purple enigma.

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“I’m just looking for a friend”

“oh ok, well if there is anything I can help you with don’t hesitate to ask me”

I looked down to thank her and as I did she pushed her perky chest out and gave me a dirty wink. I was dumb struck and could barely manage to stutter

“Ahh thanks” as I backed away from her.

I turned back around and I caught a brief glance at a purple haze ducking through the crowd and out the front door. I dropped my basket next her abandoned one and made haste in following her.

Don’t ask me what I was going to do, in fact my body was in autopilot and was moving first leaving my thought process in a distant second place.

I stepped into the light and scanned the street. BINGO! I found her, she turned her head from across the street and our eyes met. She paused for a minute and quickly changed direction. I was in awe at the way her boots commanded the pavement. Her hips moved with force as they tore towards her destination.

You can see why I was even more shocked when I noticed that her choice of destination was a disabled toilet. She closed the door sharply behind her and then she was gone.


I stood at out the front of the market just staring at the toilet block. There wasn’t a single thought in the world passing through my head at that time and all of a sudden my mind took control of my body again and before I knew it my body was heading towards the toilet block.

I reached the door and slowly placed my hand on the handle.

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   I turned it and to my surprise it wasn’t locked. I held the door handle open but kept it closed for what seemed like and eternity.

“Fuck it!” I said out loud and pushed the door open.

There she stood, my forbidden princess, my warrior women. I closed the door behind me and locked it. There was dead silence in the toilet as we just stood staring at each other. She had her back against the wall one hand holding onto the railings that are common in disabled toilets, the other behind her back. Our eyes were fixed on each others. Then I noticed something I had never seen before with her, She smiled! I was shocked

At the same time she withdrew her hand from behind her back presenting to me her index finger and hanging from it was a blue silk with black lace thong. I laughed,

“Your ready this time?”

She laughed too.

She dropped them on the floor and turned around, her hands moving towards her hips, the very same point when her body was now bending from. She lowered her black jeans presenting that toned arse and puffy pussy lips. She pulled her pants down as far as they would go and then placed one foot on the toilet bowl.

Both her hands grabbed the disabled toilet rail and her head dropped.

Nothing was said.

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There was pure silence in the room and this time she had taken charge. I undid my pants and moved quickly across the room with my rock hard cock in hand.

I stepped up behind her and guided my cock into her pussy forcefully but her pussy was so slick and wet that my cock just glided in. She moaned loudly and I proceeded to fuck her at my own control and will.

My cock was providing this whore long forceful strokes. I would slide my cock out until just the tip of my cock was still in her pussy and would then drive back into her forcing her higher onto her toes with every stroke. I reached over her and slid one hand under her silk top and squeezed her nipples. Her hand shot up freeing itself for the handrail and held my hand in place. All of a sudden she started pushing back against me. I could feel her pussy getting tighter and wetter around my cock. I picked up both my pace and force and was soon making her head jerk with every thrust. She moaned even louder and I could feel her wetness sliding down my thighs as her climax overtook her body. She continued to push back against my cock and all of a sudden my balls tighten. I squeezed hard on her tits and moaned loudly. My back arched and my legs tensed.

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   My cock exploded inside of her, filling that sweet love box full of my salty cum. I gasped for breath as the hand that was holding my hand to her nipple fell by the way side. I pulled my cock out of her and with it came my big load falling from her pussy and onto her black jeans. She looked down observing the newly developing stain,


I laughed and she pulled up her pants,

She turned and looked at me as I stood motionless cock in hand, our eyes met again, nothing was said, she moved first brushing me aside. I stooped and pulled up my pants. As she reached the door and unlocked it she turned around looking back at me. She looked down at her thong on the floor

“You can keep that”


I picked up her thong and putting it into my pocket walked out of the toilet. There I stood outside the toilet door, a freshly fucked cock in my pants and the sun shinning down on me. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed us both walk out of the toilet. No one seemed to notice. I looked back down the street and watched my warrior women walk into the sunset and out of sight.


I looked down at my watch and tried to remember what on earth was I doing before all of that happened,

“Ah shit my shopping!!”


End of part 3,

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