Fire Crotch in the Garden

Short Sex

I was just getting home from picking my sisters boyfriend up who just happened to be 45 minutes late for where i was supposed to get him. He's such a doucher. I very angrily and very dangerously drove him back to our house to handout with my sister. My girlfriend, Meagan, was trying to calm me down because i was in such a rage. I spent 45 minutes of my time picking up a douche i didnt like. We sat down to watch the baseball game with my brother on the couch next to us. She was cold like usual so like usual we had a blanket over the top of us. Just as my rage peaked, because again my team was losing, i felt her hand reach for my zipper. This was my favorite way to calm down. Meagan reached for my dick, which was a nice 7 inches long. She slowly started massaging my dick. I can never just let someone play with me unless im allowed to play with her so i also unzipped her pants and manuevered my way around her silky thong. Meagan was not a big fan of shaving so upon reaching her slit I felt a soaking wet bush. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I want you. . .

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  INSIDE ME. " That was more than enough for me. I had to find a way to fuck her, but the living room was offbecause my brother was onthe couch next to us and my parents would know something was up if they heard screaming from my room. I had to think of something fast. "Mom can i take Meagan to our garden and show her what we just planted???" The perfect plan we could fuck in the garden. "Sure honey" my mother called back. I took Meagan by the hand and pulled her outside. We ran to the garden pants still unbuttoned. I got her there and turned her around and tried to take her pants off. "No not standing up," she said, "Its too raunchy" "Fuck that" i replied, "We're doing it" I ripped her pants off and partially forced her over. It's was dark so i needed assistance putting my dick in. Assistance she was more than happy to give. She found my dick and quickly shoved it into her now dripping pussy. I grabbed her huge ass and started thrusting as fast as i could. Her huge ass was bouncing on my stomach with every thrust.

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   Meagan started to moan loudly. "FUCK ME HARDER" she screamed. I couldnt fuck harder i was giving her everything i had. I continued to pulverize her pussy with my dick. Her juices were leaking all down my leg. The cold night air was being cut through with her loud moans. I didnt know how much longer i would last. Just as the thought came to mind i could feel her pussy tighten and relax repeatedly on my dick. "IM CUMMMMMING IM CUMMMMMING" She screamed. She reached up and grabbed whatever she could hold and shoved her throbbing pussy against me. Just then i felt my balls start to tingle. I was up next. I felt my balls begin to explode as she turned to me and said "Not inside me i didnt take my medicide"To late for that. My balls blew up and sent hot semen all inside her. I could feel our juices flowing down her big hot ass.

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   With one final thrust i released the last of my cum into her full pussy. We both stood there exhausted from the experience. It was one of the best fucks ive had the whole relationship. THe light from the front door came on and my mother came out, " Are you guys ok???" Yes mom were more than ok. Meagan stood up and let the cum drip to the ground before she pulled up her pants. A little extra seed for our garden. .