Friday Night Fun

Short Sex

Friday Night Fun

As she walked into the room she frowned slightly, realising he hadn’t even turned to say “hello”.

She realised he was busy with work, staring intently into the computer screen, trying to fathom how to fill out some report or other. She could see he wasn’t happy.

She sauntered close up behind him, leaned over his right shoulder, and kissed him on the cheek, slipped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly.
Yet he seemed so far away, and oblivious to her affections.

“Where are you Love,” she whispered softly in his ear, and nibbled playfully on his earlobe.
“You seem a million miles away, come back to me. ”

Then turning to face him she delivered a sultry seductive smile and a slow sexy wink.
She had his attention now, and as he looked up, she took his head in both of her hands, and gave him a deep, meaningful kiss.

“Come on, it’s Friday, I know what you need. ”

Taking his hand in hers, she led him into the bedroom, stood in front of him, and began to very slowly undo her clothing. Looking up at him with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her eye, she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair; she knew that always drove him crazy, tossed it back and said huskily;


He watched as she seductively peeled off her clothing, till she was standing before him in her lingerie. She gave him a coy smile and bit her bottom lip.

“That’s enough, stop right there. ” He said.

A wicked grin spread across his face, and he felt a twitching in his trousers.

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   All thought of work was gone as he undid his belt and lowered the zip. He then shrugged off his shirt, to reveal his broad, muscular, hairy chest.

“Mmmm I want you,” she said.

Grabbing his arm, she tugged hard, overbalanced and fell backwards, bringing him with her onto the bed. Clinging to each other, they rolled around, arms and legs everywhere as their hands explored each other and they kissed deeply while the bed creaked.
Suddenly she reached two items from under a pillow, which she placed in his hands. Runningher fingers through her hair again, as she looked at him and said;

“You know what to do!”

Sitting up astride her, he looked down at the two items he held. The look in his eyes had altered to a hard glint.

“Oh Yes!”

“What are you waiting for then?”


His voice had changed into something masterful, and a touch threatening.

Laying the articles before him he picked up a black lacy edged blindfold and carefully tied it around her eyes.
Turning her slightly he drew her arms together behind her, and draped the other, a red silk scarf, over her wrists and tied them together. Tightly, but not so tight it hurt.

Hereturned her to her original position, lying on her back. She shook her head and squirmed, but couldn’t get free.
She looked fragile, blind and helpless lying there.

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   And oh soo sexy!

“Sshhh, and stay put!” He growled.

His cock was already very hard, just at the sight of her. He wanted to jump and fuck her right there and then, but he knew if he waited it would get so much better.

She heard his footsteps fade as he disappeared out of the room. But she never called out. However she squirmed and strained to work out what were the strange noises that came from another room. Then she quickly straightened up as she heard the footsteps return.

“I hope you’ve been a good girl. ” He said sternly as he placed a bowl containing some items on the bedside table.
She nodded.

It was a complete mystery to her. She had heard the thud of the bowl, but hadn’t a clue what he’d brought. However she knew she was about to find out. This made her both scared and excited. Fleeting memories of Fridays gone by raced through her mind.

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Looking at her lying there so vulnerable, he was really turned on. He was in charge and loved it.

He gathered up her long hair, and sniffed it; he loved the aroma. He stroked it against his cheek, thenpulled it to the side of her, so he could put his face down against her cheek. She could feel his hot excited breath, and as he grazed kisses along her neck, her flesh instantly prickled in goose pimples.
Heselected something out of the bowl, touched it gently against her breasts, and circledher nipples. Sheshivered and screamed;

“Bloody Hell! It’s freezing!!!”

(But he persisted, and slowly dragged the ice cube down the front of her body, exploring inside her panties with it to her mound, where he rubbed it along her pussy before pushing it in through her slit. “He watched her body writhe in both excitement and pain. Moving down and, reaching to undo her black lace add bra, he sucked the cold from her now hardened and sensitive nipples. Her legs drew up and she yelled;

“I’m so hot in there it’s fucking melted!”

“Mmm, Baby, then I want to drink that all back!”

Hebent down at the end of the bed, pulled down her panties, and parted her legs gently so he could put his face up close to her pussy. He licked all around and over her lips till he made her legs shake. He pulled the hood back from her clit, bit on it and sucked it into his mouth.
She screamed again, her body squirmed violently and her hips gyrated.

“Oh Yes!!!” She moaned.

Reaching inside with his tongue, he licked all around, and drank her juices that flowed freely now, diluted with the melted ice cube.

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She was being driven crazy, her body writhed and she moaned, he ate her till she almost begged for mercy, and her loud moans reverberated around the room. He continued sucking and biting, while her hips bucked, and her cum filled his mouth and smothered his face.
She was shaking as he stood up, wiping his face, having had his fill. She felt weak in body, and her mind was somewhat confused. She had lost all sense of time and vaguely heard him say;

“A bite of something to eat perhaps?”

He was waving something to and fro under her nose. It was sweet smelling, but at first
She couldn’t make out what it was. Yet as he ran it along her lips the realisation dawned on her. It was fruit. A strawberry.
She strained upward to take a bite but he withdrew his hand, and with his head close to her ear, took a bite from it himself.

“Oh no! Not for you!I have something different for you! But you must wait until I say you can. ”

His lips kissed hers and she licked the last remains of the strawberry from them. She tasted her own cum there. Mingled sweetness.

There were familiar sounds as he removed his trousers and pants.

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   Then he stroked her cheek with his now extremely hard cock. Such was his arousal now that it was throbbing and thick, with a purple helmet dripping precum. It was being wiped all along her face.

She tried to turn her head straining to taste the drips which landed on her. She desired his personal flavour and licked her lips Yet again he denied her.
That wonderful strong masculine provocative smell that he teased her with was driving her wild.

“I’m so ready for you now hun!”

“You really want me baby? Tell me how much. Go on tell me!”

Sitting astride her He reached down and skilfully started playing with her now swollen clit. Her pussy was so wet it dribbled her juices.

“Can’t you tell? Can’t you feel my answer?”

“I want you to tell me justhow much. ! Go on, tell me!”

“Oh baby I want to taste your cock, I want that wonderful, strong taste of your cum . Please! Comeon honey, I need you!”

Ashe continued playing with her clit her body wriggled and writhed out of all control. Her back arched as she convulsed with a massive orgasm, and she screamed as she squirted.


He brought his fingers up to his mouth, and sucked them dry.

“Oh yeah Baby that’s what I want from you!”

He put his huge rod into her mouth and she sucked.

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   He felt it throb inside her, and his body tingled and his face contorted.
She took his thrusts right to the back of her throat and he watched her beautiful lips as they closed tight over his rock hard shaft. Sweat was pouring down him. He arched his back, threw back his head and yelled;

“Oooh Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth, tore her panties off, spread her legs, and rammed his stickin her dripping pussy. Thrust after thrust, harder and harder, grunting and groaning. Her body twisting, and sweating, with wrenching orgasms. He rubbed his pelvic bone up against her clit, over and over, and she squirted again. His cock was drenched.
Then, as he could feel his balls beginning to tighten, he withdrew, flipped her over, and undid her wrists.

“Give me all fours Baby! Stick your fucking ass in the air, I want doggie!”

She obeyed and heentered her cunt with such force she let out a huge groan;


“Oh Baby I love to hear you yell like that!”

She shook her head and moaned, panting. He rode her hard and fast, and shoved a finger in her ass as she rubbed her clit.

His balls were tight, and as she had another orgasm, his cock shot explosions of thick creamy cum.
It filled her up, andspewed jet after jet of his love juice.

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!” They yelled.

When he withdrew they both collapsed on the bed exhausted, and he pulled the blindfold off her.

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   She ran her fingers through her hair again.

“You know you drive me wild when you do that!”

“I know I do,” she laughed.

After a kiss on the lips he said;

“You’re the greatest!”

“So are you and I absolutely adore Fridays!”

“Look forward to next Friday then. ”

They laughed, shut their eyes and dropped off to sleep.

November 2009