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She stood before him, so small and cute, her tiny tits accented by unimaginably soft and puffy nipples staring at him in the dim light of her bedroom. She lived in her parents house, in the same room she grew up in. The dolls and pink sheets of her room still looking innocent,sharply contrasted by her sensual figure draped completely naked in the middle of the room.

His name is Jason and he's known Elise since she was a kid, she still seems so young to him, with her flat chest and pussy hair shaved away into oblivion. Jason starts to rub at his crotch, the shape of his cock now so obvious in its form along the leg of his jeans. Elise smiles at him but doesn't speak, she is eying him over, looking at his cock.

Jason looks at Elise, her small form just barely five feet tall falls beneath him looking so vulnerable. Her dirty blond hair at shoulder length, just like when they were in school together, back when he would have done anything just to touch her. Finally after all these years she is offering herself to him, with her parents safely away for the night. She had called him up asking for some company and it quickly evolved, a few beers, some talking and now they are here, with her pussy tight and pink, exposed to him for the first time.

Elise starts to unbutton his jeans and he suddenly feels warm throughout his whole body, her big blue eyes stare up at him as she pulls them down. Jason's boxers can barely contain him and Elise almost laughs at him with his bold cock forcing its way out the bottom of the boxers. For a moment Elise hesitates, but now she dares to touch the head of his penis. The head of Jason's cock is thick and round and she feels like she is holding onto a doorknob. The rest of his cock is not as thick, but she isn't concerned. She pulls gently on his penis and it flexes as he almost comes right then.

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   She wants this now.

Jason picks up Elise easily in his arms and lays her on the bed, she spreads her legs open and he can see that she is dripping already. Jason heard that she wasn't very experienced and now he knows it to be the truth as he tries to push two of his fingers into her moist, but so very tight, pussy. Elise squirms almost in pain to the sensation, but still very much ready to burst with pleasure. She grabs Jason by the cock and pulls him towards her.

The bulging head of Jason's penis presses up against Elise's crotch, her pussy resisting the size. Slowly the head sinks in bit by bit, Elisa claws at the sheets beneath her. Jason feels close to bursting as he pushes his head deep into her tight cunt, her flesh wrapping around him even in her state of arousal. Elise screams loudly as he pulls himself out momentarily before penetrating her again, this time with force.

Elise's tits shake as Jason begins rhythmically thrusting into her, their tiny forms jiggle over her chest with her bony ribs pushing against her pale skin. She looks just like he remembers her in a swimsuit, jogging with her teen friends years ago. The thought almost makes him climax, but he doesn't want to come first. He pulls his cock out again, watching her vagina gape open for a second before it closes.

Dropping to his knees Justin begins to worship her with his tongue, he is caressing her clitoris gently and slowly pushing his fingers into her pussy. Just as she is about to come, her hands clutching the bed sheets, he pushes a finger deep into her ass and begins to lick her clit as fast as he can manage.

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   Elise's whole body seems to pulsate and she lets out a scream to wake the neighborhood .

Jason stands up in front of her again, her body now limp, her face smiling. He plunges his thick cock head back into her and her whole body jumps. She grabs his butt cheeks urging him on as he rides her hard, letting the whole length of his cock shaft come out of her body with each thrust, his round and thick head stretching her open, letting her juice flow out onto the cute pink bed sheets.

He can feel himself about to come and he doesn't want to waste it, he pulls his cock out from her pussy and climbs over her chest facing the head of his cock at her mouth. She tries to move away, but he has weighed her down with his body and she eventually submits. Jason shudders as he pushes is cock up against her open mouth, filling it with his load. He had built up an impressive amount and is feeling happy for himself watching it ooze out of her mouth. Her thin lips as innocent looking as they were in school.