Stranger on the train Pt 4.

Sex Stories

After a week since my sexual relief I find myself sitting on my couch watching the weekend football but my mind isn’t on the game. I’m thinking of how my beautiful anonymous women opened herself up for me last week. . . willingly! I didn’t have to hold her down, it was a chance meeting in a supermarket that ended up in her bending over and letting me fuck her until I dumped my load on her.

It isn’t long after I begin this thought process that my cock becomes stiff in my pants. My hand subconsciously finds its way to my cock and starts rubbing it through my pants.

Snapping out of my daze, my eyes land on her black thong that sits on my other couch. I reach over and pick it up bringing it to my nose to smell.   I inhale deeply and the faint smell of pussy catches my senses. My hand is now in my pants and beating my cock with intent. I thoroughly look over the panties and find a little stain in the crotch and slowly tongue it, it has been too long for me to get any taste off it but the kink inside me loves the idea.

I lift my hips up and slid my pants down. My cock springs out of my pants and fuck me it is hard and big! The pre cum is flowing and is attached to my stomach leading a large string to the tip of my cock. I wrap the thong around my cock and start beating off thinking about all the times I have stolen this chicks innocence. Its not long until my balls tighten.

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   I pull the thong over the tip of my cock just as I blow my load filling the g-string with thick ropes of cum. I close my eyes and catch my breath, throwing the thong to the other side of the room I turn back to my football game.


A few weeks have now passed and her g-string is stiff with dried cum. between random fucks I have pumped load after load of cum into her used thong. I sit at my kitchen table eating my dinner and pondering the poor state of this g-string. A smile comes across my face and I have an idea. I laugh to myself and finish my dinner in a rush to put my plan into action.

I skip out the door with the underwear in my pocket and snake my way down to her street and to her front door. I survey the house I have stalked so many times. The lights are on…someone is home. I whisper to my cock “settle down son your not getting used tonight” as it twitches and stiffens in my pants. I slowly creep around the side of the house.

Hidden by the cloak of darkness I duck under all her windows so I cannot be seen. I stick my head around into her backyard and see the coast is clear. Her back door is closed.

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  . . ”perfect” I say to myself. I walk up to the door and pull out her cum soaked g-string placing it on the doorknob, she is sure to find it there I think to myself.

I disappear the way I came in without been seen and walk home.


            The night is drawing to and end and I’m getting tired. I flick through the channels on the TV and nothing is on,

“Well, I might as well head to bed, I have a big day tomorrow” I announce.

Standing up I remember I must take the rubbish out. I walk out my back door not thinking of anything and dump the trash. Being too lazy to turn the outside light on I stumble my way back inside trying my hardest not to fall on my face. I reach out for the door handle in the darkness, turning it, my attention is drawn to some kind of cloth on the handle. I don’t remember leaving anything there I think to myself. I walk inside with the cloth and once in the light I’m totally confused.

“What the Fuck!” I say to myself.

I’m holding a black g-string, I study it for a minute before it hits me like a train,

“Eww” I let out as I drop them to the floor “they are covered in cum!”

I move to the tap and quickly wash my hands.

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“What the fuck is a cum covered g-string doing on my door” I say to nobody.

I turn and look at them and gasp.

“I have seen this g-string before, in fact it’s mine!”

My mind rewinds through the past months attempting to recall when the last time I wore them was when, here come the train of realization running me over agin.

“I gave them to the rapist!”

I’m shocked, moving over to them and I pick them up between two fingers and study them.

“Yup, their mine. What the fuck has he done to them?”

I turn them in the air and observe them,

“There must be about 15 loads of cum on these” I say out loud.

Walking to my bedroom I am dumbfounded. I’m asking myself so many questions, I toss them on my bed and get changed for bed.

I didn’t notice it before, probably due to the sheer shock and realization of the whole situation but I sure as hell noticed it when I pull my panties off. My panties are stuck to my pussy! I pull them down and when I look at them they are drenched! I touch my pussy, pulling my hand away, my fingers are soaking wet.

“That fucking bastard” I yell “how the fuck does he do this too me”

I decide to sleep naked tonight and of course it isn’t long until my will power gives into my desire and I masturbate furiously over and over, to the though of the rapist jerking off into my panties. All the time smelling his loads and sucking on the crisp dried sections of cum.

I fall asleep with my hand in my pussy and my soiled panties next to me on my pillow.


Days have passed and I cannot stop thinking about the little present left for me on my back door. I cannot escape the thought anywhere, even at work when I sit down I can feel how sore my pussy is from the punishment I have been giving it every night.

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It isn’t until I’m on the train coming home one evening when I devise a little plan of my own to see what this guy is up to.

Walking through my front door I drop all my things on the floor, I walk purposefully to my room and head straight to my underwear draw. Searching through my draw I find the perfect pair of underwear, a white lace pair of panties, one of my favorites I must admit. Walking to the back door I’m thinking to myself I hope he enjoys this pair. I place the panties on the back door handle in the exact same position I found the last pair and close the door. Letting out a sigh at the completion of my task I mentally run my mind over the things I have to do tonight.

“You’re kidding me!” I say to myself,

I look down and slip my hand into my panties, Yup just as I thought, soaking wet again. Cursing my sex drive I walk to my bed and reach for my dildo,

“I'll settle this once again” I mutter under my breath and drift way.


Every night I have been back to her house to see if my plan has come into action and every night I have been disappointed, Maybe this wont play out the way I want it to I think to myself.

I was very excited when I saw that the g-string had gone but also very disappointed when I couldn’t find any form of acknowledgement of my actions. Every night I had gone back and crept through the side of the house and around to her back door to see nothing. I was starting to give up on my plan and had even missed a couple of days.

I hand pretty much given up on the idea, making a deal with myself that I would give it one more week and if no form of acknowledgement had been given I would move on.

Half way through that week I was in luck! I moved around the corner and crept along the wall to find a pair of white lace panties perched on the door handle in the exact same position I had left the other pair. I couldn’t contain my excitement and quickly snatched them from the door and disappeared back into the darkness from where I had come.

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As soon as I walked inside I stormed into my bedroom and pulled my rock hard cock out and beat it furiously. I did the same as I did with the last g-string, wrapping it around my cock to jerk off with. That night I think I dropped about 4 loads of cum into that lace pair of underwear totally ruining it, It was soaked!

A few more days passed of much the same actions on my behalf and after assessing the panties I knew it was time to give them back, They couldn’t soak up any more cum if they tried. So the operation started all over again, sneaking back to her house and hanging them on her back door.


Don’t tell me I wasn’t game! I left my panties on that back door handle for almost a week until they disappeared, I was pretty close to bringing them in but hoped my admirer would come and claim them. Now they were gone I was hoping that the right person took them!

Almost another week had passed and I’m sure it seemed to my neighbors I had developed OCD as I would open and close the back door 10 times a night to see if I had been left a present. It wasn’t until on Friday night when I opened the back door, was met by a disgusting sight. That fucker had totally destroyed my panties, they were soaked thru with cum! Some parts of the panties were even still wet there was that much cum on them! It was a strange feeling cursing someone yet loving them at the same time. I hated what he did to my favorite pair of panties but I also loved what he did to them and of course my pussy felt the brunt of it for another night.

I decided to continue to play my game and see if I could get more of a response out of him and that very night replaced the lace with a fresh clean pair of panties.


The game was now on! I went back to her house the next night to find a fresh pair of panties. We are both on the same page now and playing the same game. We continued to play the game of exchanging cum filled panties with fresh ones for about 2 weeks. I though, always had to take the game to the next level.


I won’t lie, I had not only been jerking off into her panties.

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   I had been getting a regular fuck of mine to put them on and let me fuck her wearing them. She never asked where I kept producing pairs of women’s underwear from, she knew better to ruin the good fuck she was getting by asking me questions. This little 18 year old would do anything I wanted and would be more than happy to wear the underwear I told her to, in fact I think she even liked some of them.

I would pull the crotch of the panties to the side and fuck her wearing them until I had to blow and instead of dumping my load in her I would pull out and shoot my load all over the panties I had her wearing. She didn’t care like I said she knew better then to ruin a good thing.

It was this little gem of information I knew I could use this young fuck to lift the stakes of my game. One night while fucking my young friend in my other friends (can I call her a friend? I mean I did rape her!) panties I reached for my camera. I didn’t hear any complaints about what I was about it to, in fact she seemed a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to take a photo with her face in it. I zoomed in on her pelvis and snapped up a shot of her wearing the panties while I was fucking her. Then when I dumped my load onto the panties I took another photo with my cock next to a massive load right on my young friends panty covered mound.

“Time to play the game” I said out aloud not being understood by my young fuck


After destroying another set of panties I returned them to my “exchange” program but this time I placed the two photos I had taken in the inside of the panties and hung them on the door handle. Smiling to myself as I retreated back into the shadows to disappear once again.


As much I hated myself for it I quite enjoyed the little game we had going on. It had been going for a couple of weeks now and I must admit my pussy has never been so satisfied.

I had developed a little routine and had narrowed down the times when he would leave me my present.

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   The general turn around time for a pair of soiled panties was about a 4 days, and to be honest this guy off loaded a lot of cum in 4 days!

But today was one day that the routine was different. As expected the cum soaked panties were on my door handle, slightly disappointed the cum wasn’t warm like it was last time but when I touched them, two photos fell out of them onto the floor.   When I picked up the photos and looked at them I was shocked and embarrassed in fact if I were to describe all my emotions it would be, shock, embarrassment, aroused, jealous, envious and aroused again!

The photos showed a cock (which I had seen before and could identify) and a female body wearing my panties. The body I couldn’t identify but fuck the photos were hot. One showed a girl wearing the panties I hold in my hand getting fucked and the other showed the panties covered in cum with his thick rod resting on them. I absently wondered back to my room and fell on my bed studying the photos. I looked over the panties I held in my hand and I could swear that between the cum stains I could make out the markings of pussy stains.

I was fucking jealous, this bitch was getting the joy of that cock in my panties! I studied the pictures again and then threw them on the floor. Standing up I tore off my pants and for some reason, which I still do not understand, decided to take out all my anger on my pussy! The poor little thing was punished that night and as I lay in bed catching my breath and starring at these pictures again a thought crossed my mind. Standing up I pulled on the cum stained panties. Searching through all my draws I found my camera and stood in front of the mirror. I posed and snapped the pictures I wanted. I went thru them all and found the hottest one I could. I printed it off and wrote a short little note on the back of it. Tearing apart my underwear draw I found a pair of panties he hadn’t fucked up yet and hung them on my door handle as per our little game but this time I stuck my photo in them!

“See if this gets you going!” I say to nobody.

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I whistle a tune to myself as I round the corner of her street, I’m pretty happy with myself at the moment and happy how my little plan has played out. I laugh to myself as I think that soon I’m going to wear a path in this grass I walk down the side of this house so much.

             I round the corner of her house and creep to the backdoor snatching the panties and shoving them into my pocket. I back away from the house and hurry home as I can feel my cock begin to stiffen.

When I get home the routine begins. I walk into my room, pull my pants off and look at my thick rod in the mirror. I look down on it as it grows to full attention. When it’s stiff I spit on my cock and start to stroke it. I pull out of my pocket my anonymous sex dolls underwear and as I do a photo falls out of my pocket. I stop everything and look at it on the ground, it’s a photo of a female standing up, one leg bent and placed on a chair. She is fingering her self in the photo through her underwear and the underwear is…cum stained.

“Fuck that’s the last pair of panties I left” I say to out aloud.

I bring the picture closer to my face and study it closer. I look at the tattoo on her left hip, “That’s my sex dolls body”

I don’t notice but my hand has stated working over my cock again as I stare at the picture. My cock is getting punished, my grip is tight and the foreskin is bouncing back and forwards.

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   I keep pumping and staring at the picture. My breathing has quickened and my pulse is racing. I begin to moan, I drop the photo onto the bed and pick up her panties and wrap them around my cock tightly. I pump hard and before I know it I’m starting to see black spots. I pump the load out of my cock catching it in her panties, I lose my vision for a split second as I fall onto the bed breathing deeply.

I come back down to earth and reach for the photograph. Looking over it again and again, I just so happen to turn the photo over and I see that someone has written on the back of it. I read it,

“If you’re going to fuck a slut in my panties, why don’t you fuck this slut? Xx”

My cock bounces to life and is hard within a matter of seconds. I pump hard on it again and it isn’t not long until I blow yet another load into her quickly becoming soiled panties.

I have to think about what I’m going to do. Every muscle in my body is urging me to run out the door right now and go and fuck her, but my brain wins.

“No she wont be expecting you there now, wait and play the game!” I say out loud as if trying to convince the rest of my body.

4 days have passed, the usual time span I keep her panties for give or take a few days and I slowly make my way back to that familiar street.

I round the side of the house and place her panties on her door but instead of creeping back into the shadows I walk around the back yard for a bit. I find a spot directly opposite the back door and sit down to wait for my “slut.

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An hour passes and I hear the back door begin to unlock. I look up from the ground and stare at the door, It opens and there stands my forbidden princess, the one women I have had and can have over and over again but the one women I don’t think it would ever work out with.

The light projects from behind her like an angle I cannot see her face but I can feel her eyes on me. I do not move. I want to wait for her to speak first. The silhouette of her head looks down and a hand moves out and grabs the panties. She surveys them and then lifts her head looking at me again. There is utter silence in the surrounding area as if everyone is waiting on a baited breath to see her response. She steps back inside and closes the door.

I’m a little worried at this point in time but I know better then to stand up and leave. I sit waiting patiently. I’m starting to think that maybe I should be going and that my game will not end the way I want it to when the back yard light comes on lighting me up. I squint bringing my hand up to cover the light. The door opens up and there stands my forbidden princess again hand on the door looking out at me. Now with the extra light I can see her features.


   My eyes run over her face, remembering all the ways it would change during our rape sessions, memories washing over my brain. I start to run my eyes down her body. My cock springs to attention when I see her standing in the door not wearing any trousers but wearing the panties I just left on the door handle. My eyes fix on her legs and pussy, my gaze only broken by the sound of her voice.

“Am I to guess your read my message?”

I lift my gaze to her face and smiling “you guessed right”

She smiles and takes a step back into her house.

I stand and walk towards her, my eyes not moving from hers.   I climb the 2 steps into her house and she slowly back up. I feel like a predator stalking my prey and I’m slowly backing her into a corner as she back into the kitchen table. I move quickly and grab her around the waist pulling her into me. I kiss her and she kisses me back, we exchange a very unusual embrace for the two of us. My cock is begging me to be set free and unlike four days ago when I listened to my brain its all coming from my cock at the moment. I reach down and grab her arse. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. I sit her onto the kitchen table behind her and push her back. She begins to lift her legs up onto my shoulders as I pull my cock out of my pants.

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“Is it as hard as it was in the picture?” she asks me

“Harder” I respond.

“Good, now fuck me better then you fucked the other girl!” she demands

I look into her eye and see anger staring back at me, this bitch wants to get fucked. I spread her legs and she holds them in the high into the sky for me. I pull her panties to the side and without hesitation I plunge my cock deep into her pussy. The slickness of her pussy catches me off guard, just as it did in the toilet cubicle the last time we met. As a result the force of my hips sends her up the bench sliding off my cock again.

“Man you have a wet pussy,” I say grabbing her hips and sliding her back down onto my cock.

“Shut up and fuck me” she responds

I lift my head not fully understanding if I heard her correctly.

She looks at me, “you heard me!”

I raise my hand in the air and bring it down hard slapping her across the face. Her head shifts to the side and looks back at me.

“Don’t speak out of turn bitch”

The anger in her eyes is now replaced with fear. We pause for a coupe of seconds and then commence wild sex. We fuck like animals for ages all the time while she is wearing her cum stained panties.

Her wetness is pooling on the table and her arse is becoming red from the slapping my balls are giving it.

We continually shift positions while she is on her back until I grab her around the hips and pull her close to me.

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   I lift her up of the table with my cock still buried in her and walk into the lounge room. As I walk, she has her hands around my neck and is still trying to ride me and find her rhythm.

I drop on the couch and she is on top of me riding my cock hard. Her panties are tight against the shaft of my cock, which is causing me pain, strangely enough, adding to the pleasure. She’s bouncing up and down on my cock like a kid playing on a new toy. She then leans back and raises her hand in the air. I look at her eyes as she quickly brings her hand down slapping me hard across the face.

“That’s for fucking someone else in my panties,” she says

I laugh and let her get away with it purely because she hasn’t stopped her bouncing rhythm at one single stage during the assault.

She places her hands around my neck again and puts all her efforts into riding my cock, she beings to become flushed and soon her eyes close and her breathing quickens. I dig my fingers into her arse and help her get more cock inside of her increasing each thrusts length. She moans and soon is bucking herself off my cock. She bucks off and lets out a loud squeal as her pussy squirts. As my cock slides out of her pussy the crotch of her panties falls back into place acting like a deflection guard on her pussy. As she squeals her orgasm squirts either side of her crotch, soaking the insides of both thighs and of course my waist.

She is holding her head hard against my head as the orgasm runs over her body.

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   She catches her breath and opens her eyes looking at me.

“How do you want me?”

“Reverse cowgirl”

She nods and steps off me. She pulls her panties to the side again and lowers her self onto my cock. Leaning forward to get good purchase on my cock and can slide her self right to the tip of my cock and right back down to the base of my cock.

She bounces onto my cock hard and after a minute we are both starting to moan again.

I reach around and grab her tits through the tops she is still wearing and squeeze tight,

“I’m going to blow” I moan

“Do it like you did in the picture” she replies

I pumped her pussy a few more times and then lifted her off. She lowers herself to the ground and lies on her back. I kneel between her thighs pulling my cock until rope after rope of thick hot cum landed on her mound. I breathe rapidly and look down at the mess we have made. Between her squirts and my load the panties are now soaked, wetter then anything I ever did to them. She follows my gaze and laughs when she sees the state of her panties.

She lifts herself up and walks out of the room. I take this as my cue to get going, I stand up and start to make my way to the back door.

“Not so fast” I hear from behind me, “Forgetting something?”

I turn and find her standing there still dressed in the cum soaked panties, in one hand she is holding her camera and in the other a clean pair of panties. Lying back down on the floor, she demands “Put your cock on my pussy I want a picture like the other one” I smile and happy oblige and take the picture.

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   As I stand up she flings the clean pair of panties at me.

“Enjoy!” she says smiling.

I laugh, pick up my pants, and walk out the back door. Dressing myself I turn and look back into the house and where only her legs and the bottom of your crotch are visible. It’s clear enough for me to see her hand is in her panties busily playing with herself and I smile knowing I will have her again.

I turn around the corner and wonder into the darkness again.