Summer fun

Sex Stories

To begin let the record show that this is not a true story.
It was the end of Molly's sophomore year and was still
a virgin. Her friends teased her about it because nearly
every other girl in the grade had been fucked. Regardless
Molly was hot. She was thin with a huge round ass and B
cups, she was the classic blonde and blue eyed girl with
big round pink lips at 6 ft. She herself did not realize how hot
she really was.
It was enough. Molly had to have sex and she knew exactly
how. See her parents were going to Hawaii for a week so each day
she would have a little fun.
Day 1:
Tom was quarterback and totally hot so Molly would start with him.
She invited him over for help on her new "schedule" and he agreed.
Quickly she hopped in the shower to get herself horny,
she started by massaging her boobs and then went down to
Her pussy where she sprayed the flowing water. This made
Her so horny she cummed and slowly licked it of her boobs when
she smeared it on them. Finally she walked out and pulled
on a lingerie bra and thong on and pulled over a shirt two sizes
to small and a pair of bootie shorts. The doorbell rang and she
answered. It was him and the second he saw her he new what
Was going on.

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   "How about we go to the backyard first?" Molly
said with a deviouse tone. Tom got a boner on the spot.
In the back they sat on the grass and pationatly kissed
For a few minutes. Then Molly whispered "fuck me hard
now". That was all it took, Tom rolled over Molly and
slid his hands under her shirt and felt her rock hard tits. He took off
Her shirt and she took off his. Then Tom removed his trunks
To find a 7 inch d***. He slid down to her pussy and started
To lick it and finger it. Molly moaned as her pussy orgasmed
Slowly. Then it was Molly's turn as she felt for his cock.
She swallowed it whole while he massaged her breast.
It was time to move on. Tom slowly found her vigina
And pushed his cock in " faster, Tom, faster, oh god!"
He pounded into her "sh** Tom I'm cumming, don't stop
don't stop, ohhh keep going" It continued as cum came flowing
out of Tom shooting into her "OHH Tom It's here don't stop
come on, oh oh oh, sh** sh**!" she orgasmed and cummed as
She screamed in utter pleasure as did Tom. This lasted
At least four minutes.
Please comment! Do u think I should do day 2?


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