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It had been raining heavily outside while we were waiting in the queue. . . your white tight top had become wet and you could make out your breasts.   You brown nipples were hard and big. . . the boy serving our tickets couldn't stop looking at them. . . he could see down your top and has we purchased them and turned away he could see that your mini skirt had got caught in those pink lace panties. . . you were wearing those fishnet stockings and had promised me that I could rip them off if I was good. . .

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  your bum was pert and the rain on your black skin made you look so sexy, I wanted to lick the raindrops of you. . . . . as we entered the cinema we sat down beside us were another couple and 2 female friends. . . a women was sitting beside me and you had the man of the couple sitting next to you he dropped some popcorn and some of it dropped into your crotch…. he looked down at your thigh and noticed your panties and your wet skin, he wanted more than popcorn…he wanted to know how sweet you tasted, he wanted to feel how warm your pussy was…you notice that he had one hand in his trouser pocket and that he was rubbing himself gently, his wife had not noticed…with his other hand he was gently caressing his wife’s thigh trying to lift her skirt as high as yours was so that he could glimpse her panties also…but she kept gently moving his hand away…the lights were dim but there was enough light so that we could each see each other…his wife looked at you and could see your beautiful black tits in your tight top she licked her lips and you noticed that she was gently squeezing her breast…. I turned around to kiss you, and as I did I placed my hand firmly on your pussy…you were soaking wet…I pulled your panties to one side so I could insert my index finger in you. . . you felt so warm and wet…you gripped me as I pulled my finger out slowly…as I did I moved my finger to my mouth and licked my finger I could taste you, your pussy tasted so good, the guy next door noticed this and tried to do the same with his wife…You put your hand directly on my crotch and began to rub me…I looked at the girl next to me as she lifted her skirt to reveal that she was wearing no knickers. .

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  . she stretched her white pussy which wasn’t shaved open with two fingers and she began to rub her clit with another finger I gazed on watching her rub herself…her friend put her arm around her to comfort her as she played with herself…one hand reaching around to squeeze her breast…you could feel me getting hard and were excited  you unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my huge cock out, you didn’t care if everyone could see…the couple next too us couldn’t believe what they were seeing…. you told me to put one of my hands on her thigh and the other on yours…you then said to the guy next to you to put one hand on his wife’s thigh and one on yours. . . his wife grabbed his cock and unzipped him and started to wank him as he stoked hers and your thigh…I began to move my hands up to your pussy and I also began to stroke the woman next to me rubbing her pubic hair against her, I could feel her warmth…you were wanking me hard and we were both rubbing your inner thigh up to your pussy and ass you were so turned on your were gently groaning with excitement …he was stroking your asshole with a finger and I was running my whole hand through your pussy lips, your pussy was aching to be fucked you wanted to feel my warm hard cock cumming inside you…I was beginning to stroke the woman next to me harder and harder…she came and squirted over my hand, you smiled and whispered to me I want you in me…you looked at his wife wanking him off and smiled as you watched him cum over her hand as he did you felt his hand rub against your wet pussy and you felt his thumb accidently enter your asshole as he jolted with his orgasm…you then stood up and pulled your panties down, taking them off and leaving them on the seat and told me to come with you…I got up and tucked my cock back inside and we went to find a restroom…when we entered the restroom you put your hands against the wall and stretched your legs and told me to take you how I wanted…I stretched open your ass with my fingers and stuck my dick in your asshole as I did your pussy was opening and closing with every thrust that I made in your tight black ass, you were groaning as I was penetrating you in your ass as I thrusted in and out, your asshole was stretching and gripping my cock so tight…. as I was fucking you in the ass I started to rip your stockings off with my hands gently scratching you as I did…I moved you so that you were now bent over the wash basin with your head in the basin…you could see me fucking you in the mirror…I moved my cock into your gaping wet pussy you felt so warm…I penetrated you so deep you wanted to pee…I turned you over so that you could finger your clit as I fucked you in your pussy…. . I pulled your top down over your tits your brown nipples looked delicious…you were thinking about being touched all over, being stroked all over, feeling hands on your breasts and thighs, warm hands caressing your cute black bum…you felt the warmth of my cum in your pussy and just as I pulled out you squirted…your juice soaked my cock…. I instantly went down on you so that I could taste you…you tasted so good…we quickly got up and rushed backed to the seats as we did and when you went to sit down you brushed by the gut next to us and my and your cum dripped out over his legs…we looked at him and smiled. . . he could smell the sex on us, they all could, he just smiled and his wife instead of getting a tissue moved her head down to his legs and licked our cum from his trousers as she did she licked her lips and smiled…you noticed that your panties were no longer there…



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