The Hospital

Sex Stories

We visited the ward where our male friend was quite poorly.   You were wearing your knee high socks, and all in one dress which just covered your backside.   You had your purple lace bra on which revealed the top of your gorgeous brown breasts, and matching panties which were see thru.

The ward had 5 other males in who were asleep from the medication they were on.   Our friend was in the middle of 2 other patients, you stood by the bed and leaned over revealing your chocolate ass and your cleavage as you tried to pull up his gown as it was showing his dick.

I said to you that you should be a nurse as you were so caring and you said I should be a doctor because I was so clinical.   I popped out the room to find a nurse while you carried on circling around the bed lifting up over tucking him in as you were doing so your dress was riding up revealing your panties

You could make out your pussy lips and you were unaware but everyone was checking you out in the ward.   They were looking at the top of your thigh from where your knee high socks stopped to your crotch.   5 men’s eyes were looking at those pussy lips hidden in those purple panties, thinking about fucking you, touching your tits, Cumming on that brown skin and watching there cum dribble down you, even wanting to imagine your tongue slowing licking the cum from there dicks.

Your panties now began to ride up against your crotch and you pulled them out from your pussy and scratched your ass.   I came back and to your surprise I was wearing a white coat and I had brought you a nurse’s uniform.

  I didn’t talk to you I just walk over to you and grabbed your dress and ripped it from your body revealing your underwear.  

I took your bra off and squeezed your brown nipples tightly. I then grabbed your ass and pulled down your panties and threw them on the bed next to us; they smelt of your black pussy and were slightly stained from your pussy juice.   They fell onto the guys face as I threw them, he could smell you and as he was looking at you in his vegetated state he could not wank his hard dick all he could do was imagine he was fucking your black pussy from behind stretching open your ass to thrust you deep as he pulls out to cover you with cum over your cute black ass.

I told you to put on the uniform and bend over the bed, as you did I thrust my hand towards your pussy and ass and started to finger fuck you.

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    Trying to force my whole hand up your pussy, you were getting so wet.   I took my hand out of your pussy and started to lubricate your asshole with your pussy juice.   I forced your head down onto the bed and your head was right by our friends dick.   As I did I forced two fingers into your ass and started to finger fuck you, you screamed with delight.

I told you to check on how the patient is doing or I would insert another finger in your ass you refused.   I stuck a third finger in your ass and told you again to check on the patient or I would stick another finger in your ass, once again you refused - you looked at our friend and noticed he had become hard and you told me the patient is hard.  

I took my fingers out of your ass and I felt your pussy with my other hand and then I asked you to give the patient next to our friend a bed bath.   You started to get the water and soap together and as you did I placed my fingers over the other patients noses so that they could smell your ass and pussy - so that they could smell your sweet honey, that black ass and gorgeous cunt.

  You went to grab the other patients dick and I said to you don’t you grab that dick or I will fuck you hard in your ass.

You put your hands on it as you wanted me to fuck you hard.   I pulled you off the patient and spread your legs wide apart.   My dick was hard I stuck my dick in your ass hard and fast and then I pulled it out and told you to get on your knees and suck my cock while I checked on the patients.

I held your head as you were sucking me I told you to suck my balls and lick my asshole you did.   I then lifted your head back up and told you to bend over the bed.   This time you were at the top of the bed bent over another patients face - your pussy was on top of the patients face and as I held you down your face touched into the patents crotch area.

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    You could see his erect dick which was hard from looking at your sexy black body, you licked and sucked him gently.

I stuck my cock in your soaking wet pussy my cock was rubbing up over his head.   The patient could smell our juices, he could move and he had a full on close up of me fucking you in your pussy, you realised he was about to cum and you swallowed as he came in your mouth, some of it touched your lips and you turned round to me and smiled.

As I came I held your head down and thrutsed you really hard, as I pulled out of you my cum dripped out your pussy and onto the patients face.   As I zipped my jeans back up you licked my cum from the patients forehead and you touched your pussy with a finger and then rubbed that finger on his lips….


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